Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 134

Watching the closed, heavy black door, Lu Shiqian shouted in surprise, “Woah, so many magic stones!”

The heavy black door slammed open and a young man around 20 years old rushed out, “Where? Where?!”

Lu Shiqian very obediently said, “Sorry, I was joking.”

Sikong Yun raised an elegant eyebrow and snorted in anger, preparing to shut the door.

Yet, out of the corner of his eye, he caught the joker picking at something on the floor. Upon closer look, it was actually the precious material red frost stone! He didn’t dare believe it and rushed out to see, “This… is red frost stone?!”

Red frost stone was the top material to make water-attribute equipment! If you added this to your equipment, you could enchant it at least three times! However, this type of material was extremely rare and impossible to find in the market. It couldn’t be bought no matter how much money you had.

Ever since Lu Shiqian became Rank 3, she could retrieve materials from her interspatial space. This interspatial bracelet was truly boundless and had tens of thousands of materials, each type an almost inexhaustible supply. The red frost stone she took out was the most inferior one of them all. She had always found it strange that this interspatial bracelet could encompasss anything. There were limitless magic stones, materials, equipment, countless 500 Star magic beasts… However, she had her doubts. Even though she had collected many materials in the past and also in the Tomb of the Gods, she definitely didn’t get as much as there was in her interspatial bracelet now. It seemed like there were changes happening as she ranked up…

Lu Shiqian wanted to understand the interspatial bracelet more, and wasn’t this person in front of her the perfect test subject?

Sikong Yun wasn’t aware that he was being schemed against by a certain evil person and was even wholeheartedly admiring the red frost stone. After a long time, he asked, “Can you sell this to me?”

Lu Shiqian straightforwardly rejected, “Not for sale.”

Half of the fire raging in his chest was instantly extinguished.

“However…” Lu Shiqian left on a cliffhanger.

“However…” Sikong Yun’s energy came back again.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in first?” Lu Shiqian deliberately shook the red frost stone in front of Sikong Yun.

Sikong Yun’s eyes followed the red frost stone, “Yes, yes, yes. Come in, come in.”

Qin Xingluo watched with an open mouth, stunned in place. His understanding of Lu Shiqian grew a little deeper. This woman that fears neither heaven nor hell sure dared to go against anyone and bully anyone! It seemed like he was worrying too much for thinking that she would be gnawing at a closed door.

“Tramp, you go with the master, I need to return for a moment.” Qin Xingluo awkwardly excused himself and stiffly sat on a purple sedan, swiftly making an exit.

Sikong Yun had a strange temperament. What if he was unhappy at his presence and chased both of them out? That would be bad indeed.

Sikong Yun didn’t care at all of Qin Xingluo’s departure. He grabbed Lu Shiqian and pushed her through the black door into his strange abode.

The black house seemed quirky on the outside, but the inside was brightly lit, everything inside could be seen crystal clearly.

“Didn’t expect it, right? The material outside the house can absorb sunlight and reflect it into the room. It can be as bright as this even at night,” Sikong Yun heartily explained.

There were countless unfinished equipment and materials scattered across the room, and even more strange items lying around.

“What’s this?” Lu Shiqian picked up an inconspicuous square-shaped thing. Was there such an equipment?

Sikong Yun was very satisfied that she picked up this item. He secretly picked up another similar-looking piece and quickly ran into another room.

Lu Shiqian was speechless. What was he trying to do?

“Hey, you… Did you hear it?” The square object in her hand suddenly gave off a sound: Sikong Yun’s voice. Even though it was a little static, it was definitely his voice.

Could it be? No way!

“Mm, I hear it.” A wave rippled through her heart. She didn’t expect to experience the joy of calling someone in this world.

“You… you really hear it?! I-I also hear it! Heavens!” A certain master was so excited his voice changed pitches.

Sikong Yun quickly ran out of the room and held Lu Shiqian in excitement.

He was slender and tall, but his grip was strong. It was slightly uncomfortable for her when he hugged her in excitement, “Calm down. If you keep squeezing me like this, my chest is going to be flattened.”

Sikong Yun blushed fiercely and quickly let go of her. However, he still couldn’t restrain his overflowing emotions, “Do you understand what this means?”

“It means that no matter how far away, two people can still talk to each other as if they were in front of the other. This also means information can be transmitted faster, and the distance between people will be closer…” Lu Shiqian blurted out without thinking.

Every line she said made the expression on Sikong Yun’s face more amazed. By the time she finished, Sikong Yun was looking at her like she was a ghost.

The benefits of a phone in that world was obvious!

Moreover, the person who could think of this in this world was definitely an unprecedented genius!

“Since you can think of this, then help me think of a name. I’ve never been able to think of a suitable name.” Sikong Yun didn’t know why Lu Shiqian knew the functions of that thing, but since she could name them, that meant they were part of the same world. His opinion of her rose a few points.

“Brick phone.” She couldn’t call it a phone, right? Recalling the brick-like phones that people in the 1980s used to hold in their hands, Lu Shiqian’s mouth blurted out this strange word.

Sikong Yun pondered on the name for a second and felt that it suited his tastes very much. His opinion rose once again.

Fifty years later, when each person would take pride in holding a brick phone, after Lu Shiqian made a fortune off of this brick phone, she would not expect that this name she unexpectedly blurted out would have such a great impact on this world. These are matters for the future and shall be put off for now.

“Aren’t you supposed to forge equipment? Why…?” Lu Shiqian scanned the room and even though there were quite a few equipment lying around, there were appliances like fans, lights, and air conditioners… However, this was all powered by magic power.

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