Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 1

Luan Hualian is currently in the middle of killing a Boss. Her operating skills are godly with every move calculated to hit in strange and unique angles causing the boss to be unable to defend itself. Soon after, the level 300 Boss died and her teammates cheered on the side. To her teammates, Luan Hualian is a mysterious person— a very mysterious person! She never reveals her real name or tells them where she lives. Even if everyone is friends and are hanging out and telling each other secrets, she still does not reveal her identity.

However, no one can deny that she is an unparalleled gamer.

The game that Luan Hualian is playing is called “Magic World” and is a private server! (TL: this technically translates into private service, but since it is a game I’m going to call it a private server.)

“Magic World” is a game released by Celestial. The game is very easy to play with beautiful graphics, and in general, a very good game. Its only drawback is: without money, there’s no need to even think about making it to the top. The reason is very simple. All the good pets and equipment in the game need to be bought from the Magic Stone Store. It is not impossible to get these items, but the effort you put in will be more than 100 times that of buying it. Moreover, by the time you get these items, you will be far behind those that bought it with money.

At the time, some friend of Luan Hualian had introduced her to a private server he owns.

While we’re on the topic, this friend of hers is a really amazing guy. When Celestial put out this server, he was able to make it an instant success. Although in reality, this brother is still only a small internet café worker.

The so-called private server is based on the official game. However, in this server, players are able to add original monsters and scenery into the game. They can even change the character stats, but most importantly, you don’t need to pay any money! Every player that plays on this server has an almost unlimited amount of magic stones.

Thereby, this server attracted countless amounts of people.

Luan Hualian is just one of them!

About that super amazing brother of hers, he is actually the only GM in this server and being a friend of his, she has received quite a few benefits.

Just looking at her gear reveals quite a bit: full-body magic armor with 12 maxed out properties along with three level 100 pets. And that’s not all! Her interspatial bracelet is filled to the brim with precious gems and magic stones, and her character which is at the level cap of 160.

Luan Hualian unwittingly became the highest-leveled character, the best armor, and the best pets in this server. She herself is also really hard-working and is the leader of a big party called the “Warring States” (zhànguó).

Speaking of parties, Luan Hualian has another party consisting of members called Man Niu, Da Zhao, Kuang Ye Chongci, and Chao Ge. These people are the brothers-in-arms of Luan Hualian within the game. They frequently kill bosses, lead raids, and storm castles together. As a result, their teamwork is impeccable.

Luan Hualian had just passed the third level of the maze when her phone rang. Not many people know her number but that amazing brother is one of them.

“Hualian, this game will be shut down tomorrow,” an attractive voice on the other side of the phone said. The person it belongs to is in a bad mood, making the sound a little hoarse.

“…” Luan Hualian was silent for a moment before replying, “it’s a pity.”

“Sorry, Hualian…”

“Stupid, what are you sorry about? This show may have ended, but I’ll be back the next time you open a server.”

Recently, Celestial has launched many complaints against the private server mainly because its existence has greatly affected the company’s income!

If today’s the last day, then she should go raid the Tomb of the Gods!

The Tomb of the Gods is the most abnormal place in the game. The level of difficulty can’t even be described. Once, a group of 150 people went there and were all annihilated before they could even kill a single monster. One member later pitifully exclaimed that he was killed by a little mob in less than one second! However, a player didn’t believe him and went to the tomb with his party. They were destroyed in less than a minute. After that, no one dared to go raid the Tomb of the Gods.

Luan Hualian had asked the webmasters about how this place came about once, but even they weren’t able to tell her clearly.

When Luan Hualian had just turned Level 100, she had challenged this place once. She had managed to pass through all the obstacles to the third floor where she was, in a moment of carelessness, killed in one swipe by a big bear. She then swore that she would one day come back, slice it to pieces, and make soup out of it.

Since today is the last day, she absolutely needs to go to the Tomb of the Gods to fulfill her promise.

She then consulted with her party and everyone passionately declared that they should go storm the Tomb of the Gods.

The first level of the Tomb of the Gods is guarded by ghosts and the guardian boss is a treasure trove. With excellent cooperation, the guardian was taken down swiftly and easily.

“Holy shit, my god, magic equipment properties plus 20?!” Ma Nui burst out.

When the boss exploded, leaving behind one top warrior equipment and a couple of high-quality gems, making the party very happy. Luan Hualian gave the equipment to Ma Nui and divided the gems equally. She then took a red fire-like thing from the rest of the spoils.

The second level was guarded by zombies with the guardian boss being the Zombie King. The Zombie King is very wicked, whenever it can’t beat them, it just explodes. The first time it exploded, Da Zhao wasn’t able to avoid it and hung on by the skin of his teeth. He immediately started drinking blood elixirs and potions. The Zombie King then exploded another 10 or more times before it was finally smashed to death and dropped some equipment that was much better than the first level’s.

The party then arrived at the third level, namely the floor where Luan Hualian was killed by the Black Bear guardian. The Black Bear may appear to be lazy and stupid, but it is actually very fast and anyone hit by its paws will instantly die. The blood-thirsty warrior Man Niu was killed in two swipes by the bear but was saved by a timely resurrection spell from Chao Ge.

Luan Hualian simultaneously moved positions and shouted to her teammates, “Leave this bear to me!” While saying that, her hands flashed with light and her spell landed on the Black Bear’s body. After hitting it a couple of times, the Black Bear reluctantly fell.

“Heavens! It even drops 200 star-grade babies!” Kuan Ye Chongci’s grin so wide that his mouth became lopsided, “No wonder why it’s the Tomb of the Gods, there are just too many great treasures!”

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