Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 130

Lu Shiqian didn’t hold up the time either, “Please!”

This man used an extremely sharp double-edged sword. The two when used together rendered people to be unable to hide!

No wonder why he was a Rank 6 Martial Master! His move was truly extraordinary! There were two streaks of red when the double-edged sword was unsheathed, fire attribute magic power moving. His left hand guarded while his right hand struck. Powerful!

While he was making his move, he was looking forward to how Lu Shiqian would counter.

Lu Shiqian used the move White Crane Spreads Wings. It was naturally the Taiji Fist.

Using flexiblity to counter metal, stillness to counter moving, round to counter straight. Using small to win big, weak to surpass strong!

With the palm of a hand, sticking to the body as it flew up, the left hand struck out, striking the abdomen!

The move was strong and unfettered as it struck out!

Everyone’s eyes popped out. What kind of fist was this? At first, it seemed simple, but it seemed quite complex when examined further.

The young general retreated a few meters to avoid getting entangled. Lu Shiqian charged forth after him, not leaving him an inch of escape.

The military commanders watched with fervor. Their opinion of Lu Shiqian continued to shoot up!

The general kicked and Lu Shiqian countered with her foot, creating a deadlock!

“Isn’t this playing dirty?” He was angry that he couldn’t use his full ability.

Lu Shiqian smiled evilly before turning and throwing a palm, clean and simple.

The general was caught off guard and pushed to the floor.

The military men were overwhelmed by emotions and applauded enthusiastically. The fight was just too interesting, causing their blood to boil!

The young general didn’t create a fuss and thought about it carefully before saying, “Miss Lu Shiqian, please continue to enlighten me in the future.”

The military men were very high-spirited, “Yes, Eldest Young Miss! Please teach us too!”

“Oh yeah, isn’t His Majesty the Emperor granting a military seal to her?” someone called out.

“Yes, that’s great! I can ask her to teach me in the future! That move just now was just too amazing!” someone else continued.

The mood was very festive!

This fight unexpectedly earned their respect.

Qin Feiran watched his subjects with satisfaction, especially at Lu Shiqian. She sure gave him a nice surprise: “Heed, Lu Shiqian, this woman is brave and intelligent, contributing greatly but not wishing for rewards. We shall award her with a military seal, 50,000 gold coins, and a thousand fine horses!” He rose and continued, “Today is the summer festival, and I wish everyone a joyous evening. End of court.” Qin Xingluo grabbed Lu Shiqian in one smooth motion, “Let’s go rest in my palace for a little.”

Ai, she was just too amazing! If he didn’t reach her first, those military men would’ve come to snatch her away!

The palace was lit brightly at night, creating a festive atmosphere.

Hundreds of nobles brought their wives and children to the summer festival. They nodded and greeted their acquantainces. There was a nice mood about.

Then there were the young ladies beside them that dressed like blooming flowers, the young men galiantly. At these occasions, many young ones can form a connection, perhaps for a lifetime!

Lu Ningxiang was seriously injured and couldn’t make an appearance, so the one sent from the Lu family was Xu Jun’s daughter Lu Caiyun. She wore gold and silver together, coupled with many glittering accessories. It was very conspicuous and vulgar.

The Prime Minister brought his daughter and son-in-law along. Yu Qingchen was full of ambitions, and his wife could be considered a petty person too.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t win against Qin Xingluo and reluctantly put on a lily, layered dress. Her beauty was unparalleled and rendered the prince speechless.

He was struck dumb; the Death God was also struck dumb.

The Death God hid high up in the clouds, but his eyes followed every move of Lu Shiqian’s. The last few days, he had been constantly pondering what was wrong with him. Whenever he thought of Lu Shiqian, deep affection would fill his eyes. Whenever he thought of her, his heart would overflow with emotions. Just what was this feeling? He wanted to embrace her, just like that day; he wanted to kiss her, just like that day. The strange emotions flowed throughout his body, both numbing and tingling.

Master’s waist was so thin… why? Her chest was so big and soft… why? Her lips were so sweet… why?

The black butterfly broke through the space and landed on his palm.

This was the Death God’s Death Butterfly. It was the second existence other than himself that could break through the space and find his existence.

Black clouds, black clothes, black scythe, a black Death Butterfly on his palm. This was a scene that screamed ‘mystifying’!

More and more Death Butterflies broke through the space and fluttered around him, almost as if they were trying to tell him a secret.

The Death God looked deeply at Lu Shiqian. Even though he was thousands of kilometers high, he seemed to see her clearly.

He couldn’t remain in this world for much longer. Trouble had risen in the World of Death and he had to go back and take care of it.

However, he still wanted to be by her side! Looking at her, watching over her… his master!

Her black hair fluttered freely like clouds, skin like snow, eyes like stars, lips like rouge. Her chest was full and her waist was narrow; her limbs long and her body slender.

A Fire Fox stood on her shoulder, adding a few extra points of fascination, while the white dog that was Yin transformed beside her embellished her noble character.

“Tramp, didn’t expect you’d look quite good if you dressed up a little.” His heart was shaken, but his mouth refused to admit it.

Lu Shiqian didn’t bother with him and stepped out.

The moment she came out, she truly amazed everyone!

She was already peerlessly beautiful, but now that she actually dressed up, she was even more so a rose, free and unrestrained.

When she appeared, the banquet suddenly brightened. The eyes of the unmarried young men focused on her while the young women were so suppressed that they couldn’t even be jealous.

When a person was too beautiful, there would be a distance between others that even jealousy couldn’t reach!

Qin Xingluo somewhat regretted making her so beautiful. He hoped that her beauty would belong to only himself, but at the same time, he knew that this woman was not a house pet. She was destined to soar through the nine heavens. His heart was sour, yet still longed to be close to her no matter what method, what price he had to pay!

Amongst the crowd, there was one gaze that was starkly different: that was Yu Qingchen!

Actually, if you thought about it, you could understand where he’s coming from. A once incompetent woman that fervently chased after him had now become the star in everyone’s eyes. That suffocating feeling was making him go crazy. That woman… If he had accepted her back then, then the one pushing her down onto bed would be him! But now, she was so high up in the clouds that it was hard to even look up at her. The huge gap made his heart ache. Especially today, she was so beautiful, and that beauty should’ve belonged to him!

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