Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 149

“It’s because of that,” the black dragon pointed at the staff.

Taking a closer look at the staff, it was about 1.2 meters long, made of some unidentifiable material. It was very smooth and had a blue color with a pair of black and white wings at the top. There was a sun and moon chart in the center of the top. It was extremely strange.

Lu Shiqian liked it very much at first sight. However, just what did this staff have to do with the beast kings being unable to leave this underground palace?

“We don’t have flesh bodies so our souls are all stored in this staff. Our relationship with this staff is of mutual gain and loss! Whoever masters the staff would be our master. That kid from back then took advantage of that and enslaved us for 500 years!” The black dragon was still infuriated at the thought of the Great Qin Emperor.

“How did your souls get sealed in here?” Lu Shiqian felt up the staff and a strong electric current threw her to the side.

The black dragon had a regretful expression, “This staff was what Wan Ye tricked us with!”

This underground palace had existed 100,000 years ago. Five hundred years ago, the Great Qin Emperor and Lu Wushuang unintentionally stumbled into this place. The beast kings were still obeying Wan Ye’s words of doing good deeds to wash away their sins and treated the two humans reasonably kindly. Later on, after the Great Qin Emperor found out that these 77 beast kings’ souls were trapped in this staff, he temporarily controlled them. In just a short two months, they swept across the entire human land and established the Qin Empire! Just this point was enough to prove that the Great Qin Emperor was an extremely brave person, but how could that staff be easy to control? The Great Qin Emperor found out that he could only use it 10 times. The first three uses helped him establish a great nation, but what happens when the Qin Empire runs into trouble down the line? His wild ambitions also revealed itself during this time. He built his palace atop the place he discovered the staff the first time and buried it back deep underground. He left behind the words: if the Qin Empire runs into problems in the future, his descendants can use their blood to open the doors to the underground palace and borrow the power of the beast kings to ride over the danger! Sure enough, many chaotic events happened over the next 500 years and they indeed relied on the beast kings’ power to tide it over. However, they found out that the staff grew harder and harder to control, and if they continued to use it, it may actually bring disaster upon them and none of the intended benefits. For the past hundred years, the staff had not been touched again.

At the same time, the dissatisfaction the beast kings had towards the Qin Empire’s descendants grew bigger and bigger. If the ones who had come down this time wasn’t Lu Shiqian, it’s reasonable to say that they would’ve long been torn to shreds by the angry beasts!

“We can’t move the staff and we also can’t leave this place. However, we’re really done with being used by that bastard’s descendants, especially with them locking us up here again after our use wears out!” the black dragon angrily and sorrowfully cried out.

Actually, what the previous Qin Emperors were thinking was clear to Lu Shiqian. The beast kings were too powerful and had long surpassed their realm of control. Who would dare allow these beast kings to remain by their sides when they couldn’t control them? That was even scarier than carrying a timed bomb! Hence, they could only send them back underground. However, these actions were unacceptable to the beast kings. They were all proud kings, and as if being sealed inside a staff wasn’t already tragic enough, they even needed to be used multiple times! After using, they would be thrown back into the underground palace! Nobody would be able to accept that kind of treatment!

Whilst thinking that, Lu Shiqian’s hand ruthlessly gripped the staff and a huge electric current burst towards her body!

Don’t get it wrong, this electric current was different from the one the Death God feels when Lu Shiqian touches him. The Death God feels an exciting current, a heart-pounding current, but the one Lu Shiqian felt was a life-threatening one!

Her body seemed like it was being hammered all over, and even her cells felt like it was being torn apart! The pain was unimaginable!

“You…” The black dragon looked at Lu Shiqian in shock. This woman actually wanted to fight the staff! This staff was able to suppress 77 beast kings’ souls, so it definitely wasn’t your ordinary item! Yet, she wanted to fight it! Was she tired of living?

Lu Shiqian smiled with a grimace. She hadn’t lost her sense of pain yet so… continue!

The staff also seemed to understand that she wanted to resist it and sent out stronger electric currents. Not only that, it also released flames, lightning, and ice blades. That was called a blooming sky, that was called a spectacle!

Lu Shiqian was numb from the electricity and her scalp was tingling. Her clothes grew ragged, but she refused to let go!

“Come on! Let’s see who can withstand longer!” Lu Shiqian shouted in defiance while being electrocuted to death.

The staff emitted stronger and stronger waves of attacks.

Not even the beast kings could continue watching this exchange. If it were them, they wouldn’t be able to last more than five rounds, thus, their sincere admiration for this woman grew.

Strong people appreciate the strong, especially those strong at heart!

The Death God clenched his fist under his robe. How he wanted to help his master get that staff! However, he knew that his master had to pass through this herself and could only painfully endure.

Looking at the person that was burning from the electrocution, standing with tattered clothes and a smudged face, the Death God found another type of beauty that moved his heart. That beauty enthralled him, sinking him in even deeper.

The staff finally couldn’t hold on any longer and gathered its power, preparing for its final blow!

Lu Shiqian gritted her teeth and stubbornly gripped onto it!

A huge bolt of electricity zapped her body and attempted to tear her into pieces, returning her to the ashes!

Just at this moment, the magic seas in Lu Shiqian’s body began to stir and continuously sucked in the huge amount of power!

The magic spells fired by the staff was all absorbed by Lu Shiqian’s magic seas and grew weaker and weaker, more and more calm, until it no longer resisted.

Lu Shiqian pulled the staff out of the hole on the pedestal with ease.

“You…” The beast kings couldn’t believe it. She actually succeeded! Actually succeeded!

“Why did you do this?” the black dragon’s voice trembled slightly. You have to know that she was risking her life earlier!

“Didn’t you guys want to go outside?” Lu Shiqian asked lightly like the clouds drifting in the sky.

So it was that! So it was that! The beast kings exchanged a glance and knelt in front of Lu Shiqian. They had sincerely surrendered to her from the bottom of their hearts.

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