Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 137

This was not just a pet’s love for his master and more of a love between lovers. It may even surpass that. Whatever the case, Bai Hu’s love for Lu Shiqian was undoubtedly deep and unwavering!

After kissing her, Bai lifted his head and smiled lightly, “Congratulations, Dumbo.”

Lu Shiqian was a little confused. His kisses had short-circuited her brain, “Where’s that coming from?”

Bai was moved at her appearance and couldn’t help but ravish her lips once more. Only when her lips were red from his suckling did he say, “Dumbo, are you not aware that you received the Fire of Creation?”

Fire of Creation? What’s that?

Sikong Yun’s ears were sharp and he rushed up. He also wanted to know what the Fire of Creation was.

Bai indifferently waved his hand, shooing the poor Sikong Yun into another room and pinning him to the wall, then sealing that space.

Lu Shiqian saw Bai Hu act so cautiously and couldn’t help but tense up, “Is it very important?”

He deeply looked at Lu Shiqian, “Do you believe that coming to this world was a coincidence?”

Playing on a private server, the levels through the Tomb of the Gods, collecting the flames… transmigrating… Could it be that these weren’t coincidences?

Bai held tightly onto Lu Shiqian, his gaze seemingly wanting to pierce into her soul, “Put another way… Was everything that had happened to you simply a series of coincidences?”

Her memory turned back to childhood. From the very start, she never seemed to have parents to accompany her and enviously stared at the other children as she stood alone in front of the orphanage… Later on, she caught the eye of the boss of the Dragon Group and brought back to the base to be trained. He taught her how to be human, various martial arts and knowledge… He cared for her just like a father. She went on her first mission at 16 and got to know the other members of the Dragon Group… Afterwards, she successfully completed many missions and earned many rewards, however, her soul didn’t seem to be in this world and she remained lonely, caught in the middle, looking for the way out, but unable to find the path forward. She would then play games to relax after completing a mission, inadvertently becoming a gaming god, and later playing on a private server she helped start… Was everything not a coincidence?

“No, these aren’t coincidences! Dumbo, you don’t know just how much time and energy it took for me to find you!” Bai hugged her tightly and said, “That private server was something I created long ago to connect to that world. The interspatial bracelet, the Fire of Creation, and everything else was all prepared for you! Dumbo, you originally belonged to this world. There’s still much more for you to discover here!”

Chaos reigned in Lu Shiqian’s brain for a moment but she quickly calmed down, “What is the Fire of Creation?”

Bai’s heart hurt as he saw Lu Shiqian’s pale face, but she had to face this. Their enemy was too strong, if they didn’t send her to another dimension, their enemy would’ve cut off all methods of escape!

Now, as she slowly grew, self-confidence, optimism, unyieldingness, resilience, these good points deeply attracted him. He had fallen in love with her ever since he was the boss of the Dragon Group, hadn’t he? He had watched her grow up step by step, hadn’t he?

“The flame of creation is just as its name suggests: it’s the flame that creates the world,” Bai Hu’s voice was steady and quelled Lu Shiqian’s uneasiness. His chest received all of her loneliness, “The sea, mountains, forests, stars, various kinds of beings, everything, can be created. That is the ability of the Fire of Creation within you.”

“Unlocking the Fire of Creation is both a good and bad thing. Dumbo, are you ready to meet with the sinister enemy?” Bai stared deeply at Lu Shiqian.

To have the Fire of Creation was akin to opening Pandora’s box and using the God of Creation’s abilities. Fortunately, there temporarily weren’t very strong enemies in this world yet. Otherwise, with Dumbo’s ability, she wouldn’t be able to fend them off.

The Fire of Creation was just like a precious treasure in the hands of an unassuming child. How many envious eyes would it attract?

She can only become more and more powerful! Only when she reached the peak would she have nothing to fear!

However, what would Dumbo think? Would she think that he was lying to her? Would she be sad? Would she agree? Was she ready? Did he perhaps speak too early? Maybe she couldn’t accept it yet…

Bai was a little hesitant and even a little regretful.

He was waiting for Lu Shiqian to speak her thoughts. These thoughts may drive him into the deepest pits of hell or make him rise into heaven.

Lu Shiqian collected her thoughts and responded, “We were always together, right?”

Bai looked at her and waited for the rest of her words.

“Bai, thank you for protecting me all this time. In the future, allow me to protect you to; let us pass through the dangerous times together!” Lu Shiqian firmly vowed, “No matter what we face, let’s face it together. It doesn’t matter what kind of enemy it is, we just need to defeat them, right?”

Bai was stunned!

Happiness enwrapped him and he uncontrollably kissed and hugged this dear person. Lu Shiqian reciprocated and the kiss grew deeper.

If it could be said that there was still some hesitation before, then she was now sure. If it could be said that she was lonely before, then she now had Bai! If it could be said that she was confused before, then she now had a direction to head in!

Thank you, Bai!

She was grateful to Bai while he was equally grateful to her. Two people that were equally thankful kissed each other, feeling each other’s existence.

“Rest assured, Bai, I will help you unlock the seal.” Lu Shiqian touched Bai’s face.

Bai flashed an arrogant smile that could topple cities, “It’s better to leave this to me. Compared to getting protected, I like protecting you more.”

The him that let go of his heart knots seemed more carefree and more handsome. The unconsciously released atmosphere was able to shift thousands of hearts. The semi-exposed chest was enticing a certain person’s line of sight.

Lu Shiqian’s face reddened slightly as she was amazed by this sight.

Bai smiled slightly and happily drew circles on his master’s lips, “Dumbo, are you willing to mate with me?”

Pu! Lu Shiqian almost choked on her own saliva!


Can you not be so sudden?!

Bai looked at Lu Shiqian’s cute expression and gently licked her ears, quietly asking, “How about here? Why don’t you mate with me?”

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