Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 152

Sure enough, at dawn the next day, the Song Empire launched another attack, great amounts of soldiers flooding past the border once again!

Lu Shiqian revealed a demon-like smile, “I see how it is, still dare to come? This time, things won’t be solved just by retreating past the border.”

Pointing at the front, the beast kings ran towards the midst of the Song army, marking the start of another brutal massacre!

The soldiers of the Song Empire had already tasted the overpowering strength of the beast kings and continuously retreated. Retreating was resisting death, advancing was death! Helplessness pervaded their spirits and fear constrained their bodies!

The morale of the Qin Empire continued to grow. The beast kings were invincible here! They chanted, “Long live the General of the Thorn Army! Long live the General of the Thorn Army!”

They learned from the prince the miracle the esteemed Lu Shiqian brought them. They were so enthusiastic that they gifted the name of the General of the Thorn Army to Lu Shiqian. Long live the General of the Thorn Army!

From now on, no one would ever call Lu Shiqian the incompetent trash. Instead, the General of the Thorn Army would become her new title!

When a person’s strength had reached heights that others can only look up to, people would unconsciously begin to admire them. That was the General of the Thorn Army!

Bam! Song Huairen flipped over the table, “Which idiot was the one that said that the Thorn Army wouldn’t appear more than once?!”

The minister of military affairs wiped his sweat, “Your Majesty, why don’t we recall our troops?” The front lines had suffered heavy losses, and the consequences of continuing were unimaginable.

The Song Emperor was now both enraged and aggrieved. Before, taking the Qin Empire was a cinch, but the Thorn Army that had fallen out of the sky was too evil and too powerful! The two weren’t even on the same playing field, so how were they supposed to counter it?

“Withdraw?!” Song Huairen smiled dangerously, “They have their secret weapons, but does that mean we don’t have ours? The Pope already promised to help us. Very soon, I will let them know our strength!”

The Song Empire was backed by the Church of Light. After learning about the appearance of the Thorn Army, they still agreed to assist. Just what kind of cards did they have to play?

The Song Empire’s army wasn’t the opponent of the Thorn Army and was pushed to the border.

This time, Lu Shiqian didn’t relent. To deal with a thief, you should chop off his hand; to deal with robbers, you need to show off greater strength; to deal with invaders, if you don’t give them a heavy lesson, they won’t remember! Standing on the back of the black dragon, Lu Shiqian waved her hand forward and ordered the beasts onward!

A single woman stood with her black hair flying behind her, her clothes blowing in the air. When her peerless appearance became a part of her charisma, her beauty grew to another height. She leapt off the black dragon, painting another magnificent image, a magical and exciting picture, enough to make others want to kneel down and worship her.

She had already become the goddess of the army!

The black dragon roared and spread its wings, flying over. On the ground, 75 beast kings ran with him, blowing up clouds of sand. Their charge was no less than that of a ten million man army!

The Death God flashed and stood next to Lu Shiqian on the back of the black dragon. The wind was fierce and blew their hair and clothes about like they were kings standing atop the world! That Song Huairen didn’t seem to think that Lu Shiqian would advance forward and continuously retreated, but how could they match the speed of the beast kings? The beasts all raised their heads and various skills launched forth. Fire and lightning, circles of light, ice water and poison… all kinds of skills! It had been a long time so they released all of their anger from being suppressed for thousands of years, all the rage at the Great Qin Emperor, at the Song Empire’s soldiers.

The poor Song soldiers were made of flesh and blood, how could they stand the treatment of the wild beast kings? Their thin, small bodies would be battered and bruised just by being pushed by the beast kings, much less being bombarded by various skills. That was attacking a vast area, a sea of death!

The Song Empire suffered heavy losses!

“Audacious! You dare to kill your way in?! We will punish you on behalf of the Church of Light!” Ethereal voices resounded from the sky.

Lu Shiqian frowned and looked up.

She saw thousands of people wearing white clothes and having white wings suspended in the air. All of them were expressionless.

When the Song army saw these people, they all fell onto the ground and prayed. The people of the Song Empire believed in the God of Light, and in their religious book, there was a description of their savior. They all flew through the air, a halo surrounding them, seemingly extremely sacred.

“Pei, it’s those disgusting things again.” The black dragon said again.

On the Devil Dance Continent 100,000 years ago, there was also a Church of Light. At the same time, there were so many churches you couldn’t count it— the Church of Light was just one of them. In the past, the beast kings each occupied their own mountain causing chaos. The Church of Light had sent their winged men over to kill them, proclaiming themselves as messengers of heaven, promoting light and justice. However, their actions were those of thieves. They first lured people by using their status as the Church of Light, and if that failed, they would kill them. In fact, these so-called angels were just normal humans that had been experimented on and had their souls controlled.

“Even though they’re different from those winged people from last time, I can be sure that they’re just normal people.” The black dragon said. Even though they were normal people, they released a pressure that was no less than that of a Saint! Just what was going on?

“Mortals, you have committed a sin against the heavens. If you are willing to swear fealty to my God of Light, I shall be willing to forgive your sins. As long as you swear to not betray my God and become my God’s faithful slave, I promise thee that my God shall forgive you. Furthermore, you shall also be as strong as me.” A four-winged person flashed out. God Rank energy fluctuated out of his body as he arrogantly spoke down to Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian was both angry and humored, coldly saying, “I’ve committed a crime against the heavens? Alright! Then let me ask you, when those Song Empire soldiers were killing the Qin Empire’s young and old, why didn’t you stand out and punish them? When those Song Empire soldiers raped the Qin Empire’s women, why didn’t you stand out and punish them? When those Song Empire soldiers didn’t even let the children go, where were you?”

“They got what they deserved. They don’t believe in my God, so my God shall obviously not save them.” The four-winged person stated as a matter-of-fact.

Lu Shiqian’s eyes grew colder, “Oh, then please scram to the side! I must reap the sins of the Song Empire’s people.”

The four-winged man was enraged, “Brazen! You dare speak that way to me?!”

Lu Shiqian coldly declared, “Speak less nonsense! Fight if you want to fight! Otherwise, scram!”

Pei, what messengers of god?! They were just a bunch of trash talking big!

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