Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 133

“A magic beast?” She was the Prime Minister’s daughter after all and survived for so long in the imperial harem, so she was naturally intelligent. A magic beast that could scratch her son into this state didn’t mean that the guards were incapable, but that the magic beast was too powerful! She knew the skill level of the guards around her son because she had personally chosen them! Then, that meant that magic beast was too powerful. “What star level is that magic beast?” Huang Meijiao asked.

“I don’t know, he didn’t use any skills. However, how powerful could that slut’s magic beast be? At most, it’d be a 2 Star or 3 Star!” Qin An spited.

“I don’t think so. It’s probably at least a 5 Star magic beast,” Huang Meijiao creased a brow.

“Four or five stars? That’s impossible! Mother, that woman is only a Rank 3 Mage, how could she contract with such a high-level beast?!” Qin An didn’t want to believe it. He always took the best for himself because he was great. If the woman was like that, then the magic beast was like that too.

“You’re right. An’er, work hard, Mother has already prepared a 4 Star magic beast for you. As long as you can reach a Rank 4 or 5 practitioner, that magic beast is yours.”

When it came to practicing martial arts, Qin An was unhappy. He knew how to gamble and make merry, but practicing martial arts was too tiring. However, he didn’t dare refute his mother’s will.

Because this Huang Meijiao was an outstanding Rank 6 Archmage and had contracted with a 5 Star magic beast!

This… who would’ve thought of this?

“Mother, when can I sit on the dragon throne? Every day I see that man giving orders upon the throne, I feel agitated. I want to kill him!” A poisonous light shone in Qin An’s eyes, “There’s also that Qin Xingluo. You could say that he was lucky and didn’t die that time!”

Huang Meijiao’s eyes were cold and greedy, “Don’t worry, Father already contacted the other side. At that time, we’ll cooperate with the outsiders and the Qin Empire shall be yours!”

“That’s great! However, Mother, I have a request. Don’t kill that Lu Shiqian just yet. I must play with her to my heart’s content before killing her!” Qin An’s eyes were thick with lust.

How could she, his mother, not agree to his request? “Do whatever you want at that time.”

Dong! The servant that overheard the conversation as she was walking in fell on the ground in shock.

Huang Meijiao and Qin An’s eyes darted over like that of a snake.

The servant knelt on the floor as she shuddered all over, “Forgive me! Forgive me, Imperial Concubine!”

Huang Meijiao yelled loudly, “Someone come! Drag this servant out and cut off her tongue, then blind her eyes! After that, feed her to the dogs!”

Immediately, some men wearing metal masks and black clothes stepped out from the darkness. They dragged the shivering servant on the floor away.

After finishing, Huang Meijiao turned towards her son and said, “After you become the Emperor, remember to secretly capture Master Sikong Yun and send him to the Song Empire!”

Qin An asked in confusion, “Who is Sikong Yun?”

Huang Meijiao was annoyed at her son’s ignorance for the first time, “Master Sikong Yun is a highly skilled forger that no one can hope to beat! When the time comes, capture him but don’t harm him. You have to treat him courteously as well.”

Even though Qin An didn’t understand why he had to do so, he still lowered his head and agreed, “Yes.”

Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo were currently standing in front of a strange black building. That building was just like a big, black ball.

“What are we doing here?” Lu Shiqian indifferently asked.

Qin Xingluo smiled mysteriously, “To introduce you to a person. However, this person’s temperament is very strange. My hands are tied if he refuses to see you.”

“What person?”

“Master Sikong Yun.” Speaking of this name, Qin Xingluo also became excited.

If there were other people around Lu Shiqian this time, they would surely begin screaming in excitement: “Master Sikong Yun? It’s really Master Sikong Yun?!”

Sikong Yun was the first Master Forger in the Devil Dance Continent’s history! All equipment he came out with were at least gold grade! Furthermore, they would even have enchantments! It was said that he had even created spirit grade equipment before! Any random piece of equipment made by him would have a sky-high price in the market. His disciples’ works were also no exception! He was the first Master Forger on the continent and the role model for many!

Countless people wanted to meet such a person but weren’t able to. According to legend, Master Sikong Yun was originally just a grumpy old man!

If anyone was able to gain a chance to meet this person, they would definitely jump in joy!

However, Lu Shiqian only casually spoke a word, “Oh.”

“You dared scam me 100 gold coins for your trash material! F*ck you!” The black door opened and threw out a short man.

Lu Shiqian immediately took out a shiny stone and threw it onto the ground seemingly unintentionally.

The man inside the door was just about to close the door when he saw the sparkling magic stone on the ground and froze his step. He looked left and right, then picked it up at the speed of light. The door then closed with a bang.

Lu Shiqian glanced at Qin Xingluo, revealing the slightest interest.

Actually, Qin Xingluo meant well. He had brought Lu Shiqian over since he hoped that Sikong Yun would create some equipment for her, preferably defensive armor. He had met this Master Forger a couple times before at the royal banquet. The royal family would invite him to the annually, but he only attended three times. Speaking of Sikong Yun, he was a figure that was alive during his father’s reign! The nobles all wanted to invite him to create equipment for them, so which one of them wasn’t respectfully waiting on their knees? Groveling in front of the door was also a common sight by this point. If Sikong Yun was in a good mood and made a piece of equipment for someone, if they couldn’t protect it, they would sell it at the fastest speed to someone else. Killing and plundering was also a frequent incident… Of course, if a family was able to receive a piece of his work, it would be revered as a treasured family heirloom and passed on through the generations.

As for the strong, they were even less willing to offend him. Who was willing to have grievances with someone more powerful with them? Furthermore, receiving a piece of equipment from Sikong Yun would allow them to increase their power by a step!

However, this Sikong Yun had a very strange personality. Status didn’t entice him, money wouldn’t buy him, beauty also didn’t have much of an effect here. Neither the carrot nor stick worked, so the people could only wait for him to be in a good mood and perhaps make that one piece of equipment for some family. They just didn’t know how long it’d take.

But this master would actually make such a sneaky move. It sure opened their eyes!

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