Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 128

Qin Xingluo stood proudly at attention and, seemingly inadvertently, carefully looked at the Lu residences’ people. His gaze landed on Xu Jun and smiled faintly, “You are the second father of Qian’er?”

Xu Jun felt an invisible pressure and repeatedly nodded his head, “Yes, yes, yes. I am.”

A strange look crossed Qin Xingluo’s eyes, “Very good.”

After knowing Lu Shiqian, he investigated all the people related to her in the Qin Empire and collected all the different rumors about her. He had long planned what to do.

Xu Jun didn’t know what Qin Xingluo meant by ‘very good’ but he thought himself clever as he pulled his daughter over and introduced, “This is my daughter Lu Caiyun.”

Qin Xingluo’s gaze flitted past Lu Caiyun. There was barely any expression on his face, but he felt disgusted like he had just seen a fly. He took Lu Shiqian’s hand and ordered, “Take me to see General Lu.”

Thinking of it, both he and Lu Ningxiang killed countless enemies and worked together many times. It could be said that he understood this female general fairly well. Towards her assassination and poisoning this time, he had a relative understanding of what happened, but didn’t speak because the big fish wasn’t hooked yet.

The one that took careful care of Lu Ningxiang was Zhang Jun. He never strayed from her side day or night, fulfilling the promise at marriage.

General Lu was still the same old: her illness was getting better, but she was still confused and didn’t recognize people clearly.

“You guys back down first. I want to speak of friendship with the general,” Qin Xingluo ordered the others.

Who dared to defy? Everyone left.

The originally muddle-headed Lu Ningxiang opened her eyes. Her eyes were clear as if they couldn’t be more awake!

“Your Highness, how is the investigation going?” Even though Lu Ningxiang found it strange that her eldest daughter and Qin Xingluo were together, she still couldn’t put down this matter.

“That matter may involve many people… Since nothing happened to the general, we cannot beat the grass to scare the snake. Please keep on deceiving all eyes.” Qin Xingluo revealed his true charisma as the God of War at this moment. He was calm and steady, wisdom encompassing a thousand miles.

“Yes,” Lu Ningxiang affirmed.

While the two were discussing, Lu Ningxiang finally asked, “Your Highness, you and my daughter…”

Qin Xingluo smiled mysteriously, “Our relationship is good, rest assured.”

Lu Ningxiang nodded in relief, “Since that’s the case, good.”

These two muttered amongst themselves for a long while when they suddenly changed their gazes to her. Lu Shiqian found it weird, but how could she have know that her mother had sold her so easily?

At this moment, there was a loud call: “His Majesty the Emperor has passed down an order! Will Eldest Young Miss Lu Shiqian enter the palace to meet the Emperor?”

They saw a crowd of people kneeling when they walked out of the room.

Lu Shiqian secretly asked, “This is your masterpiece?”

Qin Xingluo replied, “Isn’t this meant to demonstrate my gratitude? You saved this brother’s life so you can leech a little more off him if you enter the palace now.”

The corners of her mouth twitched. Was there anyone in this world that dared to leech off of his family? However, she knew that Qin Xingluo did that to improve her status in the Lu family. Although it wasn’t necessary, she still felt moved.

Sure enough, the servants saw this and the way they looked at Lu Shiqian changed yet again with slight hints of awe. To them, whether it was Prince Qin Xingluo or Emperor Qin Feiran, they were noble and far away like the clouds.

Xu Jun felt a sense of wariness. Looks like the plan would have to be pushed forward!

Lu Shiqian took the initiative and took the carriage with Qin Xingluo, heading towards the palace in a very extravagant manner.

The Qin Palace was very magnificent and heavily guarded.

This palace was built by the first Qin Great Emperor and took ten-some years that exhausted much manpower and resources to build this grand palace. The palace consisted of 78 small palaces and 32 halls. There were tens of thousands of rooms and there were many fake mountains and rivers inside.

Who knew whether Qin Feiran heard his Fifth Brother’s opinion or truly wanted to thank her, but he actually greeted her in the main palace hall, awarding her in front of all his subjects.

It could be imagined how contorted the expressions of the officials were as Lu Shiqian walked in. The old ministers almost couldn’t believe their eyes.

Qin Feiran was handsome and elegant, carrying an air of majesty yet also the air of an elder brother. However, Lu Shiqian knew that this guy was a sly fox. When he was enraged, he was even more a tiger that ate people without spitting out the bones.

Lu Shiqian refused to prostrate with a nonchalant face, saying, “What do you want?” Her attitude wasn’t like she was facing the Qin Emperor, but rather a friendly neighborhood brother.

Qin Feiran was slightly surprised before pondering, “I can’t find you without a reason?”

Silence, it was very silent. It was so quiet a pin drop could be heard.

Finally, a military commander couldn’t look any longer and stood out, “The audacity! Rude, incompetent trash, kneel!”

However, before he could finish, he was kicked aside by Lu Shiqian.

“I say… I’m not incompetent trash.” These light and faint words had a drastic effect.

Only, her feet were too strong, causing the officials that had just recovered their wits to widen their eyes again. The atmosphere once again grew tense.

The punishment in the palace was harsh. Do you dare to be more arrogant?!

That military commander was originally Lu Ningxiang’s subordinate. It was reasonable to say that when he saw Lu Shiqian, even if he had some misgivings about her, he shouldn’t have yelled at her in the palace hall. The reason why he did so was because Lu Ningxiang was severly injured and the general position was empty. He wanted to take it for himself. At this moment, he was kicked flying by Lu Shiqian. He didn’t gain anything, but his bones sure took a good beating. He screamed, “Lu Shiqian, you trash!”

Wala, bang! Another strong punch landed directly on his face. That guy flew out like a kite with its strings snapped again.

Alright, ‘incompetent trash’ I see? If you were saying that in private, I might’ve been too lazy to bother about you, but screaming in the palace hall? Wasn’t that deliberately picking a fight with her? Get a beating!

The Prime Minister saw this and stood out, “Your Majesty, this incompetent woman refuses to bow in your presence and even beats this country’s officials in the palace hall! She is truly rude and audacious without peer! Please judge her!”

These words were like a bomb. The moment he spoke, he charged her with the death penalty!

Half of the ministers knelt and spoke together, “Please execute her for dishonoring Your Majesty.”

Lu Shiqian narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked at him. This old guy sure was good! She saw it earlier: before that military commander found trouble with her, he exchanged a glance with him!

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