Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 151

The soldiers of the Qin Empire rejoiced. They followed behind the beast kings and chased the invaders out of their home!

The ones who were in charge of assassinating Qin Xingluo were three Rank 8 mages. They had their own mission, and even though the army retreated, they couldn’t. The three hardened their hearts and casted the Rank 8 spell Thunderstorm!

At the cost of their magic power, they summoned thunder from the skies to attack their enemy. It was an extremely powerful attack!

Seeing that the thunder was about to strike down, Qin Xingluo wondered if it was over.

The soft wave of clothes drifted over and that peerlessly beautiful woman holding a staff stood between him and the thunderbolt. Shockingly, the staff absorbed the thunderbolt!

However, what shocked him more was her. She had come?

“You want to give up before the last minute?” Lu Shiqian spoke towards Qin Xingluo, “No matter what difficulty, you should not give up!” She saw the hopeless expression on Qin Xingluo’s face very well. She knew the pressure he was under, the countless number of soldiers he had to see burn out and die helplessly, at this age, he was very outstanding. Exceptionally outstanding!

Qin Xingluo suddenly felt like a bolt of lightning had struck him and rejuvenated him. The source of this power was Lu Shiqian. Overcoming the difficulty of life or death and gaining insight, a white advancement pattern lit up beneath his feet! He had advanced to become a Rank 7 Wuzong!

Lu Shiqian smiled lightly, “Congratulations.”

Qin Xingluo looked away. He was ashamed that she was the one to help him every time rather than him helping her!

On the other side, after the beast kings swiped away two Rank 8 mages, Lu Ningxiang was also successfully saved.

Lu Ningxiang was stunned as she walked out and softly whispered, “Qian’er.”

Lu Shiqian didn’t turn around and only courteously responded, “Mother.”

She acutely felt that this child was drifting farther and farther away from her. Even though Lu Shiqian was still courteous to her, that politeness only served to make her feel more distant. If it wasn’t that she got poisoned, if it wasn’t that the Qin Empire was in great danger, she was sure that Qian’er wouldn’t have spoken to her. If in the past, she had treated her well and believed in her, she wouldn’t have distanced herself like this from her. That day she had given the token of the family to her so that she could be the next matriarch, but she actually refused. At that time, she had said that she was her daughter, not the Qin Empire’s person. What did that mean? Was she blaming her? That’s true, she caved in to Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun and sent her off to the West County and deducted her allowance… Perhaps she had never fulfilled her duty as a mother.

Lu Shiqian was not angry at Lu Ningxiang. She just felt unhappy for the true Lu Shiqian of this world. On the other hand, even though Lu Ningxiang wasn’t a good mother, she was a good head of family. If it were her that were sitting in that spot, it was probably still impossible to have the best of both worlds. However, whatever the case might be, the real Lu Shiqian had already passed away. Her death could not be separated from Lu Caiyun and Xu Jun! On this point, she was unable to forgive Lu Ningxiang, who had never fulfilled her duty as a mother.

“Qian’er, are you still blaming me? Then why did you give me this set of equipment?”

“That’s because you are my mother. I don’t want to see you die.” Lu Shiqian walked forward without looking back. Behind her, the horde of magic beasts followed.

Qin Xingluo knew the truth of the matter and sighed as he looked at Lu Ningxiang, then following after Lu Shiqian’s steps. He definitely couldn’t repeat Lu Ningxiang’s mistakes. He must believe in her, follow her, and deeply love her.

At this time, in the Song Empire’s palace, the Song Emperor threw the report at a minister’s face. The fat on his cheeks jiggling in his anger, “The Thorn Army has appeared again?!”

That minister did not dare grow angry and carefully replied, “That army had not appeared for more than a hundred years, it was unexpected this time that…”

Song Huairen kicked the minister to the ground, “You’re accusing me, aren’t you? That army hadn’t appeared in more than a hundred years, yet it appeared as soon as I mobilized the troops!”

The minister immediately cried, “This minister doesn’t dare!”

Song Huairen was in a flurry of anger, “First tell me what exactly the Thorn Army is.” He had heard his ancestors say that the Qin Empire had a Thorn Army, but what exactly was that? Up to now, the Song Empire was unable to figure it out.

“Your Majesty, according to the report from the front line regarding the Thorn Army, i-it’s…” the minister hesitantly continued, “It is composed of 77 hundred-star magic beasts.”

“What?!” Song Huairen abruptly stood up and suddenly sat down again. It was— it was actually like that! That was too frightening! How could such a thing exist in this world?! “Then… how did they appear?”

“From the sky, they suddenly materialized from the sky!” The minister of war thought of it and shuddered, “But we still have a chance. According to history, every time the Thorn Army appears, it will only be for a day and then they’ll disappear for another hundred years. Your Majesty, as long as we can make it through today, the Qin Empire will still be ours.”

If such a terrifying army could be used unlimitedly, what would the world be like? Fortunately, there seemed to be a time limit. Even though the Qin Empire passed today, it didn’t mean it would pass tomorrow safely!

“Alright, order the troops to remain in position and attack the Qin Empire again tomorrow morning!” The Emperor ordered as his fat jiggled.

However, they did not know that they were wrong— terribly wrong. Lu Shiqian had contracted 77 beast kings and subdued the staff. It wasn’t possible for the scenario the Great Qin Emperor feared to come true. She could really use the Thorny Army an unlimited amount of times!

77 beast kings turned into green lights as they flew around Lu Shiqian as though they were dancing. The picture was strange yet beautiful.

“Whenever I think that I don’t have to return to that gloomy dark place, this old one becomes so happy he could die!” the black tiger happily exclaimed.

“Yeah, if I kept staying there, I would’ve gone crazy!” the leopard beast king said.

“Thank goodness we met Master, otherwise, who knew how long we’d be stuck underground for…” the black dragon sighed.

While the beast kings were chatting, Hong Jin stood on Lu Shiqian’s shoulders, his little claws pawing at the green lights, delirious with fun.

The Death God greedily stared at Lu Shiqian. To him, even just watching his master for an extra second or minute was precious.

This night, the Qin Empire’s soldiers carried their fallen comrades’ bodies, the mood heavy and depressing. They had no time to be sad because there was still war and death awaiting them tomorrow! However, they were sure that they would be the victors in the end!

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