Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 148

It was just that after experiencing Bai’s might, the pressure of these 77 beast kings weren’t much to Lu Shiqian and the rest. The one next to her was the Death God, who cared even less. The deeper reasons was because of Lu Shiqian. She was originally a fearless person. She was calm-headed and had strong analytical skills. Speaking of it, the one that cultivated these traits was Bai who had transformed into the boss of the Dragon Group.

The 77 beast kings were surprised. Even under their combined pressure, this woman was as unfettered as before. Her back was straight and her gaze was level. Sure enough, she wasn’t the average woman.

“You’re much more talented than the rest of the humans that have come here. However, you will still die!” The black dragon flapped its large wings and a tornado gusted out.

Along with this display of skill, the green star pattern beneath its body also revealed itself. It was actually 120 Stars!

The black dragon had three skills in total: Dragon’s Frenzy, Dragon’s Wrath, and Death Wave.

Dragon Frenzy was a group attack that could strike a large area. The burning wind was like a hot blade, carrying great power as it slashed towards Lu Shiqian.

The strength of a 120 Stars ancient dragon sure couldn’t be underestimated. With Lu Shiqian’s current level, she naturally could not withstand the sheer power of this move.

However, with the Heavenly Swinging Sword, Lu Shiqian flew up lightly like a swallow, elegantly avoiding the attack at the optimum angle.

As if dissatisfied with merely avoiding the attack, Lu Shiqian began a series of steps that looked like a dance to the side of the dragon and smoothly leaped up onto its back!

!!! The black tiger felt like his eyes were bugging. He knew that the black-robed man was super OP, but he didn’t expect this weak-looking woman to be so freaking crazy! She actually dared to jump onto the dragon back of Brother Dragon… In his long, long life, he had never known of anyone who had climbed onto the dragon’s back.

Lu Shiqian had her own plans. If she was within the black dragon’s range, she would just be battered around, but if she were on its back, she could make the other powerful beast kings hesitate and also render the black dragon unable to use its skills.

The black dragon became even more enraged. How could its noble back be trampled upon by a mere human?

Its long tail that was like a javelin that quickly struck towards Lu Shiqian. Its body also shook from side to side. As long as that arrogant woman lost her balance and fell to the floor, it guaranteed that it would crush her to death! That’s right, it would crush her like a bug!

While the black dragon and Lu Shiqian were fighting, the other 76 beast kings were facing the Death God.

These angry bastards couldn’t wait to shred the Death God to pieces. How could they be polite? They all released their strongest skills.

Various skills launched towards the Death God!

How shocking would the power of these combined skills be? It was probably more than enough to destroy a country!

The Death God didn’t move and the skills drowned his figure.

Would the Death God die?

The Death God’s black hair swayed, his black robes fluttering, and lifted his black scythe, then setting it down!

Black waves rippled out around him. From beneath his feet, in front, behind, above, everywhere. Everything had scattered like clouds. The overwhelming power… was completely gone.

“Ants, you’re just too weak.” The Death God didn’t even move his body.

The beast kings were shocked, surprised, so much so they did not know how to react!

The black tiger was long stunned by the Death God and developed some resistance to it. However, now his eyes were cramping once again as he stared wordlessly at the Death God. Just how OP was he? Did he want to be so OP he would shoot up into the sky? An entire 76 beast kings’ most powerful attack thrown all at once was actually deleted by him! Did you have to be that OP? Did you have to be that cruel? As for calling them ‘ants’, made him even more depressed. Ant? Had he ever seen such a big ant before?! The black tiger sighed again.

The black tiger sighed again. On the side of the black dragon, its situation also wasn’t so stable. He had lived together with these other beast kings for over 100,000 years and knew their ability like the back of its hand. Two beast kings together could be on par with him; three would definitely defeat him. However, all 76 beast kings together actually couldn’t even shear off a piece of the opponent’s robe! The immense feeling of powerlessness permeated through its body.

“Hey, getting distracted while facing an enemy isn’t a good habit!” Lu Shiqian touched its neck and found a few fine scales. It just happened to be at the dragon’s soft spot and she easily ripped it off.

“Ouch!!” The black dragon released a painful scream and couldn’t help but feel sorry for itself. She not only destroyed much of his self-esteem, but also began ripping out its scales! You must know that pulling out the scales at that location would hurt as much as gouging out its heart. How could she do that to him?

“Master, can I eat them?” the Death God asked Lu Shiqian.

This question caused all beast kings to feel a chill. They felt like this OP black-robed man was too strange: he even wanted to eat their souls? They all retreated back, watching the Death God with wary eyes. A strong opponent wasn’t scary, what was scary was when that strong opponent wanted to eat them and they can’t even resist! Tragic, tragic! To think that they used to be lofty beast kings… Now their flesh was ripped away and even their souls were about to become someone else’s food! Tragic!

The beasts cried out in their hearts and sighed. When that woman gave her okay, they would obediently serve themselves up.

Lu Shiqian walked to the Death God’s side and took his hand, giving his ice-cold cheek a peck, “Be good, they don’t taste that good. Mm, listen to me and hand them over.”

The temptation of delicious food or his master’s kiss, which was better? The Death God very decisively decided on the latter, “Master, I still want.”

Sure enough, it was still his master’s lips that tasted better. The Death God held Lu Shiqian’s head and stole another kiss.

Lu Shiqian turned around and said, “Now your Thorn Army belongs to me. Form a contract with me.”

Contract? The black dragon’s eyes lit up. That meant that they didn’t have to die! However, could she contract with all the beast kings? At that thought, his eyes dimmed again.

“You can’t contract with us, and we also can’t leave this place.” The black dragon sulked.

“Why not?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“You’ll know if you come with me.” The black dragon lowered his head and took Lu Shiqian and the Death God forward. The beasts gave way.

Behind the plaza, there was a seal stone with a staff stuck in the middle.

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