Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 145

“If I die, you will be commanded by General Lu and continue to kill the enemy!” Qin Xingluo also obviously noticed those people.

“Continue to kill the enemy! Continue to kill the enemy!” The soldiers’ eyes were red as they cheered together.

Hold on, Qin Xingluo!

At this time, Lu Shiqian was hundreds of meters below the Qin palace.

“Why do I have to do this?” Lu Shiqian frowned slightly, staring at the towering underground palace.

Recalling how Qin Feiran sneakily used his own blood to open a magic array and shoved her inside made her slightly upset. She was schemed against by that damn fox!

However, what’s underground here anyways?

Candles that would stay lit for eternity lined the two sides of the dark palace. A bottomless road spread out from Lu Shiqian’s feet.

“Master, what is this place?” Hong Jin jumped out and asked.

“Thousands of meters beneath the Qin Palace. I don’t know what’s here either.”

“I feel so cold,” Hong Jin rubbed against Lu Shiqian’s hand.

The Death God held his scythe at the ready as he led the way in front.

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. Ai, since she was here already, why not explore a little?

Mysterious runes were engraved into the walls of the underground palace, making the place seem even more curious. Alright, the underground palace itself was a secret.

But just what was the point of Qin Feiran pushing her down her?

After walking forward, they saw a huge door with many animals carved on it— a total of 77. They all looked extremely powerful and fierce, their appearance strange.

A long corrider appeared after opening the door.

Lu Shiqian was about to step forward when the Death God pulled her behind him. It was suspicious ahead, so it would be better for his master to stay behind him.

The Death God stepped forward.

A cluster of poisoned arrows shot over, except, they all stopped around two meters away from the Death God.

Afterwards rolling boulders, spikes, fire, stone cages… Various types of traps were densely packed together, transforming this corridor into a hall of death.

If it were an ordinary person, they would’ve died a hundred times over. But in front of the Death God… Sorry, all of these traps were rendered useless, all stopped two meters away from his body.

How much blood would the creator of these traps spit out knowing that these intrically laid plans have been broken through in such a fashion? At least use your brain the slightest bit and show some intellect! Passing through like this was just too aggravating!

The Death God didn’t care for that much. He was just seeking the most efficient route.

Lu Shiqian happily followed after the Death God, gaining both knowledge and experience. In the future, when she needs to take care of enemies, she must lay out traps as intricately as this!

After passing through the corridor without incident, they reached a room that was empty save for a platform in the middle.

On the platform was a crystal lamp.

The light shone harmoniously into her eyes and everything turned hazy. In the fog appeared what seemed to be the other world’s buses, computers, the bustling cities, her enthusiastic friends dragging her along to some noodle shop to drink some beer, chatting about happy things at work. Oh, she was a small worker. At home, her husband gently gave her a kiss, her mom and dad waiting at the table to eat together. Everything seemed so warm and natural. Of course, this was the life she had once dreamed of!

Lu Shiqian coldly smiled. These things were no longer able to entice her. If this was the life she had once dreamed of, then meeting Bai and coming to this world, then meeting so many magic beasts… This dream had already been ruthlessly tossed away.

In her heart, a new dream rose up. How could a phantom show these things?

“Mental attack!” Lu Shiqian quickly shook herself from the illusion, urgently looking towards the Death God.

The Death God was not affected at all. This illusion was just too low level for him. Furthermore, the only one he cared for would always be the real Lu Shiqian!

Traps, illusions, these things that were insurmountable dangers to others, could only obediently surrender in the face of the abnormalities known as the Death God and Lu Shiqian.

The traps were invalidated and the illusion was broken through. What could be next? Lu Shiqian looked forward to it.

After walking out of the empty room, they arrived in a large hall.

The decorations around the hall were all images of tigers, black tigers!

A green light revolved around the room, emanating a cold aura.

The Death God stared intently at the green light, the hand holding his scythe moving slightly.

The air in the hall cooled and frost began to form. It grew chillier and chillier, and even the door, pillars, and statues collected ice, the temperature dropping to somewhere below -20 C.

This kind of temperature would be fatal to normal people, and even a powerhouse with the wrong attribute would be frozen into ice. However, it was just a pity that this move did nothing against Lu Shiqian.

She had the five attributes metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, and the colder it got, the more energy she could draw in.

Lu Shiqian waited to see what other moves were in place.

The green light circled around a few times and there was a rumbling sound in the hall, a few huge boulders rolling towards them.

The Death God hugged Lu Shiqian from behind and flashed by a few times, beautifully avoiding the boulders.

“If you want to play, then you have to play hard. These little tricks won’t work on us,” Lu Shiqian coldly said.

The frost and boulders just now meant that there was someone controlling behind the scenes.

Thousands of meters belowground, there was life.

“You guys are here to search for the Thorn Army?” The green light spun around a few times and landed on the ground, transforming into a mighty black tiger. The tiger was jet black with two heads, four small wings sprouting from its four paws. It was about five meters tall and eleven meters long. It was extremely majestic. Beside him, three assistants appeared.

However, his words were obviously targeted at Lu Shiqian. She had some recollection of the Thorn Army.

“You are that bastard’s successor?” The black tiger’s eyes turned red.

What bastard was he talking about?

“That Great Qin Emperor bastard doesn’t keep his promises, treating the words he had spoken like farts! He obviously promised us that after we helped him establish his country, he would let us go!” The black tiger grew more enraged as he spoke, and in a moment of anger, he roared.

Lu Shiqian calmly analyzed the situation. The Great Qin Emperor was the first Emperor of the country. Since he promised to let them go after he established his country, who were they really?

Looks like the purpose of sending her down here was for this Thorn Army. Wait a second… this black tiger can speak!

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