Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 129

But what would she be afraid of? If they wanted to catch her, riding on her white-winged unicorn into the fluffy clouds, could they even if they wanted to? The master of 50,000 magic beasts, the master of the City of the Elves, the master of the Beastman King, only served to further that confidence!

Of course, for someone lowkey like her, she wouldn’t show her cards this early in the game. The other reason why she dared be so arrogant was because of Qin Feiran. That fox clearly saw through the Prime Minister’s scheme, and originally had time to stop that military commander after he came out, but instead pretended to be a wallflower. Guess she shall indulge in beating him up then! Alright, beating it is!

Qin Xingluo felt weak. This guy actually revealed to that elder fox brother of his that she knew martial arts! Otherwise, when this incompetent trash entered the palace and was provoked by a practitioner, the two brothers definitely would’ve stopped it. Hmph, she was played! Thinking of that, his hands clenched tighter.

“Aiyo, Qian’er, be a little softer! This is very risque and violent of you! If you want to do it, you can do it when we go home!” Qin Xingluo said with pity to Lu Shiqian.

His words were like a bomb. Everyone shuddered and some almost fell down.

Risque? Violent?


You could especially imagine what ‘it’ meant if you closed your eyes.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched and quickly moved farther away from him. She coolly said to him, “You won’t do. Even if you sneak into my bed, I would kick you out.”

…Silence, absolute silence!

There were some old officials shaking like crazy, wishing that they could beat some sense into her.

The God of War Qin Xingluo sneaking into bed… Oh, heavens! Their ears must have problems!

Qin Xingluo’s eyes lit up dangerously, shooting daggers. He seemed to be about to flip out.

The Prime Minister stood out once again, “Your Majesty, this incompetent trash has sullied this sacred hall with her words! Please punish her!”

Qin Feiran gave a mysterious smile, “I think… that she’s not incompetent at all?”

The Prime Minister’s body stiffened as he wondered what wrong medicine the Emperor took today.

“Kicking aside my beloved commander in one hit, isn’t her ‘ability’ quite strong?” Qin Feiran deliberately emphasized the word ‘ability’. His expression was even more unfathomable.

Those officials that loved to guess at their Emperor’s thoughts shuddered, swallowing their saliva. They glanced at Lu Shiqian, then at Qin Xingluo, but they didn’t dare look at the Emperor. What if… no way, right?

Lu Shiqian finally understood why Qin Xingluo liked to act so much. What kind of elder brother you have, what you will be like.

Qin Feiran spoke, “Prime Minister, how about this? There’s going to be a banquet tonight, and all figures above the fourth rank can attend. Lu Shiqian is highly skilled and defeated a fourth rank commander. What do you say?”

The Prime Minister’s mouth promised, but his gaze traveled towards the military commander.

“Your Majesty, I am not satisfied. I want to challenge her!” A Rank 4 practitioner stood out and declared.

Qin Feiran’s eyes darkened.

There were two factions on the issue regarding the Song Empire. One faction led by Lu Ningxiang advocated for war, and most of its supporters were military commanders. The other faction with the Prime Minister as the chief representative advocated for peace, with most of its supports being scholars. The moment Lu Ningxiang fell, the tentacles of the Prime Minister encroached into the military.

The reason they fought against Lu Shiqian was to quell the minds of the faction, or to make a display of his power. However, word of mouth spoke of the incompetent woman and the talented younger brother, but which was true? Qin Feiran chose to believe in his younger brother, but he hoped that she wouldn’t let him down.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth curled up slightly. Sure enough, this reward wasn’t easy to receive. Before getting it, she had to take care of some chores for him!

“I accept your challenge!” Lu Shiqian threw her long robe behind her and readied a Singing Spring Fist posture. The Qin people emphasized on martial arts, and being able to conquer them in that field would earn them their respect!

Lu Shiqian once received a rigorous and tough training in martial arts in the other world, including the Chinese Eight Extremes Fist, Baguazhang, Taiji Fist, Singing Spring Fist, so on so forth. She also learned the Japanese Empty Fist, Daoliu, and Korea’s Taekwondo. Her knowledge of martial arts was definitely the most complicated and broad in all of this world. However, she felt that Chinese martial arts were still the flashiest.

She used the Singing Spring Fist: following her own will, standing firmly on the ground!

That Rank 4 military commander ran forward with a burst of killing intent. Lu Shiqian merely tripped him with a foot and flipped a hand, rendering the man unable to move.

Her move was very smooth, causing many from the military commander’s side to eagerly look over.

Naturally, how could a martial art that was learned by thousands of people not be surprising? Coupled with the amazing magic power that existed in this world, the effect was astounding.

“I will also teach you a lesson!” A bearded man with bulging muscles walked out from the midst of the military section. He served as part of the vanguard and a Rank 5 practitioner, strong and mighty, following orders strictly. He saw Lu Shiqian’s exquisite move and his fighting intent rose.

Lu Shiqian carefreely beckoned, “Please!” Her temperament was lofty, causing others to admire her.

That big man used a long, metal rod that was extremely powerful.

“How come you’re not using weapons?” the big man questioned.

Lu Shiqian coldly answered, “No need, but you may.”

Her posture shifted. Naturally, it was Baguazhang!

The Bagua Fist contained fierce actions and had many variations between offense and defense. It could be said to be metal against metal, power against power to see who came out on top!

That big man swung his rod. It was so strong that even the air was compressed! He really left no room for compassion. Originally, competitions were designed to use full power so that you could find your shortcomings and prevent yourself from losing your lives on the battlefield!

Lu Shiqian stabilized her horse stance and used one hand to grab that metal rod. She turned and swept with a foot, toppling the big man onto the ground!

The eyes of the military men blazed up!

First was the hand that knocked thousands off their feet, the transfer of power in between almost wondrous. Next was the feet that were used even better than the hand, capable of making a crack in the opponent’s momentum and taking the opponent by surprise. The military men were amazed by this good show of skill. More and more began cracking their knuckles and stretching their legs. No need to ask for advice, just a competition of punching and kicking! It was a chance for improvement when you met a good opponent!

“Then I shall also ask for guidance!” Another slender and tall, handsome young man walked out from the military section. He was a genius at martial arts. At the age of 26, he became a Rank 6 Martial Master. His temperament was rather cold, but received the admiration of countless. He was also considered “geminis” with Qin Xingluo and the face of the heroes of the younger generation. The hope of the officials of the court: Dongchuang Kuaixu!

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