Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 144

They didn’t let go of the women, children, and elderly either…

Within the city, rivers of blood flowed.

Yi He quickly fell and served as a message to the Qin Empire!

An urgent report was sent through Longyang City, and Qin Feiran quickly summoned his troops to confront the enemy.

“Your Majesty, the enemy is highly menacing so let us pray together,” the Prime Minister clasped his hands and spoke.

Qin Feiran threw the reports regarding the Song Empire’s massacre of the people onto the Prime Minister’s face. He murderously threatened, “I ordered you here to come up with a solution, not to sightsee!”

“Your Majesty, this official requests permission to fight the enemy!” The rumored to be dead Lu Ningxiang walked in with a full set of armor followed by Lu Shiqian.

The Prime Minister stared at her like he was seeing a ghost. He rubbed his eyes and screamed, “Y-You! You’re not dead?!”

Lu Ningxiang coldly glared at him, “Wouldn’t my death be of satisfaction to you?”

The Prime Minister angrily retorted, “What do you mean?”

Lu Ningxiang cupped her hands and knelt in front of the Emperor, “Your Majesty, this humble official was originally poisoned and cured through treatment. While feigning illness, this humble official discovered a heaven-shaking secret!”

Qin Feiran helped Lu Ningxiang up, “It has been hard on General Lu. Pray tell what you have found.”

“The Prime Minister, his daughter, and Your Majesty’s Second Brother have betrayed the Qin Empire and colluded with the Song Empire. They have already handed over the defensive plans of our military to our enemies, and also intend to destroy my Qin Empire from internally and externally!” Lu Ningxiang was enraged.

When these words were spoken, the imperial court fell in shock!

This was treason! First they sold out confidential military information, and even the prince was involved, trying to destroy the Qin Empire!

Qin Feiran’s expression changed several times as he stepped back. With cold sweat breaking out, he asked, “Prime Minister, is this true?”

“It’s a lie! She’s falsely accusing me!” The Prime Minister pleaded innocent with crocodile tears streaming down his face. He knelt on the floor as he sobbed heavily, “How could I ever do something as dastardly as that? I was wronged! Your Majesty, you must find justice!”

Lu Shiqian held up a bottle containing a green liquid and walked out while smiling evilly like a devil, “Whether the Prime Minister is falsely accused or not, we’ll know after you drink this bottle of medicine. If you weren’t lying, nothing would happen. However, if you did lie, your stomach would convulse and you’ll die a gruesome death. Do you dare to drink?” This medicine was personally created by Shui Se, the results are guaranteed.

“This humble official shall drink first!” She snatched the medicine and downed half of it. What she said was the truth, so naturally, nothing happened.

“Do you dare to drink?” Lu Shiqian handed the rest of the medicine to Prime Minister, “If you truly did lie, your intestines, heart, and stomach would all melt into a foul pile of thick liquid-oh.”

Large drops of sweat fell from the Prime Minister’s forehead. If he admitted to lying, the Emperor definitely wouldn’t let him go and his daughter and grandson would also be affected. If he didn’t admit to lying, he’d have to drink that green thing. What choice should he make?

Seeing the undisguised smile on Lu Shiqian’s face, he secretly thought that she was definitely lying to him. Still tender! How could there be such a magical medicine in this world?! Just drink it then! He lied, what can they do about it?

What about it? Lu Shiqian looked at the Prime Minister with pity, “If you admit to it, perhaps the Emperor would take into account your previous hard work and not kill you. Ai, you really can’t think things through!”

The medicine had already taken effect in the Prime Minister’s body and his skin began to fall off, his body drying out, his organs breaking down.

“Y-You… You were speaking the truth…” He regretted! He shouldn’t have drunk that medicine!

“I don’t lie to people,” Lu Shiqian coldly stated.

Poof. After a burst of yellow smoke, the Prime Minister cleanly vanished.

Lu Ningxiang shuddered, “Qian’er, your medicine… was real?”

Lu Shiqian innocently raised her hands, “Mother, you know I don’t lie.”

Things were very clear: what Lu Ningxiang had said was true!

Qin Feiran no longer hesitated, “Someone come! Go arrest the treasonous Concubine Huang Meijiao and Qin An. If they dare resist, kill without question!”

After handling the family affairs, he had to figure out how to deal with the danger to the country. Qin Xingluo stood out and announced, “This brother requests permission to confront the enemy!”

The way he currently appeared was calm and steady. Even though his own family had rebelled from within, it did not shake him in the slightest. It could be seen that he was steadfast. This youth, especially at this moment, seemed particularly cute!

Qin Feiran immediately named him the marshal of the three armies and ordered him to confront the enemy with all his might!

Even thought the Qin Empire responded appropriately, there were still only 5 million troops in their army. Against the Song Empire’s army of tens of millions, was the conclusion already set in stone?

Qin Xingluo stated, “My country and I live and fall together!”

The battle at the forefront began!

The Qin Empire was brave and confronted the enemy with no fear!

When a warrior with a severed arm continued ruthlessly slashing down his enemies, when a mage with a sword pierced through their stomach plunged the sword back into the enemies’ body before dying, when a soldier with half their head shaved off spit blood into their enemies’ face to prevent them from seeing, when a general with a broken leg continued holding the leg of the enemy even in death… the blood of the Qin people was ignited!

Hatred and determination crossed, blood and fire entangled. This war was unfathomably cruel.

Qin Xingluo commanded from behind, watching as his soldiers bravely fought and died. It was not possible for him to not be angry, but he must remain calm. If he showed his anxiousness, his soldiers would die even faster! That’s why, he must hold on and keep it in!

Blood and fire intwined together, smoke filling the atmosphere. Cries and roars echoed through the battlefield, shouts and farewells, falling, fighting, getting up and walking forward, shouldering all the burdens: that was the banner of the Qin soldiers.

Fight for our ancestors! Fight for our peace! For these glorious ideals! It was a kind of passion that was passed through the generations!

Boys in their teenage years fought in the war, white-haired old men joined in the battle, even women were busy in the rear, taking care of the injured and handling food.

This was all on their own accord for their home country!

However, there were too many Song soldiers. Their preparations were made well, and their equipment was very complete. Furthermore, the Song Empire was continuously sending out troops towards the Qin Empire!

Several snake-like eyes also noticed Qin Xingluo.

This was an assassination group composed fully of Rank 8 mages, specially made to assassinate the Qin Empire’s big general! Many had already died by their hands, and now, their next target was the God of War: Qin Xingluo!

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