Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 150

“Master, we’re willing to follow you, but if you wish to contract with us, you have to contract with that staff.” The black dragon said.

Contract with the staff? Can you contract with it? Lu Shiqian decided to believe the black dragon.

She moved her consciousness over and the staff began to respond. Sure enough, you could contract with it!

A huge purple contract circle lit up beneath Lu Shiqian and the beast kings’ feet. Every beast king leveled up 10 or more stars!

Even the strange staff had an advancement pattern. It had also advanced!

“Bro… I think I just advanced. I think I’m around 116 Stars right now. Bro, help me check if that’s right,” the black tiger was a little stiff. Today was too stimulating and its brain couldn’t keep up!

He was dumbfounded, the black dragon was dumbfounded. He had already been stuck at 120 Stars for tens of thousands of years, yet he was suddenly promoted to 130 Stars today! Heavens, what the heck!

The magic power that came along with the contract of the 77 beast kings surged through Lu Shiqian’s body, filling up the remaining 55 magic seas. The golden advancement pattern lit up beneath her feet and covered the entire underground palace. She had ranked up to become a Rank 4 Mage!

Before the 77 beast kings could recover from the earlier shock, with Lu Shiqian’s advancement, they gained another ten or so stars!

Following after, Bai Hu’s personal magic beast space shone with red light; at the feet of the Death God, a strange black advancement pattern appeared. The light broke through the boundaries of space and penetrated through to the world of death! The Elf Lord Tree, the elves Xiu Si and Milo along with Fuyi also advanced again! Those 500,000 magic beast circles were also shining!

Yin rose to 17 Stars, Hong Jin 20 Stars, Shui Se 21 Stars, Wang Cai 24 Stars, and the white unicorn 29 Stars!

Since the connection between Lu Shiqian and the beast kings was established, the staff circled around her.

“M-Master, you never told me there were such great benefits by contracting with you…” The black tiger was still in the midst of shock.

The beast kings repeatedly affirmed that if they knew they could advance by contracting with her, they would even if they were beaten to death!

Lu Shiqian was just about to speak when she fell into the Death God’s embrace, “Master…”

She knew that he was worried and held his hand tightly, “Don’t worry, I have boundaries.”

The Death God searched for Lu Shiqian’s lips and heavily pressed against them, unwilling to part.

“M-Master…” the black dragon swallowed hard, anxiously looking at the Death God: “We don’t wish to disturb your fun, but can we go up first?”

The Death God’s line of sight traveled towards the black dragon.

The black dragon swallowed hard again, “I-I’m just saying. Please continue, continue.”

Allow us to turn our attention back to the battlefield between the Qin Empire and Song Empire.

After the Rank 8 mages killed the ones around Qin Xingluo, their evil claws extended towards him.

The Rank 8 mages shot out thousands of poison needles at once. Right afterwards, they joined forces to oppress him with their aura.

The poisonous needles bounced off making ‘ding ding ding’ sounds and the oppressive force wasn’t able to harm him.

The mages glanced at each other. Qin Xingluo wore an unknown set of equipment. This equipment had an extremely strong defense!

Indeed, before Lu Ningxiang and he set off, Lu Shiqian had given each of them a full set!

Qin Xingluo kicked his horse and it began sprinting, delaying them until she was able to return!

At this time, the situation on the battlefield wasn’t looking bright. Even though the Qin people swore to fight even in death, they still couldn’t overcome the fireballs and boulders thrown at them by the Song mages, falling one by one!

The current situation was: even though Qin reinforcements were coming, they couldn’t put out the near fire. The front line was about to collapse!

Those eight mages once again caught up to Qin Xingluo, one of them cutting off the horse’s front legs. The eight joined forces to attack again.

At this moment, a silhouette appeared in the distance.

Staff in hand, green flames flying around her, long hair fluttering in the wind, she casually walked over just like that.

Next to her was a man clothed in black carrying a scythe.

“Master, look, there’s so many souls carrying sadness, anger, and regret.” The Death God spread out his hands and the thousands of souls flew into the air, forming a strange spectacle. After the souls gathered themselves, they headed towards the Death God.

Like little stars in the sky, they formed a magnificent image.

“Yeah, there’s so many…” Lu Shiqian sighed and pointed her finger to the distance, “Go!”

The green souls flew up into the sky and when they landed, various strange beasts appeared!

The roar of 77 beast kings shook even the heavens!

The beast kings had arrived! The shocking power from the ancient caused people to shudder!

The chill was no less than a bunch of T-Rexes suddenly bursting down the city streets. The shock was akin to seeing thousands of ghosts in bright daylight!

A Song Empire soldier widened his eyes as he tilted his head up. He was currently standing beneath a huge monster covered in armor. His other companions were turned into pancakes.

Fifty soldiers were hitting a flower-like beast with both spells and weapons, but when the huge flower-like beast shook its petals and its pollen fell on them, they all went into a hallucinatory state and began killing each other!

Boom, boom! A rhinoceros-like beast began to run around crazedly. Wherever it went, people went flying, causing countless deaths and injuries!

The black dragon led 20 beast kings to the rear of the enemy army and killed thousands of them with one whirlwind. The catapults and fireball launchers were all smashed to smithereens, and the mages devolved into chaos. The black tiger repeatedly used the Hundred Insect Attack and the place was covered in the aura of death again. The other 20 beast kings all had their own specialties: ice rain and fire mingling together, lightning dancing through the sky, these various skills fell down one by one!

Master had said that if they gotta hit, they gotta hit hard! Hit so hard they can’t tell which way north is!

Seventy-seven beast kings actually managed to defend against a million-strong army! This battle today was bound to go down in history!

The Song Empire generals rapidly retreated. The magic beasts in front of them wasn’t something they could contend against. However, just where did these strange magic beasts come from? Did they fall out of the sky?! Was it Heaven’s will? Did Heaven send them down to save the Qin Empire? Otherwise, why would there be a 100+ Stars magic pattern at the bottom of their feet? Even though they were green in color, they were undoubtedly 100+ Stars. This extraordinary star level and power made everyone feel a devastating sense of powerlessness. The Qin Empire must’ve been blessed by the heavens! They continued to retreat and before the beast kings could catch up, they pressed against the two sides of the Yihe River, temporarily regrouping.

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