Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 146

“Master, h-h-he’s the soul… of a 100 Star magic beast!” Hong Jin’s small claw pointed at the foot of the black tiger. Thank goodness Esteemed Bai would frequently train the magic beasts to defend against power suppression. Compared to that esteemed one, even though this black tiger was extremely strong, it could only merely make Hong Jin scared. That esteemed one, however, could make the others willingly submit to his overwhelming power.

Since the black tiger was in a state of death, the magic circle underneath its feet was green, but this did not prevent the 100 Star pattern from being visible!

This matter had been blown up a bit. That damn Qin Feiran, why didn’t he say that something like this would be underground?

“En, Tiger Brother, I am here to find the Thorn Army.” Lu Shiqian figured out the purpose of Qin Feiran pushing her down here for. It was probably for this so-called Thorn Army.

“Is that so?” The black tiger’s red eyes narrowed, “Then you shall die!”

The black tiger’s body crouched down, swinging its tail twice, issuing out its strongest move: Hundred Insect Attack!

Originally, a normal soul like that wouldn’t have been able to release a strong power like that. However, the black tiger was different. It was unknown what methods it was trained by, but even in its soul state, it could still release a powerful attack. With its current state, it was more like a mutated magic beast so its skills were a higher level than the rest. Speaking of this Hundred Insect Attack, it would release a hundred insect-like things to attack. These insects carried a deadly poison and would instantly kill someone who touched them. During the founding of the Qin Empire, the Great Qin Emperor would use these dangerous skills to fend off his enemies. It was very incisive!

Whether it was a 4, 5, 6, or 7 and 8 practitioner or mage… Wasn’t that killing off a horde by felling one tree?

However, against Lu Shiqian, this move could only suffer tragic defeat!

The reason was not her but due to the Death God!

The Death God only did one thing: he merely drew a circle in the air.

The circle was not big, only about as large as a coin.

But it was exactly this small circle that expanded like ripples in the water, forming a barrier.

Those small, highly toxic bugs smacked against the barrier, unable to move.

The black tiger was dumbfounded.

There weren’t many that could stop this attack, only those 76 bastards, but they couldn’t be considered OP yet. However, those who could stop this attack without killing was super OP, too OP!

The power gap wasn’t because the black tiger wasn’t strong but because the Death God was just too powerful!

The black tiger refused to give in and crouched down, preparing his next move.

The earth shook and a bunch of steel spikes linked together erupted out. Even if you took to the air, you would still be hit! Thinking back to past fights, there was not a single spot to hide within the scope of this skill. It was terrifying cruel!

He unleashed his devastating skill, but the Death God merely took a step forward.

Step by step, his black robes fluttered, wherever he went, the black spikes retracted. No need to even mention spiking people, even the road itself became more paved than before!

Don’t be deceived by the way the Death God usually behaves since that was only to Lu Shiqian. Against enemies, he had an entirely different demeanor.

He had the instinct of death, the intuition to deliver the most beautiful death!

The black tiger felt like his eyes were falling out.

Mommy, where did this freaking monster pop out from?!

Seeing that the black tiger had retreated in fear, Lu Shiqian smiled brightly, so much so that the black tiger almost fainted in anger!

“What are you laughing at? What the f*ck are you smiling for? This great one wasn’t defeated by you, you…” The black tiger looked Lu Shiqian up and down, sneering, “You’re just a powerless fool.”

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth curled up, evilly saying, “Aiyah, then what a pity, you— the powerless fool— just fell in the hands of my magic beast. Shouldn’t you go kill yourself by banging your head against the wall?” Lu Shiqian took the Death God’s hand. Even if her own power wasn’t quite enough, did she not have a very powerful Death God by her side?

The Death God grasped Lu Shiqian’s hand and squeezed it. He then satisfactorily stole a kiss from Lu Shiqian’s face, “Yes, Master.”

The black tiger felt his eye twitching so hard it was about to break. Master? That powerful black-robed man actually… Heaven and earth, save me!

“What is the Thorn Army?” Only then did Lu Shiqian leisurely ask.

“You don’t know?!” The black tiger felt like he suffered greatly for no reason today, “If you don’t even know, what freaking Thorn Army were you looking for?!”

Lu Shiqian innocently replied, “Didn’t I hear it from you?”

“…” The black tiger gnashed his teeth, “Alright, I’m not afraid to tell you. When they get here, it’s not like you can survive anyways. The Thorn Army is consisted of the souls of seventy-seven 100 Star beast kings. F*ck, this damn name was chosen by that Great Qin Emperor bastard! Thorn Army, Thorn Army! It sounds so freaking bad!” The black tiger’s grudge against the Great Qin Emperor was neverending. It had been 500 years, yet he still refused to let it go.

“Then… How were you captured by the Great Qin Emperor?” Lu Shiqian thought of an important question. Facing seventy-seven 100 Star magic beasts, how strong was the Great Qin Emperor exactly?!

“Pei, pei, pei! That bastard couldn’t even beat a single paw of this great one!” The black tiger waved his hand in disgust.

In other words, it was a long story.

To explain it, you would need to go back to the Grand Era of Magic. Those 77 beast kings were originally the kings of 77 different mountains. They had united together and even Gods didn’t dare touch them. It was also due to this that these guys were unbridled and did many bad things. But one day, a weak-looking God came over. He called himself Wan Ye and declared that he was here to teach those 77 beast kings. How could the beast kings of the time put a weak-looking God that didn’t even seem to have the strength to truss a chicken in their eyes? They laughed at this God for quite a while… and the result… ai, tragic. They were stripped into their soul forms and he told them that he would restore their flesh bodies when they atoned. Hearing the name Wan Ye, Lu Shiqian choked on her saliva.

That “Contract***” book with the word ‘Wan’ written on it had caused her to open 100 magic seas because the damn author couldn’t write the precautions at the front!

(TL: In Chinese, the book is called “Wan***”)

“Later on, something happened to this continent and we were all pushed belowground until one day, two young men walked in. One of them was called the Great Qin Emperor and the other was Lu Wushuang…” The black tiger was probably stuffed for too long and wanted to vent out his frustrations, but now he couldn’t stop saying his tragic tale.

“Wait a minute, Lu Wushuang?” Lu Shiqian was slightly stunned.

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