Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 143

“How about this? My Lu family values martial arts above all else, so let’s have everyone compete and whoever wins will become the new head. What does everyone think?” Lu Shiqian suggested.

Lan Ruo immediately took out a jade that was the token held by the Lu family’s head!

Xu Jun urgently stared at the piece of jade and uncontrollably shouted, “Why do you have the head of family jade?!” After Lu Ningxiang died, he had searched high and low but couldn’t find it. If he did, the position as head of family would’ve long been his daughter’s!

Lu Caiyun shrilly called, “Martial arts competition? I can’t fight against her at all! That’s too unfair!” She forgot how exaggeratedly her father spoke of her just now.

“I won’t participate in this competition, so will you consent?” Lu Shiqian took the agreement contracts from Lan Ruo, “If you agree, then sign here. This is solid evidence, so no one can try to cheat their way out later.”

Xu Jun laughed wildly for a while as he thought, ‘Was there anyone more stupid than this woman?’ If she didn’t participate, the head of house was in the bag for Lu Caiyun! He took the agreement and first wrote his name before writing Lu Caiyun and signing. Everyone else was helpless and signed their names in sequence: Lu Yunxiang, Lu Caixia, Lu Xianghui, and finally, Lu Shiqian.

“Start the competition!” Xu Jun was overly eager. As long as Lu Shiqian didn’t fight, his daughter wouldn’t lose!

Lu Caixia and Lu Yunxiang surrendered, leaving the eight-year-old idiot Lu Xianghui.

Lu Xianghui seemed extremely dumb and slow, and only when his eyes turned was a hint of slyness revealed.

Yesterday, his eldest sister had discussed with him and asked if he wanted to be the head of the Lu family. He stared rather amazedly at the sister who had become extraordinary. The hidden feelings of the past wouldn’t change: no matter how strong his sister became, he would protect her! That was what a man should do! That’s why he said, “I agree!”

Lu Caiyun’s first move was aimed at her little brother’s face, no compassion for her sibling in her heart. It wasn’t like the agreement stated that you couldn’t kill the opponent anyways. It was also inevitable that people get injured during martial arts competitions!

“Oh Second Sister, your move is too slow.” Lu Xianghui’s originally dumb face suddenly radiated light. He chuckled, “This move… should be used like this.”

He quickly dashed over and grabbed Lu Caiyun’s arm with his small hand, then applying great force!

“Ahh!” Lu Caiyun released a horrible scream before fainting.

Everyone couldn’t help but shake their heads. She couldn’t even handle a broken bone, so how could she handle being the head of the Lu family?

Xu Jun panickedly ran over and hugged his daughter. Decades of painstaking effort were ruined. He was resentful and hateful as he glared at Lu Shiqian and Lu Xianghui like a starved dog, “You… You two…” He wanted to curse the two for playing dirty, but he was the one that had signed the contract. Only now did he know that Lu Xianghui was pretending to have gone dumb. He regretted that he hadn’t killed him earlier. He was unwilling and hateful, but what could he do now? Lu Xianghui took the jade piece from his sister. From today onwards, he was the new head of the Lu family! His life was preordained to be full of colors!

“Take those two for punishment first!” The young Lu Xianghui calmly issued his first order as head.

The mood in the country adjacent to the Qin Empire, the Song Empire, was also highly tense. However, they mostly displayed excited faces.

Wearing a blue robe and more than fifty years old, the gloomy and fat Song Emperor Song Huairen happily asked, “Lu Ningxiang really died! Now the Lu family’s head is only an eight-year-old child?”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” the gray-robed man kneeling on the floor answered.

“The heavens are blessing me! The heavens are blessing me! That damn Lu Ningxiang had hindered my great Song for more than 10 years! Once she dies, who can stop me? Hurry and inform the Pope, and tell him to send more reinforcements! My great ambitions shall come true!” Decades of painstaking labor for this one day!

This day will be marked throughout history!

“Your Majesty… Lu Ningxiang’s death is highly suspicious, could it be?” the minister of military affairs hesitantly said.

“No need. I’ve sent someone to check matters out already. That Lu Ningxiang had a husband who wanted his daughter to become head of household so badly he poisoned his own wife.” The Emperor of the Song Empire proudly revealed, “The magnificent general died in the hands of a loved one in the end. It is indeed regretful, but doesn’t it also mean that it’s prime time for my Song Empire to send in troops?”

“Your Majesty, rumors say that Lu Ningxiang has an eldest daughter…” the minister of domestic affairs also spoke.

“Isn’t that daughter incompetent trash?” The Emperor glared at the minister, “Do not bring up petty affairs!”

“The fifth prince of the Qin Empire Qin Xingluo is very talented in using his soldiers. At a young age, he has earned the name of God of War. We cannot underestimate him!” the highest-ranking general said. He had clashed several times against Qin Xingluo and recognized him as a strong enemy.

“Him? As long as the Pope agrees to lend me troops, he can only wait for death!” The Emperor’s fat jiggled, “The Pope would definitely agree to assist me!”

The Emperor ordered upon his throne, “Contact Huang Meijiao and the Prime Minister of the Qin Empire. Tell them to open the gates and await my army! The Qin Empire shall crumble to attacks from both the inside and outside!”

“Your Majesty, are you truly thinking of adhering to that agreement and allowing that woman’s son to become the new emperor of the Qin Empire?” The minister of financial affairs carefully asked.

“Imbecile, when the time comes, the Qin Empire will cease to exist. Tell me, would there be a need for a new emperor?”

“Yes, Your Majesty is brilliant!”

He ordered his generals, “Assemble the troops and attack from the northwest! Invade the Qin Empire!”


With this order, tens of millions of troops were moved and like vipers and fierce tigers, they approached a border town of the Qin Empire!

High grade equipment, abundant supplies, the Song army blazed with great ambition as they marched over!

One had harbored intentions for a long time; one was caught off-guard; on this narrow road when the two met, the victor was clear!

Yi He County was located on the border of the Qin Empire. Every time the Song Empire attacked, the county would be ravaged. Without Lu Ningxiang calmly directing the battle, the Yi He army was like a pot of sand.

The Song army’s vanguard had lumbering strongmen to carve open a path. Chariots that flung fire and stones followed after. Then, there was a mage team. Every one hundred Rank 2 or Rank 3 mages were led by a Rank 4 mage, and every hundred Rank 4 mages were led by a Rank 5 mage… No one knew who the one in charge at the very end was.

The Song army was extremely strong and morale was high. When they rushed up, they killed like the wind!

Fireballs as big as boulders were continuously flung, smashing countless to death!

The city gate was broken and the army massacred their way inside. Not one was left alive! It was incredibly bloody and cruel.

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