Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 147

“Finish listening to this great one!” The black tiger was upset at being interrupted.

“Continue, continue, don’t mind me.” Lu Shiqian placated.

“It’s all that bastard Wan Ye’s fault! He actually… actually…” The black tiger angrily gnashed his teeth, “If not for him, that Great Qin Emperor bastard wouldn’t have been able to control us.”

Lu Shiqian roughly understood the sequence of events. The Great Qin Emperor must’ve found their achilles heel and forced them to serve the Qin Empire.

The Qin Empire’s greatest secret was the Thorn Army, consisted of only 77 people. Yet, these 77 were capable of saving the Qin Empire from any danger!

That explained why Qin Feiran would push her down here… so this was his purpose!

However, how were these so-called people humans? They were actually 77 beast king souls?!

And these 77 beast kings were actually 100 Star and above magic beasts when they were alive!

Where did that Great Qin Emperor find these souls? But it was obvious that he couldn’t control them for long and imprisoned them down here.

Thinking back even further, that Wan Ye person who could seal these extraordinary magic beasts was just too abnormal… Lu Shiqian secretly thought to herself.

The soul of the black tiger in front of her was angered beyond belief. Think about it, which powerhouse wouldn’t be enraged at being stripped of their body and sealed underground for a millenia? Multiple times at that!

“Hmph, when you need us, you take us out for a walk; when you don’t need us, you imprison us underground! This great one is done!” He not only quit, but would also kill everyone that set foot underground! Kill them all!

Lu Shiqian sure was unlucky with those kinds of intentions poised at her. She just happened to happen upon the souls of these 77 beast kings and they just want to kill, kill, kill them all! If these magic beast kings managed to escape their imprisonment, not a single person from the Qin Palace would be able to escape death!

The black tiger beast king pounced forward, bringing forth a gale. Lu Shiqian also recognized its strength.

It was just… He was very unfortunately blocked by the Death God with a single finger, suspended in the air.

“Master, I want to eat him. He looks very delicious,” the Death God said a terrifying line.

To such a powerful beast king like him, he wants to e-e-eat him?!

The Death God loved powerful souls in the first place, so to him, this black tiger was extremely appetizing!

“So how about it? Either surrender to me or get eaten by him. It should be an easy choice,” Lu Shiqian threatened unscrupulously. She still needed to return that ‘powerless fool’ line back to him.

The black tiger widened his eyes in fear. That mysterious man clad in black was a realm of strength above his, and he also said he wanted to eat him… The black tiger’s body shuddered. It suddenly had the thought that the Death God meant what he said, maybe he truly planned on eating him. Who was he? What to do? Life or honor?

The black tiger thought very quickly and immediately lowered his proud head, signifying defeat.

“Alright, take me to the other members of the Thorn Army.” Lu Shiqian leisurely waved a hand.

The black tiger slyly asked, “You wish to find my 76 brothers?” What he really wanted to say was: are you looking for death? By subduing him, they had a chance of retreating with their lives. However, if they riled up his brothers, they were dead meat!

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, knowing that the black tiger must’ve come up with another scheme, but she wasn’t afraid. Anyone who had a contracted beast as strong as the Death God wouldn’t be afraid either, “Lead the way.”

The black tiger stood up and dutifully led the way.

They continued down past the Leopard Hall, Golden Lion Hall, Earth Bear Hall… After walking for more than 500 meters, they arrived at a plaza-like area. All the structures here were carved in the shapes of dragons, but not in the form of China’s elegant and lofty kind. Rather, it was more similar to the West’s lizard-like dragons. China’s dragons represented goodwill and strength while the West’s dragons were evil and malicious, yet strong. In this world, the two ideologies combined, seemingly depicting both good and evil. The pillars and doorways of the plaza were carved with the image of this dragon: eight horns on a rhombus-shaped head, red eyes, black scale armor on its body, behind them a pair of bat-like wings, its tail stretched from thick to thin, almost as long as its body, ending with a cluster of barbs.

This fire spouted from this black dragon carried 76 other beasts, slaughtering as they wished in assistance of the rise of the Qin Empire!

These 77 beasts made up the Thorn Army. It was definitely the most powerful army in all of history!

Think about it, 77 ancient beast kings, each with their own tricks. When they rushed into the midst of the enemy, that was just a massacre!

And Lu Shiqian was just about to face against such an army!

Seventy-six green lights revolved around the plaza. With Lu Shiqian’s arrival, they flew over.

“Brother Black Tiger, who is she?” A majestic middle-aged voice sounded over, “Why did you bring her here?”

“Elder Brother, she’s sent here by the Great Qin Emperor’s descendants for the Thorn Army!” The black tiger politely replied.

“Great Qin Emperor?!” That voice growled angrily, “You said the Great Qin Emperor?”

The green light landed on the ground and revealed the head of a dragon, the appearance an exact duplicate as the statue. However, an enormous monster appeared when its whole body was unveiled. The dragon was 20 meters tall and 28 meters long. Including its tail, it was over 50 meters long.

The dragon spewed out a ball of fire, “You are a descendant of the Great Qin Emperor?”

Lu Shiqian took a step forward and the dragon’s eyes turned red, “I have nothing to do with him.”

“Very well, then die!” The black dragon was stunned. This woman dared to be so audacious and didn’t falter under his dragon aura pressure, meeting him straight in the eye.

Lu Shiqian spread her hands helplessly, “I already clearly stated that I have no relations with him, so why am I still charged with death?”

The black tiger laughed evilly, “You came at the wrong time. We were used by that grandson for 500 years and imprisoned for 500 years. We decided 20 years ago that no matter who came down this time, we would kill them cleanly!”

Lu Shiqian coldly replied, “Then I sure am unlucky.”

The other 75 green lights fell down and turned into various powerful beasts. The scene was very shocking, 100,000 years worth of pressure expanding out. They were full of energy!

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