Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 142

“What is your world like?” Lu Shiqian quietly asked. Honestly, she didn’t really understand the Death God. Perhaps tonight was a good opportunity.

In this car!

“My world… had no light,” the Death God responded. He would answer anything his master asked!

“My world… has you,” the Death God added on. As if confirming something for himself, he assuredly stated, “It’s true.”

Skree. Lu Shiqian slammed on the brakes.

At this time, the car stopped in front of a blue, blue lake. The surroundings were extremely quiet, the wind rippling through the trees. It was very romantic and poetic. If it weren’t the Death God and another man that said that his world doesn’t have light but has you, it would be extremely moving. However, the Death God wouldn’t speak romantic words; he only spoke the truth.

His world contained the thick cloud of death; his world contained no light; but in his world, the figure of Lu Shiqian remained. The world of death also gained a different color. Lu Shiqian turned around, her black eyes darker than night. She looked at the Death God and suddenly smiled, “You… fell in love with me.”

The Death God blinked and faced Lu Shiqian’s gaze, wave after wave pounding his heart.

“Love? What is love?” The Death God stared innocently at Lu Shiqian.

“Love is a naughty kid, often sneaking into people’s hearts when they least expect it.” After knowing the truth, Lu Shiqian became more open.

The first time the Death God appeared, his strength, his face that he had only ever revealed to her, his killing intent, his captivating eyes… Perhaps, she herself was falling for him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have allowed him to take off her clothes.

Maybe some corner of her heart was secretly stolen away by him.

However, seeing those firm yet innocent eyes staring at her, maybe she had to personally teach him a little?

She reached her hand and pulled away the cloth covering his face. The moon shone down upon the river like the sun was setting behind the mountains once more, dying the skies in red. Or…

Every time she saw his beautiful face, she had to sigh in amazement.

And after staring for a while, her face would turn red!

The Death God didn’t understand what Lu Shiqian was going to do and felt both enthusiastic, curious, and uneasy.

Eh? His reaction was like a little virgin girl meeting an experienced fiend. Ah well, whatever, it was quite interesting.

Lu Shiqian lifted her head and kissed the Death God. She slowly sucked and parted his teeth, searching for the small fish swimming around.

The Death God’s eyes widened!

Lu Shiqian became disatissfied, “Close your eyes! Staring with wide eyes is extremely impolite!”

The Death God very obediently shut his eyes.

Tongue and tongue entangled together, causing the twos’ hearts to speed up, playing a symphony on this night.

So this was called kissing. What a wondrous feeling! The electric current that spread from his lips throughout his body was extremely high, making his head dizzy and his body soft… Hold on! He must hold on! The Death God deepened the kiss as he suppressed the numbing feeling. Soon, he found the rhythm of the kiss and how to pick up that enchanting sweetness.

It has to be said that this student learned extremely quickly! Lu Shiqian soon turned from the aggressor to the receiver. Once the taste of kissing was learned, you would only sink deeper and deeper from there!

Night, the black Ferrari, the beauty wearing a black leather jacket, the black-clothed Death God, the shades of darkness, the dark passion lighting up!

What kind of meaning could arise from the merge of night and death?

The Death God was drunk on his emotions, his heart rushing like a tide. Lu Shiqian was also blushing hard, seeming more charming than usual.

Zhizhizhi… The cry of the summer bug quickly invited a huge symphony of bug cries, interrupting the world of the two. The lake also began to ripple.

Lu Shiqian pushed the Death God away. She had enticed him with the forbidden fruit!

The Death God with a face of dissatisfaction got out of the car. He waved his scythe with the intent of killing some bugs.

Lu Shiqian laughed and held the Death God’s hand. It wasn’t so bad listening to the summer cries.

They got back into the car and drove away, leaving the happy critters of the forest.

The next day, explosive news shook the capital: General Lu Ningxiang had died of an injury!

Even though many people had prepared for this, it was still too sudden. Most importantly, the next head of the Lu family had not been decided yet. Who would protect them in the future? Especially the Song Empire, always looking at their country with ill intentions, now that General Lu was dead, who would keep them in check?

For a time, the capital was covered by clouds.

At the same time, quite a few hot-blooded young men signed up for the military to help the country in the calamities it may soon face.

In the midst of this storm came the cries of Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun at the Lu residence.

“Even if there isn’t a will, my daughter is both morally upright and highly skilled, and can sit upon the heavy seat as head of family!” Xu Jun loudly shouted. As long as his daughter became the matriarch, he would get rid of those annoying bugs.

The others all exchanged a glance before directing their eyes at Lu Shiqian. Their meaning was simple: originally, it should be Lu Caiyun that became the new head, but Lu Shiqian had proved herself with her groundbreaking power. Thus, she should be the new head.

However, Lu Shiqian didn’t say anything and simply sat on the side, faintly smiling.

Since Lu Shiqian didn’t say anything, the others could only go by the book, “Lu Caiyun’s morals and talents are not enough to convince the public, so we’re afraid she is not qualified to be the new matriarch.”

Xu Jun saw these people look towards Lu Shiqian with the intent of asking her and became enraged, “You pieces of dog sh*t! Didn’t you all agree beforehand? What?! Now your tails are turned towards her?!” He pointed at Lu Shiqian.

“Father, ignore these plebians, once I become the matriarch, they’ll have to listen to anything I say!” Lu Caiyun said with gritted teeth.

The relatives that were called dog sh*t by the father-daughter pair were extremely angry. When Lu Ningxiang was alive, she had always treated them with respect. They became more determined to not allow Lu Caiyun to become the next head!

However, they did need to choose a suitable matriarch!

A country cannot be without a king; a home cannot be without a head!

It was just that Lu Shiqian did not desire to be the head while Lu Caiyun was rude and thick-headed. Lu Caixia was too timid and Lu Yunxiang had expressed that she would also not compete. Lu Xianghui had also turned stupid. What to do?

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