Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 139

“Tramp…” Qin Xingluo wasn’t sure what to say, but he felt like he had to say something, “There’s a banquet tonight, are you going?”

“Oh,” Lu Shiqian asked, “Who’s going?”

“The nobles, big merchants, and the Song Empire’s ambassador.” Qin Xingluo replied.

“Alright, I’ll go!”

The banquet was naturally a place for the nobles to compete their status and merchants to compete their wealth. It was the perfect stage to flaunt their power.

The highest-level carriages were marked by peacocks, symbolizing status, followed by carriages with turtledoves, symbolizing wealth. Then there were the carriages driven by horse race magic beasts, chosen by fallen nobles.

Xu Jun and his daughter Lu Caiyun swaggered out of their peacock-marked carriage. Similar to the previous banquet, Lu Caiyun was dressed magnificently. Recently, Lu Ningxiang was always muddle-headed and Xu Jun increasingly behaved like the head of house. He brought his daughter to this banquet to seek a fitting husband for her. The most fitting one was of course Qin Xingluo! They were absolutely confident in themselves!

The guests gradually arrived and chatted over wine. The male guests were polite while the female guests were cute. The atmosphere was harmonious.

At this time, a black Ferrari quickly sped over!

In the night, the Ferrari reflected the moonlight, its black lines mesmerizing in the dark. It was like a ghost, drawing people’s eyes.

Everyone turned in that direction, curious as to the identity of that strange object. Lu Shiqian wore a black leather jacket as she stepped out of the Ferrari like a cold goddess.

This appearance was so unique, everyone’s gazes was concentrated on her!

Men were shocked as if they had just seen an immortal; women were so amazed they would even forget jealousy.

A suave car would make other people’s mouths water in this world too!

“What is that?”

“Good shape!”

“I want to try riding it!”

“Do you know where they sell that? I want to buy one!”

The crowd discussed animatedly; their burning gazes focused on this strange new car.

At the same time, they were also discussing Lu Shiqian, but it was more concealed.

“I heard that this beautiful goddess-like woman is Lu Shiqian.”

“N-No way!”

“Really! It’s her!”

“Lu Shiqian… It’s really her, that incompetent trash?!”

“I heard that she’s already a general.”

“No way! General, her?!”

Lu Shiqian’s incompetent name was too widespread and the crowd couldn’t believe this cold goddess in front of them was the eldest daughter of the Lu family.

Even the announcer of names wavered under the fervent discussions.

“E-Eldest Young Miss Lu Shiqian!”

This call pushed everyone’s surprise to its peak. Their discussions also grew louder.

“Who invited her? Having such incompetent trash around sure degrades my status!” a certain bigshot shouted, preparing to leave.

Lu Shiqian gave her a cold sideways glance, neither slowly nor quickly stating, “This young lady continues to say trash with every breath she takes, incapable of understanding even basic courtesy. She has no respect at all.”

The words caused the young lady to choke, her shrill voice screeching, “Are you not trash? You…” She originally wanted to say that since she couldn’t learn martial arts, it was even less possible for her to be a mage. However, once she took a closer look, she realized that Lu Shiqian had already become a Rank 3 mage! Since she was a Rank 3 mage, she couldn’t be considered incompetent trash anymore!

“I am a small little Rank 3 mage,” Lu Shiqian continued for her in a cold voice.

“Correct! You are just a little Rank 3 mage!” After speaking, she suddenly realized: she herself was only a Rank 2 mage, yet she was calling a Rank 3 mage trash. Was there anything more ridiculous than this?

Sure enough, with these words, everyone began laughing.

The young lady grew even more infuriated, “You’re trash! Even if you’re a Rank 3 mage, you’re still incompetent!”

Lu Shiqian stared coldly at the young lady. She felt like an immense mountain was weighing down on her, causing her to collapse to the ground.

“Someone called me incompetent trash. Then, is anyone willing to have a match with me?” Lu Shiqian lightly asked.

“I will!”

“Count me in!”

From the crowd, three men and two women walked out, all Rank 3 or 4 practitioners. They were obviously egged on by someone.

“Alright! Come at me together!” Lu Shiqian waved her hand as she spoke.

The five glanced at each other and one of them said, “You’re looking down on us! Against you, I alone am more than enough!”

Just when that guy finished speaking, he was kicked aside by Lu Shiqian as fast as lightning.

“Either admit defeat or attack together!” Lu Shiqian didn’t even glance at the four. Ai, whether there were a hundred of them or one of them, she’ll kick them aside all the same!

Surprise flashed across their eyes. She was obviously Rank 3 just like them, yet she was so much stronger! That kick was only the tip of the iceberg! They no longer hesitated and charged forward at the same time.

Just like before, Lu Shiqian only used one move to defeat them. She merely waved her left hand and the four fell to the ground.

“Next! Who else wants to call me trash? Come out!” Lu Shiqian’s face was aloof. Today, she was going to prove herself to everyone!

A line of people followed up: Rank 4 and Rank 5 served themselves up as dishes! The banquet had become Lu Shiqian’s stage! Simple yet effective moves coupled with her aura, each move of hers proved that the trash Lu Shiqian was a thing of the past!

No one could match up to her today!

“Who else wants to challenge?” Lu Shiqian surveyed the room once and asked.

“Nice! No wonder why you’re the Wei General!” Qin Xingluo took the lead and applauded.

Even the shocked crowd began applauding. At first, only a few people clapped their hands, but soon, everyone was cheering.

Lu Shiqian’s actions today would quickly spread along with news about the Ferrari. It would arouse people’s interest and be the focus of their discussions, especially towards the strange black car.

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