Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 135

These things could be said to be an era-changing invention!

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but admire this elegant man in front of her!

Sikong Yun’s eyes suddenly turned distant and empty. He slowly spoke, “I originally thought that we forgemasters could only create equipment, but then I realized that we were wrong. Very wrong!” His complicatedly looked at Lu Shiqian, passing through her and gazing at something far away: “Back when I was searching for materials, I happened upon a drawing. On it was a diagram of how to build a pot that would cook food itself. It was too miraculous! I suddenly felt like a whole new world opened up before me! Everything seemed so magical to me! Using forging techniques to improve the quality of life, to create something that originally didn’t exist in this world. This kind of feeling… do you understand?” His eyes dazzled with brightness, filled with excitement towards the world. This look also evoked enthusiasm from Lu Shiqian.

“Think about it: carriages can run faster, houses can be built higher, and even normal people can take to the sky! They might even be able to take a stroll and see what stars are like!” Sikong Yun grabbed Lu Shiqian’s shoulders, “If I had eternal life, I would explore and create forever!”

Lu Shiqian was shocked by this man. Waves rippled through her heart. Just like how practitioners wished to become stronger, wasn’t creativity and inventing another powerful direction?

“That’s why you should sell this red frost stone to me for cheap,” Sikong Yun squinted his eyes at Lu Shiqian, switching from a genius creator to a shrewd businessman.

“Can’t,” Lu Shiqian was not moved, turning into a penny-pincher.

“How about I exchange it for equipment?” Sikong Yun pitifully asked.

“Don’t need,” Lu Shiqian gritted her teeth.

Sikong Yun hardened his heart and tore off his outer coat, pushing Lu Shiqian onto the table.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched as she thought, ‘No way, is he going to play rough?’

Touching the warm and soft female body, Sikong Yun’s face turned red. He abashedly stated, “You… Then take me! I’ll exchange my body for those two stones!”

Lu Shiqian’s face turned black, “Y-Y-You wouldn’t, right?!” Selling his body for two stones. This master sure thought differently from ordinary people.

Sikong Yun: “Precisely. I will seduce you!”

He was very elegant with a head full of long hair. His eyes were also especially beautiful. Being pushed down like this really did have a taste of seduction!

However, even if he wanted to sell his body, he had to see if the other party was willing to buy! Not to mention Lu Shiqian, the Death God wouldn’t either!

The Death God that was watching over Lu Shiqian from far above saw some strange man pressing his master as if he were going to do something suspicious. With a few flashes, he broke through the defenses of the black building and pulled Lu Shiqian into his embrace! It was all done in one smooth motion!

Holding his master, his turbulent emotions over the past few days also gradually calmed down.

Sure enough, this was the best feeling!

She didn’t have any complaints about this bodyguard of hers, and instead felt like his appearance solved her problems. However, his behavior had been strange recently, always flying up into the sky whenever he saw her. Was he shy?

Sikong Yun looked at the black-robed man who fell from the sky holding Lu Shiqian, forming a picture of complete harmony. Seems like he had no hope left, he thought as he wept in a corner.

Those two pieces of red frost stone could’ve been forged into top-class equipment by him!

A corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth curled up as she evilly said, “I can give you these two stones, but you have to agree to a request of mine.”

How could Sikong Yun care so much about that? The bait was already bitten, what could be refused? “Speak, speak, I’ll definitely agree!”

Lu Shiqian was also easygoing, “Be my teacher and teach me how to forge equipment, and these two stones will be yours.”

Sikong Yun watched the two stones rolling about in her palm. Where would he find the mind to care about other matters? He quickly replied, “I agree, agree. You are my student from now on.” Afraid that Lu Shiqian would take it back, he quickly snatched the two red frost stones and hid it in his chest.

If an outsider were present at this time and saw this world famous, strange tempered, Master Forger that neither soft nor hard-handed tactics would work on get swindled by two red stones and even accepted a disciple, how surprised would they be? For the three that were present, one followed his master in silence, one was radiating sunshine from obtaining the two stones, and the last one had no particular expression, remaining indifferent.

“If you want to be a Master Forger, you have to have the fire attribute. You have to concentrate deeply…” Sikong Yun’s temper was a little strange, but he was definitely a good teacher. He was peerless in the field of forging. His class was smooth and focused, all concentrated.

Lu Shiqian was also a good student with an amazing memory. She would frequently draw three points from one sentence and ask questions that drew upon a main point.

Sikong Yun quickly found that teaching Lu Shiqian forging was actually an enjoyable matter. Teaching often leads to more thinking, and the more she learned, the more interesting questions she asked. Even he slowly became excited.

“Before forging equipment, you must first learn how to make interspatial bags.” Sikong Yun brought Lu Shiqian into the forging room and found the materials needed to create a bag. Interspatial bags were a necessity for forging equipment. It was usually kept around the waist and the most common one held around one cubic meter. The rarer ones were ten or so cubic meters, while the rarest ones were a few hundred cubic meters.

“I had once looked at the records, and in the legendary Grand Era of Magic, there were countless interspatial rings and bracelets that contained thousands of cubic meters. However, the technology of that era has been lost…” Sikong Yun’s eyes were full of yearning. He believed in the existence of that era.

Lu Shiqian raised her wrist but decided against telling him about her interspatial bracelet and that the space inside was even larger than that.

According to Sikong Yun, you first had to picture what you wanted to make, its properties, then manipulate the body’s flame attribute and slowly add materials in.

There was a strange feeling in Lu Shiqian’s body as she did so and a flame slowly came to life.

The originally red flame that was just like the small fireball spell soon became darker and darker, denser and denser, until it became a purple flame. As if the right key was inserted and opened a door into the unknown, it lit up colorful flames. Soon after, it changed into a blue flame, green flame, yellow flame, orange flame, red flame… The door to memory was opened and she recalled the various flames she collected after killing a boss in the Tomb of the Gods. However, following the shift in temperature, she seemed to drift farther into the distance, into a zone where consciousness was unclear. Over there, what was there…? The forging process continued and the complex information recorded in the flames was transmitted into Lu Shiqian’s brain.

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