Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 138

Lu Shiqian jumped like a frightened rabbit, “M-M-Mate?!!”

God, that word was too shocking, alright?!

Furthermore, saying that word so enticingly and sweetly!

Bai chuckled, his body radiating. His Dumbo was just too cute!

However, even if he were to mate with her, it wouldn’t be here under such conditions. If he wanted to take her, it had to be after he recovered his powers. Otherwise, his pride would not allow it!

What he needed to do now was to teach Dumbo how to use her new powers.

His eyes narrowed slightly, “That mechanic beast, come out.”

A faint white light glew on the floor and Wang Cai appeared in the middle with his four legs shaking.

“E-Esteemed Bai, what are your orders?” Wang Cai’s watery eyes were full of awe as he carefully asked.

“If I’m not wrong, the one who created you was that era’s God of Creation, right?” Bai carefreely asked, yet his tone contained an immense pressure.

“Y-Y-Yes, Esteemed Bai. Daddy was known as the God of Creation,” Wang Cai nodded in succession.

“All of his skills were put into making your body, correct?” Bai’s question wasn’t a question but a statement.

Wang Cai stared at Bai in both awe and fear, his head low, “Y-Yes, Esteemed Bai.”

“Take out that thing and hand it over to Dumbo,” Bai ordered.

Wang Cai didn’t hesitate to spit out a blue crystal.

Hidden inside this blue crystal was all the techniques of that era’s God of Creation! It contained all of the wisdom of that era’s God of Creation!

Bai picked up the blue crystal in satisfaction and placed it on Lu Shiqian’s palm, “Learn the things inside carefully. It will be useful to you.”

He poked Lu Shiqian’s nose, “Dumbo, you have been reserved by me. If I find out that you went with someone else, heh, heh…”

Lu Shiqian was a little panicked by those two laughs, “No, I won’t.” After saying so, she was a little depressed. Was she destined to be with an overbearing husband? She was going to be eaten to death by him!

After stealing one last kiss, Bai returned to his magic beast space.

The moment Bai left, the indominatable pressure finally left the area. Si Kongyun was released from the seal and rushed over. Only after seeing the pile of materials still placed neatly on the table did he finally relax.

“Who was that person just now?” There was a bad taste left in Sikong Yun’s mouth. Hmph, if he hadn’t come out to make trouble, his student may have already been gobbled up by him. After eating his student, wouldn’t all those materials be his? What a pity!

Lu Shiqian held the blue gem and a large amount of information transferred into her mind: page after page of drawings, line after line of forging techniques… It moved her heart and ignited her passion for creation!

Focus the mind, add in materials, flashing flames of various colors, large amounts of materials used up…

Sikong Yun was highly distressed as he looked on. Aiyah, his aquamarine! Aiyah, his black iron, his heavenly thunder stone… Wuwuwu, what a waste, what a waste! He hated this student of his to death!

For three months, Lu Shiqian stayed at Sikong Yun’s place immersed in the wonderful feeling of forging.

This made Qin Xingluo go fraught with worry. This kid looked like a child that was throwing a tantrum. The more he thought about it, the angrier he grew, but he also had no other choice. He regretted it very much. He never should’ve introduced her to Sikong Yun!

Seeing that Lu Shiqian didn’t come out, he simply set up camp right next to Sikong Yun’s house and lived there!

Finally, a certain day after three months, the doors cracked open.

Lu Shiqian walked out with a piece of straw in her mouth.

Her eyes were lazy yet sharp; the corner of her lips lifted slightly, forming a mysterious smile. Her clothes enhanced her already beautiful jade skin, and her figure became even more bewitching.

These past three months, she learned much knowledge and created many things. Her progress was undoubtedly huge!

These past three months, her heart had changed greatly, becoming broader and more courageous!

Yes, courageous! The courage to live, the courage to pursue, the courage to climb up again and again in the face of setbacks!

And also… the courage to face her feelings!

She was like a sharp sword that had been unsheathed, attracting everyone with her light.

What Qin Xingluo saw was such a brilliant Lu Shiqian. He suddenly became dazed. Was this the tramp he knew?

Lu Shiqian put her hand into her interspatial bag and rummaged around for a while before taking out a small capsule and throwing it onto the ground. After the fog passed, a slick, black (huh?) Ferrari appeared!

The black beast with a sleek hood and two wings that flanked the car added a sense of exquisiteness. Lines crisscrossed the two wings and flashed past the center of the car. Olive-shaped headlights shone at the front, fully integrating with the lines at the front. The slender hood held an aloof look, embellishing the smooth body. The wild exterior design applied physics to its max. The rear seats were wide and spacious, enough for four to sit. Using magic power as fuel, it was a race car that combined the best of both worlds: one of a kind!

When it appeared, it instantly attracted the gaze of everyone present. The beautiful lines of the car captured everyone’s hearts.

Lu Shiqian coolly sat in the front seat and started the engine fueled by magic power. It was a pollution-free energy source!

This car was actually an equipment with 20 enchantments and an ignition crystal embedded within. It had a first-class defensive system in place, and a seducer of both men and women, a treasure sought after from all.

It started and accelerated smoothly, the peak of luxury!

“Tramp, you…” Before Qin Xingluo could finish, the Ferarri rushed out like a wild horse. Its speed was indeed top notch!

After a sharp turn, the Ferarri came back around. The window slid down and revealed Lu Shiqian’s beautiful face, “Get in.”

The door opened and Qin Xingluo hesitantly sat down.

The car took off, speeding down the magic-filled continent on its first revealing!

It was a good feeling, a really good feeling!

Sikong Yun watched the girl travel far into the distance with complicated feelings. Three months earlier, he was her teacher. Three months later, she was his teacher. For the first time in all his years as a forging addict, the impression of a certain woman remained. He shook his head and walked back in. There was still quite a bit of materials left behind by her. He could take it as a chance to collect his thoughts.

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