Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 127

“Qian’er, how could you say that? My body, my body… aiyah…” Qin Xingluo shamelessly said. The meaning of his words was clear.

It turned out that our God of War has already… So that was the case, that was the case… Everyone realized with a start.

Lu Shiqian’s face turned black and finally gained a deeper understanding of this guy’s acting skills.

Speaking of this topic, the others were too embarrassed to stay any longer and glided away on their boats. Only Yu Qingchen raged, “Lu Shiqian, you shameless thing! You dare to seduce a prince! Can you afford to?!” He couldn’t believe that Lu Shiqian, the trash that used to chase him, would actually be fancied by someone else. Furthermore, the one that liked her was Prince Qin Xingluo that was handsome and smart!

Yu Qingchen’s brain exploded from jealousy. Comparing him to Qin Xingluo really was like comparing clouds and mud! He also really couldn’t see that Lu Shiqian was a dragon in hiding, a sheltered phoenix, concealing her true talents!

He saw the current Lu Shiqian and still thought that she was the old her: lowly, pitiful, and incompetent. The one that used to deeply pray for his love; the one he threw away like garbage once upon a time. That stupid, dull, and cheap her!

Qin Xingluo’s gaze swept over like the frigid waters, but his voice was light like the breeze yet weighty like the mountains: “Yu Qingchen, your words better process through that head of yours before you speak. Qian’er is now my fiancée!”

The Qin Prince’s fiancée, the God of War’s fiancée, then how could others possibly shame her? Insulting the royal family was a huge crime!

The now rational Yu Qingchen collapsed onto the ground, breaking out in cold sweat. How could he dare to curse her in front of the Qin Prince? Wasn’t that seeking death?

It was no accident that Yu Qingchen could become the son-in-law of the Prime Minister. In addition to making the daughter fancy him, he was also very good at flattering others. He was especially good at seeing the direction the wind blew, so how come he would annoy the fifth prince of the Qin Empire today? He glared hatefully at Lu Shiqian. It must be her! It must be this woman! It was her fault! If it weren’t because her appearance today was too stunning, how could he do such a stupid thing?

Without looking at Yu Qingchen again, Qin Xingluo glided away on Lu Shiqian’s boat. He didn’t like to see others looking at her… not in the slightest.

As for that Yu Qingchen, the stupid son of some high-ranking official, son-in-law of the Prime Minister…

Lu Shiqian swat aside the brat holding her waist. Even though this body was only 16 years old, she could be this guy’s aunt considering her age in the other world: “No one’s around anymore. You don’t have to put on a show.”

Qin Xingluo smiled slyly, “Who said that I’m acting? I’m serious.”

Lu Shiqian rolled her eyes, “This is not like your style: you’re a great black belly.” She pinched Qin Xingluo’s face, “Don’t smile, it doesn’t suit you.”

Qin Xingluo lazily stated, “No one has ever dared treat me like this.”

He loved it when his lover touched him, much less his face.

Lu Shiqian spat, “Keep acting cool!”

Lu Shiqian twisted and pulled, scaring the secret guards so much they were going to have a heart attack, especially when they saw that their prince didn’t get angry and even seemed to enjoy it. Their eyeballs almost bulged out of their sockets seeing this scene. Please, their Royal Prince, their God of War, was obviously noble and lofty, a man of blood and iron!

Pulling his sister’s clothes, Xianghui curiously asked, “Who is this red-haired brother?”

Lu Xianghui was very cute when he was confused like this. His pupils and whites of his large eyes were defined clearly, making others like him.

Qin Xingluo’s face sank and angrily said, “You want someone as young as this too?! You sure are a tramp!”

Lu Shiqian’s face turned black, “Stop speaking nonsense, he’s my little brother.”

“Oh, no wonder why he’s so cute. So he’s your little brother!” Qin Xingluo’s face changed extremely quickly. He was just like a hurricane, but now he was the spring sunlight.

Lu Shiqian disdained his actions and decided to ruthlessly ignore him.

Returning to her newly-bought residence, Lu Shiqian unceremoniously sent off her guests, “Take care, I won’t bother to send you off.”

Qin Xingluo elegantly nodded his head, “Don’t bother, don’t bother. Why be so polite between the two of us?” He lifted his legs and sauntered into the residence, “You sure know how to enjoy yourself. Nice taste.”

People who don’t want face are invincible under the heavens. Lu Shiqian couldn’t really chase him away considering she was in his territory right now and could only helplessly arrange a room for him.

Early the next morning, Lu Shiqian returned to the general’s mansion to concoct medicine for her mother. She got up early, but someone got up even earlier than her. Who would it be other than Qin Xingluo?

“Returning to the general’s mansion?” Qin Xingluo casually stated, “I’m going too.”

Lu Shiqian was displeased, “Why are you going?”

“To greet my mother-in-law!”

Uhh, there’s no common language at all!

They knocked on the mansion’s door, but the reception was very slow. Yesterday, Second Master ordered that if the Eldest Young Miss returned, no one was to receive her. No one wanted to offend Xu Jun for some young miss that had no future prospects. That was why in this large residence, there was no one that led the way.

With a little thought, Lu Shiqian realized the reason and her face darkened. It seemed like Xu Jun’s hand had extended a little too long.

Qin Xingluo also thought of the reason and deliberately said, “You sure aren’t liked.”

With a clap of his hands, two secret guards immediately appeared and shouted, “Prince Qin Xingluo has arrived! Miss Lu Shiqian has arrived!” Their shouts were full of vigor and spread throughout the residence.

Very soon, Xu Jun, Lu Caiyun, Lu Caixia, Hua Jun, Lu Yunxiang, Yuan Jun, and all the servants surged out. They all prostrated themselves upon seeing Qin Xingluo.

When Xu Jun saw Lu Shiqian standing next to the prince, his face grew ugly. How was that incompetent trash able to stand next to the venerable God of War? Looking carefully, that person had a few tricks up her sleeve. Could she have used her beauty to seduce His Highness? He secretly glanced at his daughter. If that trash could use the beauty trick, then his daughter could too!

That Lu Caiyun saw Qin Xingluo’s unparalleled beauty and majesty and felt her heart beating faster. She then looked at Lu Shiqian. The more she looked, the more nail-biting it was; the more she looked, the more piercing it was.

However, Lu Shiqian was not overshadowed by Qin Xingluo’s light and also carried a brightness to her. You wouldn’t notice when not compared, but once you did, it was glaringly obvious. She practiced the Heavenly Swinging Sword and contracted with multitudes of magic beasts. Lu Shiqian’s temperament naturally underwent heaven-shattering changes.

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