Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 136

Lu Shiqian’s surroundings were filled with endless magic power. The magic power scattered between heaven and earth seemed to be drawn and gathered together, shaking the Devil Dance Continent!

Like an ancient contract that was signed when the first equipment came to existence!

As long as it was moved, the world would turn in the other direction, changing night into day and day into night!

Various colors flashed through Lu Shiqian’s eyes as they interacted with a powerful yet gentle power.

The magic beast space that belonged to Bai in Lu Shiqian’s body shook violently as if it were happy for Lu Shiqian and himself. The Elf Lord Tree was on the verge of kneeling in the face of this tremendous power.

A strange look crossed the Death God’s eyes and prevented Sikong Yun from walking forward. He stared silently at Lu Shiqian, silently… He seemed to be somewhat different than usual, but if you looked closely, he was still him, just as Lu Shiqian was still Lu Shiqian.

Marks of approval hit Lu Shiqian’s body as if it were doing an identity authentication. Through this check, this strange force that stimulated heaven and earth settled within her body. At the same time, a flame appeared in the center of her 100 magic seas.

The people who were still in shock stared at each other. That just now… was that an earthquake?

Did one earthquake shake the whole world?

Lu Shiqian only then recovered her senses. The furnace was already blown to smithereens by her and a small interspatial bag appeared amongst the ashes.

The Death God hugged her fiercely, “Master, my master!”

Lu Shiqian blinked her eyes, “What happened just now?”

The gaze of the Death God was strange, “An… interesting thing happened.”

“Eh…?” Lu Shiqian was a little slow. She had accepted too much information just now and hadn’t recovered from the shock.

Her lips were sealed by the Death God, who sucked and played with them.

This was a kiss that had no rhyme or reason, and stemmed entirely from impulse!

After the kiss, there was a flash and he disappeared.

Lu Shiqian was a little embarrassed.

“Heavens, impossible!” On the other side came Sikong Yun’s shout of disbelief.

She only saw him holding her interspatial bag with an expression of shock on his face.

That interspatial bag made from normal materials actually had a storage capacity of over 100,000 cubic meters! Heavens, do you have to hurt my heart so?! This is her first time forging too, please!

How did this happen?

Sikong Yun found it strange; Lu Shiqian also found it strange but guessed that it had something to do with those multi-colored flames. She asked, “Did I make a mistake?”

Sikong Yun almost spat out a mouthful of bad blood, “No, you have done very well.”

“Then why is your expression so bitter?” Lu Shiqian questioned.

Why, why? That’s because you’re way too abnormal! Thinking back on himself, his teacher had called him a genius when he created an interspatial bag that held two cubic meters. If he’s a genius, then what’s she?

Sikong Yun hurriedly took out a new furnace and brought out a bunch of materials. Sucking in a deep breath, he spoke, “Next is forging gloves.”

He wanted to see what other potential his student had that he had not dug out yet!

Lu Shiqian accurately controlled her spirit and a blue flame appeared in the palm of her hand. The more she used it, the more moving the flame looked. There wasn’t a big spectacle like last time; the entire process was calm and quiet.

That scene earlier was like a huge door was opened. The rest was up to her to explore.

After forging, it was a gold grade equipment with four enchantments!

Sikong Yun was so surprised an ostrich egg could’ve fell out of his mouth!

She continued to forge, continuing her shocking performance. With the passage of time, Lu Shiqian’s hands grew more and more familiar and the process went faster and faster. The quality of the equipment also became better. The fire within her body seemed to be able to guide her and allowed her to create the equipment she envisioned. Not just equipment, other things could also be created! Sikong Yun had to admit that he had suffered a huge blow. His student wasn’t human! Look what she had done! Gold grade equipment with seven enchantments… Heavens, there’s even a spirit grade equipment!

Furthermore, the materials he had painstakingly collected were almost completed used up by her! How much mental strength did she have?! Did she not need to rest?!

However, since his student had such talent, then maybe she would be able to realize his dreams!

“The highest realm of forging is to forge life! You could also call it creating life!” The look on Sikong Yun’s face was far away.

Creating life?!

A bolt of thunder flashed down in Lu Shiqian’s mind as if she had thought of something, yet didn’t think of something. However, this idea was branded firmly in her mind.

Wasn’t the mechanical beast Wang Cai exactly this kind of mystical being?

Lu Shiqian’s eyes suddenly widened!

This was a long and arduous road, but she had an edge: she had limitless materials!

From her interspatial bracelet, she took out olivine, aquamarine, black iron, heavenly thunder stone…

These top-quality materials made Sikong Yun’s eyes dazzle once again. He grabbed Lu Shiqian, “You still want this teacher, right?!”

“Sorry, Dumbo already wanted me. As for you… just scram to the side,” an overbearing voice declared.

Hair smoother than silk drifted down, skin like jade, and white clothes made of some unknown material fluttered softly.

And then Lu Shiqian was captured by those black eyes that resembled the night sky.

The two looked at each other for a moment paused in eternity.

A blood red magic circle shone beneath her feet!

Lu Shiqian was a little startled, “Bai, how come you came out?”

Bai didn’t speak and merely stared at Lu Shiqian with a gentle expression. He wanted to kiss her cheeks, her nose, her ears, and finally, her lips.

Bai’s kisses were sometimes overbearing and sometimes gentle. When overbearing, it was a raging typhoon; when gentle, it could cause people to sink deeply into it.

He kissed very seriously and carefully as if the one in his embrace was his most valued treasure. He wanted to get to know every inch of the person that was more important than his own life. His intentions weren’t covered up in the slightest, so much so even a fool would be able to tell his love!

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