Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 140

Qin Xingluo walked elegantly down the stage and held Lu Shiqian’s hand as he invited, “Beautiful young lady, may I ask for a dance?”

The ballroom music started and many stepped onto the dance floor. However, the most catching pair was Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo. One was the Prince, noble and elegant, his red hair twirling in the air. The other was the upstart, beautiful and powerful, her hourglass figure glueing countless eyes.

If you ask who was the most annoyed at this time, it would definitely be Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun!

On what basis could this damned piece of trash would be the center of attention? Furthermore, sticking so close to the prince! Xu Jun had always wanted to marry Lu Caiyun off to Qin Xingluo, and Lu Caiyun eventually came to believe that only Qin Xingluo could match her status under his tutelage. Now, once they saw the brilliant Lu Shiqian, the less tasteless they felt. The more they looked, the longer the grass of jealousy in their heart grew.

“Only one heir from the Lu family may attend, and that is my daughter Lu Caiyun! Please ask the organizer to chase this shameful, exiled Lu member out!” Xu Jun pointed at Lu Shiqian and spat.

The musician accidently played a wrong note.

The atmosphere suddenly grew tense!

Xu Jun had been very active in the upper class recently. With Lu Ningxiang’s current situation, it was almost for sure Lu Caiyun would be the next matriarch of the family. At least, before Lu Shiqian’s spectacular show this night. The moment Lu Shiqian drove in in her Ferrari, the originally confirmed fact was whacked into a whole different direction. This was also the reason why Xu Jun was so despotic and blatantly pointed at Lu Shiqian! The position of head of the Lu family belonged to his daughter and his daughter only! So many years of planning cannot go to waste!

“She was rambunctious since young and chased away her teachers! She was lascivious and tried to steal handsome young men! She rebelled against her mother and was exiled to the country! She is not worthy of the name of the Lu family and not worthy of standing here!” Lu Caiyun was also anxious to create a show and stood out to accuse Lu Shiqian. Her meaning was clear: ‘See, this woman is so unbearable! Are you sure you still want her here?’ Would the handsome green-haired youth still dare to follow her after knowing this? Would the eyes of the Qin Prince still follow her unwaveringly?

Who knew that Lu Caiyun’s words wouldn’t win over the crowd and instead made many men gaze at Lu Shiqian passionately? Lascivious, such a beautiful woman was slutty! That’s wonderful! As for playfulness, they knew that long ago. She was young, after all! It only made her have more personality! How many historical figures were rambunctious youths? It only made them more charming!

Lu Caiyun who didn’t know that her words had the opposite intended effect waited smugly for the organizer to throw Lu Shiqian out. She was looking forward to seeing that woman’s embarrassed face.

Having said that, even though she was just a piece of trash, why was she able to grow so peerlessly beautiful? She was as shameful as her father!

In the face of Lu Caiyun’s accusation, Lu Shiqian had no particular expression. She carefreely sat in her chair and elegantly picked up a glass of red wine. Her actions once again caused a wave of excitement in the hearts of the young men.

The clouds shifted with the wind, unconcerned with worldly affairs, floating freely at ease.

Finishing her wine, Lu Shiqian then spoke, “Anything else? Don’t be shy, continue.”

“Y-You! You’re just a piece of trash!” Lu Caiyun stuttered, but then realized she was trying to hit cotton and could only finally spit out this word.

Lu Shiqian suddenly stood up, shocking Lu Caiyun into backing off many steps.

Lu Shiqian took out a small phone that had the remote to the Ferrari on it. Under everyone’s fervent gaze, she pressed a few buttons and the Ferrari burst into life, rushing over like a stampede of wild horses! Lu Caiyun was so scared she fell to the ground!

“Someone that can make this is trash? Are you freaking blind? Or were your eyes never good in the first place?” Lu Shiqian didn’t even glance at Lu Caiyun.

“Allow me to introduce: she is the student of Master Sikong Yun!” Qin Xingluo chimed in at just the right time.

When these words were heard, the origins of the Ferrari gained a source. When it was born, even Sikong Yun’s eyes had widened in shock!

However, Sikong Yun’s reputation was just too immensely powerful! The eyes that were staring at Lu Shiqian grew increasingly interested. She was now not only an upstart amongst the nobles, but also a peerless genius creator!

Many men were devising ways to climb into her bed and take advantage of the rumored lascivious Lu Shiqian.

It was extremely hard for someone with 100 magic seas to advance, perhaps it was even accurate to call them trash. However, she had contracted with over 500,000 magic beasts. What was she then? She also had the Fire of Creation and received all of the power of the God of Creation! Who could call such a person trash? That’s why Hong Jin and Lan Ruo looked at Lu Caiyun as if she was a peerless idiot!

Not mentioning other things, just her identity as the student of the Master Forger was enough!

When someone pointed out such a person as trash, everyone’s eyes held only one meaning: imbecile!

“You…!” Xu Jun seemed to have never imagined that the situation would turn out like this. He angrily pointed at Lu Shiqian, “You weren’t part of the Lu family since long ago! Get the f*ck out now!”

The host of this banquet was the richest man in Longyang City. At this time, he had long made a decision. He courteously yet resolutely stated, “I’m sorry, you have offended my honored guests. This place doesn’t welcome you. Please leave.”

Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun couldn’t believe the host’s words, especially Xu Jun. He thundered, “You piece of sh*t, you dare to kick me out?!”

The host became more resolute at the slander, “Indeed. Please leave!”

“You piece of sh*t, you’re tired of living!” Xu Jun’s face was sinister and was going to attack the host when the guards caught him and very shamefully chucked him out the door.

Xu Jun, who had not practiced martial arts for a long time and became a round ball, rolled on the ground a couple times. Lu Caiyun was also knocked down a notch. How embarrassing!

When had the two ever suffered such humiliation? They promptly threw the blame onto Lu Shiqian. It was her! It was because of her they lost so much face! They thought they hadn’t lost enough face and ran up to cause a ruckus again. However, they were blocked by the guards and couldn’t advance!

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