Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 131

A flash of madness crossed his eyes. Today, today definitely, he must ruin her! If there wasn’t that dazzling brilliance, he could’ve had her! She belonged to him anyways, that incompetent her that used to beg for his love.

Yu Qingchen touched a small pouch in his robes. It was a type of drug, and as long as a little was scattered, it would induce a person’s undying love. Even the most cowardly woman would propose in front of everyone at a banquet if exposed to this.

This was originally what the nobles used to play around with. After becoming the Prime Minister’s son-in-law and increasing his rank, naturally, there were more corrupt officials attracted to him. There were also more dirty dealings.

He typically carried this drug around.

As long as there was an opportunity, this woman was done for!

When was the best time? The best time was right before the banquet ended, when everyone was planning on heading back. He didn’t want to sell her cheap to other people: that woman was his!

“Master, that person had been staring sinisterly at you. He definitely harbos malintent,” Hong Jin angrily said. Want to harm Master? You think you’re up to par?

“Do you want me to go…” Yin stretched out a claw and sliced it across his neck.

Lu Shiqian pat the two beasts in amusement, “Don’t make trouble. Just watch him and find out what he wants to do.”

The two beasts sneaked away.

The banquet continued.

Surprise flashed by Qin Feiran’s eyes as he called for Lu Shiqian, “Wei General, come sit next to me.”

When these words were spoken, everyone was stunned. The only ones that had the right to sit at the seat next to the Emperor was the Empress. Could it be…?

Qin Xingluo glared unsatisfiedly at his elder brother as he held Lu Shiqian, “It’s more appropriate for her to sit next to this brother.”

Lu Shiqian rolled her eyes and instead of rising to sit next to the Emperor, casually sat next to Qin Xingluo: “I am willing to sit next to the Qin Prince.”

Qin Feiran smiled lightly, but he felt a faint sense of loss in his heart. Qin Xingluo obviously had a good impression of her, so he couldn’t brandish the blade and steal his love. This woman was better than the average person. His little back courtyard probably couldn’t contain her anyways.

After the banquet, the host and guests were both happy. However, there were also a few that weren’t.

The first was the Prime Minister. During this time, he had been downing cup after cup of wine. After Lu Shiqian’s position rose, the Lu family would naturally follow.

The second was Xu Jun’s daughter Lu Caiyun. She was naturally the enviest of the enviers, most hateful of the haters. Even though Lu Shiqian’s performance at the banquet didn’t reach the commoner’s ears, it quickly spread amongst the officials.

The third was Yu Qingchen. He was the most suffocated, most resentful one of them all!

“Father-in-law, I’ll go teach her a lesson.” Yu Qingchen spat with hate.

“Hoh, what good idea do you have?” The Prime Minister was still rather confident in this son-in-law of his.

“As long as you lead Prince Qin Xingluo away for a bit, I will definitely destroy that woman!”

The Prime Minister thought about it and felt that this would deal a great blow to the Lu family. He whispered, “Do it cleanly.”

Then, the Prime Minister raised his cup, “Prince Qin Xingluo, I have something I must speak to you about. Please follow me to the pavilion.”

Yu Qingchen saw that there were less people now and the Prime Minister had led Qin Xingluo away, so he immediately moved to Lu Shiqian’s side. He took out the drug and scattered it at her.

Lu Shiqian waved her sleeve. Not a speck of that drug landed on her, but Yu Qingchen sure inhaled quite a bit!

Originally, Yu Qingchen was scared there wouldn’t be enough and increased the dose. This truly was a case of lifting the rock and smashing it onto your own foot! That drug soon took an effect on him.

His feet grew rubbery, and he became unable to tell north from south. The moment he saw someone’s shadow, he wanted to rush up and rip off all their clothes. His mouth kept calling ‘baby’ in his confusion as he pushed down a male servant. He first tore off all his clothes, then madly pushed down another man.

Lu Shiqian smiled evilly and purposely shouted, “Master Yu, what’s wrong with you? Someone come quickly! Help!”

This shout caused all the people who had not yet left to turn around. A large number of guards and medics rushed over.

They were all shocked still when they saw the carnage!

They only saw that Yu Qingchen had stripped off all his clothes and was in the middle of taking off an ugly man’s clothes. That man was fervently protecting himself while screaming for help. The scene was extremely shocking!

The Prime Minister and Qin Xingluo also heard the sound and ran back. When the Prime Minister saw this, he became so angry he was trembling and kicked Yu Qingchen aside with a foot: “You beast, what the f*ck are you doing?!” Anyone that saw their son-in-law embracing another man probably couldn’t take it.

Even though Yu Qingchen was kicked, he didn’t feel pain and, on the contrary, felt pleasure! He grabbed his father-in-law and puckered his lips, raining kisses over his face! He unbuckled his belt and removed his clothes, ready to get it on!

Since when had the Prime Minister saw such a thing before? His eyes bulged as he frantically punched and kicked, screaming for help!

Yu Qingchen found it comfortable and became even more unwilling to let go. He insisted on taking off his father-in-law’s clothes!

The Prime Minister’s daughter saw this and couldn’t accept it. She wailed and ran away crying.

What a huge ruckus!

Everyone was stunned!

“What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and help me!” the Prime Minister spit out. He was so scared that he wet himself as he flusteredly hollered!

The guards only then recovered their senses and had a few people hold down Yu Qingchen. Only then did they finally save the wretched-looking Prime Minister.

“You… you beast, beast!” The Prime Minister’s anger reached the heavens and wished he could kill this incompetent trash! Couldn’t do anything right, and even dragged him down along with him! He actually lost so much face in front of all the other officials! How was he supposed to continue working as an official now?! He then looked at the sh*t that still had the mood to laugh! The more he looked, the more hate he felt; the more he looked, the more anger he felt!

Under the influence of the drug, Yu Qingchen gained an impossible strength! He actually managed to break away from the guards and madly looked for someone to pounce on! Everyone panicked and ran every which way!

Yu Qingchen didn’t distinguish between anything; he merely wanted something that could vent his frustrations. He charged forward madly. The doctors were scared that he would get hurt and chased after him.

Ahead was the palace breeding pen where they raised pigs to be slaughtered.

Yu Qingchen flew over and used a great strength to press a pig down.

This scene… should not be viewed by anyone…

However, people knew that Yu Qingchen was finished, utterly done for.

Qin Xingluo felt his scalp go numb, “Did you do this?”

Lu Shiqian innocently replied, “I didn’t do anything.”

Alright, yes, accomplice Crystal Scorpion rubbed some special scent onto those pigs. He then left a trail in the air and had Yu Qingchen follow it over… However, this wasn’t done by her, right?

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