Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 132

As for what happens to Yu Qingchen, it was all done by himself, he was asking for it!

Lu Shiqian became the Wei General, but she wasn’t any bit like a general. Every day, she would bite into large chunks of meat and drink with the normal soldiers. You could say she was living her days quite carefreely.

The soldiers liked her very much. She wasn’t like the average noble lady that nitpicked and wormed her way out of things. The daily competition also caused them to improve greatly.

Now, if anyone called her trash, all the soldiers would gang up on him!

Furthermore, after the daily competitions, a beautiful green-haired young man would bring Lu Shiqian a personal tent, bathing water, clean clothes, and food. He helped her wash and tie her hair skillfully.

After that, Prince Qin Xingluo would impatiently pick her up and take her back to the palace to rest.

The prince’s actions were naturally for others to see. Lu Shiqian could compete with them, but they weren’t allowed to harbor other emotions.

Others were all envious of how much the prince cherished Lu Shiqian.

Cherish my ass! She was almost annoyed to death by him!

In front of others, he was cute and obedient. Behind others, he was cold and blamed her for seducing others!

In all honesty, it was unexpected for her too when others gave her flowers or love letters! She was innocent when others stopped and confessed to her, alright?!

Ay, if it weren’t because she needed to find the true reason behind her mother’s poisoning, she would’ve ceased courtesies with this kid long ago!

This brat also understood this point and took advantage of it.

On the way back to the palace, they happened to pass by the Prime Minister. He had just met a great shock a couple days back and should be recuperating, but he went to court as usual. You could even say that he was working harder than before. It could be seen that not just anyone could be the Prime Minister. You must have great endurance.

After a few more steps, the road was blocked by a group of palace men.

“So this is younger brother’s wife. She sure is a beauty that obscures the moon and shames the flowers, bright and moving!” A low and sullen voice sounded. The man who spoke was a handsome man in his twenties. He was beautiful, but his eyes were gloomy and he had dark eye bags from overindulgence. At this time, his hand was holding a beautiful girl, his eyes staring at Lu Shiqian. He obviously did not have good intentions.

This person was the Qin Empire’s Second Prince Qin An. His mother was the eldest daughter of the Prime Minister. Even though he held no real power, with the Prime Minister’s support, he still had influence.

“How could it compare to Second Brother, women in your left and right hand? How satisfying and carefree.” Qin Xingluo blocked Lu Shiqian from his view without batting an eye. A trace of coldness flashed past his face.

Back when he was searching for the Devil Fruit, though there was no evidence to prove it, it was definitely intricately tied with Qin An. Qin An was envious of his elder brother and wanted to replace him. However, his elder brother and Qin Xingluo both knew of this ambition of his. Qin An used his special identity and his influence to do dirty things in the background. The reason why they didn’t take care of him was due to their brother relationship. However, no matter how pompously he acted within the empire, as long as he didn’t sell out the empire, as long as he didn’t have thoughts on Lu Shiqian, Qin Xingluo was planning on closing an eye to him.

Qin An pushed the two women aside, “Little Brother, what do you think of exchanging these two for her?”

Qin Xingluo’s face sunk, “Second Brother, you can randomly eat rice, but you can’t randomly say words. Next time I hear these sort of words from you, don’t blame me for being heavy-handed!”

Qin An laughed boisterously, “Little Brother, you don’t understand. That woman is beautiful, but how can she compare to these two on the bed? I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied!”

Damn it, damn it! Why was someone like this his brother?! If he weren’t, he would order him death by a thousand slices!

“I told you to not let me hear these words.” Can’t kill, but can beat, right? He was going to beat the crap out of him! He took a threatening step forward and was just about to make a move!

However, before he could, a red flash flew by. With a lift of his small claws, he began to fiercely scratch his face!

I scratch, scratch, scratch! Yeah! Tell you to be dirty, tell you to be disgusting, tell you to be perverted!

Hong Jin quickly finished scratching and quickly retreated. His movements were so fast that the nearby guards couldn’t react at all!

Qin An was hollering in pain from the scratches. He had never experienced such an endless cycle of pain before! It both hurt and felt itchy, and when he scratched it, it hurt again! It sure was torture!

“You used it?” Lu Shiqian laughed as she rubbed Hong Jin’s small head. He sure came through!

“Shui Se gave it to me to use. Master, did I do well?” Hong Jin butted Lu Shiqian’s hand with narrowed eyes as he spoke.

This group of magic beasts she had were all very good. Of course they would teach such a evil person a lesson!

Qin An was infuriated by the pain and itchiness. He yelled, “Capture that woman! Get her!”

The guards moved forward to grab her.

Qin Xingluo stepped forward. His red hair fluttered through the air, his face placid, his aura surging about violently. No wonder why he was the God of War, “Who dares to touch her?!”

The guards exchanged a glance and silently backed down. No matter how much Qin An hollered and screamed, they refused to take a single step forward.

Qin An’s anger reached a boiling point, coupled with the tearing flesh on his face, he appeared rather frightening. The two beautiful women too scared to utter a sound. In addition to being lustful, he was cruel. Countless women had died under his hands.

“You… Just wait!” An extremely hateful, poisonous light flashed across Qin An’s eyes. He ran straight for his mother.

There were no ripples on Lu Shiqian’s face. She watched Qin An’s retreating figure and said with a straight face, “We seem to have offended him.”

Qin Xingluo found it both humorous and pleasant. Lu Shiqian’s position in his heart rose even higher, but he also had to remind her, “He’s one that returns tooth for tooth. Be careful.”

Lu Shiqian replied, “I’m also not a good person. Hatred must be returned in full.”

Qin Xingluo uttered, “Tramp.”


After Qin An was hurt, he ran to his mother and tattled, “Mother, please help me!”

His mother was a concubine of the former monarch: the Prime Minister’s daughter Huang Meijiao. She was 40 years old this year, but she still had a rosy countenance and maintained her beauty well. She loved her son dearly and when she saw that there was no piece of flesh left intact on her son’s face, her heart was extremely pained. “What happened to you?” she asked as she ordered a servant to bring medicine, carefully spreading it on his face.

“Mother, you must get justice for me!” Qin An sorrowfully cried, “I was scratched into this state by some sly woman’s magic beast!”

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