Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 141

“Hoh, isn’t this the future matriarch of the Lu family? How did you fall to this point?” Qin An haughtily walked up. He had great status so no one dared to stop him. “I’ll give you one more chance. Follow me.”

Thus, the chased out father-daughter pair came back!

Even though they were only greeted by glares.

Xu Jun was like an arrogant rooster, and now that the second prince of the Qin Empire was supporting him, he was simply fearless.

Lu Caiyun followed in front of Qin An, trying to hook him in. Was he not better than that cold Fifth Prince?

Qin An smiled lightly at Lu Caiyun. As long as they were women, no matter who they were, he could eat them!

“So this is the hospitality of the Qin Empire, it sure opens eyes!” The messenger from the Song Empire entered with Qin An. The moment he spoke, the atmosphere took a dive.

The Song Empire was always at war with the Qin Empire, but Second Prince Qin An escorted him in personally. Was there something beneath the surface? Now that’s some food for thought!

It was just that no matter how poorly the Qin people thought of the Song Empire, they still couldn’t brazenly chase them out.

The guards around that Song messenger also weren’t ordinary: there were actually three Rank 7 and four Rank 5 mages!

“Are you Qin people all this crude and audacious like that woman over there?” the messenger of the Song Empire rudely remarked. He was here to stir up trouble today anyways!

Bloated with confidence at the support, Xu Jun also loudly said, “Everything is that woman Lu Shiqian’s fault!”

Lu Shiqian couldn’t bear to watch any more of this charade. This retard that completely disregards the situation, was he trying to rebel?!

“Judging everything without knowing anything, is that the way of the Song people?” Lu Shiqian slowly stated.

These words were spoken eloquently. Qin Xingluo couldn’t help but silently applaud for her.

The Qin people in the room also felt satisfied and felt even more goodwill towards Lu Shiqian.

“You… Just a little Rank 3 Mage can be so audacious as to speak back to me?!” the messenger of the Song Empire angrily said.

“Your Honor barks like a dog, of course I don’t dare.” Lu Shiqian replied.

The messenger shook in anger and gave a glance to the practitioner next to him. That practitioner suddenly stood out, “You have humiliated a person of the Song Empire. I challenge you!”

“If you can’t outspeak someone, you fight? Is that also the way of the Song Empire?” Qin Xingluo calmly stated, “Your challenge… I accept it!”

Qin Xingluo moved next to Lu Shiqian. He was now a Rank 6 practitioner and against a Rank 7 practitioner, there should’ve been no doubt who would’ve won. However, there were always exceptions to everything, for example that abnormality Lu Shiqian. Even though she was just a Rank 3 mage, she could defeat a Saint! Qin Xingluo’s strength lied in the fact that he grew more courageous as he fought. It was no accident that he could reach Rank 6 at the mere age of 15!

“Anyone who insults my Song Empire must be punished!” Another Rank 7 mage from the Song messenger’s side walked out and pointed at Lu Shiqian.

By this point, everyone understood that this was done intentionally by the Song messenger. Why else would someone bring so many powerhouses to a mere banquet unless they were seeking trouble? The Rank 7 mage was provoking a Rank 3 mage, could the Song Empire sink any lower?!

“If you don’t accept the challenge, then get on your knees and apologize!” The Song messenger cut off all paths of retreat.

When these words were spoken, the Qin people were enraged. Shameless, utterly shameless!

Lu Shiqian coldly asked, “Then if I win?”

“If you win, we’ll all kowtow to you!” The Song practitioner yelled. A Rank 3 mage dreaming of beating a Rank 7 mage, that’s just wishful thinking!

She revealed a devilish smile, “That’s what you said.”

No more nonsense. She burst like lightning to the back of that mage and with a single kick, blew that bastard over ten meters away, smashing through several tables!

What was more effective than kicking against a slow mage?

The people were all stunned. Was everything they saw just now an illusion? A Rank 3 mage actually just sent a Rank 7 mage flying!

The eyes of that messenger from the Song Empire bulged out in apparent disbelief, “Y-You! You cheated! This bout doesn’t count! All of you go up!”

The other three practitioners and two mages surrounded Lu Shiqian. This time they were smarter: the practitioners would engage in a melee with Lu Shiqian while the mages chanted spells from afar.

The shameful behavior of the Song Empire enraged the people. They actually surrounded someone when they couldn’t beat them in a one-on-one!

“Motherf*cker, they’re bullying Master!” Yin spat out a bolt of lightning and ambushed a practitioner. He slashed his paws continuously, sending wave after wave of wind blades at the other two practitioners. Within the purple circle, the 14 Star pattern blinded everyone’s eyes!

“Heavens, a 14 Star Wolf King!”

“14 Stars? I’m not dreaming, am I?”

“Too OP, 14 Stars!”

People exclaimed in shock one after another, paying homage to Yin.

Over ten high star magic beasts. That was something only the likes of the Church of Light and the Church of Darkness would enjoy!

At this time, two spells from the mages blasted out. It was actually a Rank 7 fire spell Raging Inferno and metal spell Metal Prison!

People cursed as they ran away. What the heck were they supposed to do if they got hit?

Suddenly, a dark shadow suddenly glided past. One slash and the two spells were rendered useless. A draw of the scythe and the two mages collapsed on the ground!

“Master, I’m hungry!”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. Did the Death God want to feast here?

With no hesitation, she dragged the Death God into the Ferrari and started the car, racing away from the scene!

As for the messenger of the Song Empire, there were surely more than enough people to thoroughly “welcome” him.

The Death God never forgot about his food. He waved his hand and the five souls flew into his hand. With a tilt of his head, he downed his delicious food.

The stronger they were, the more delicious they are!

In the dark of night, moonlight gently streamed over them. Inside the Ferrari sat the Death God and the one driving was a transmigrator. This was all set up by someone, wasn’t it? Otherwise, would you like to take the Death God for a spin?

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