Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 153

The four-winged person was enraged. He had never seen such an arrogant woman in his life, “Brazen! Kill that rebellious heathen!”

The winged people obeyed and began to move rapidly. The trajectory they drew through the air was very strange, like some kind of formation.

Lu Shiqian pointed her hand towards the winged people and the beast kings also moved out, staring at the sky. A battle that surpassed human imagination for the past 100,000 years thus began!

The beasts obviously disliked these winged people, mercilessly clawing at them.

However, of the 77 beast kings, only 10 or so could fly, leaving them at a disadvantage.

And those winged people stood loftily in the air. They formed a strange formation with a hundred of them, casting the Verdict of Light upon the ones beneath them.

The Verdict of Light was the Church of Light’s attack where rays of light would shoot out and attack the enemy. When it was casted by these winged people, its output was extremely high!

“Master, something seems off.” The black dragon lowly said, “These people move very well.”

Even though people usually cooperate together, there will always be a slight difference, but these people were completely uniform, almost like they were a single person.

With matters regarding the soul, the Death God was the most knowledgeable. Lu Shiqian gave him a questioning glance.

“They’ve lost their souls long ago.” The Death God’s eyes kept looking upwards, as if he was seeing past these winged people and looking at a completely different scenery, “Plain, empty, the only thing they have is their strength. They are just soul soldiers.” The Death God dissatisfiedly stated, “They… don’t taste good.”

The most devout Church of Light believers could even offer their souls to the God of Light. With the soul as a link, they could invite in a person from a different plane. After the Devil Dance Continent was sealed, under the circumstances where no one was able to enter and no one was able to leave, if the God of Light wanted to gain pious followers, he could only send his people down with the soul as a link. However, the people of this world were too weak, so the highest level that could be sent down was only a four-winged angel. That isn’t to say that the God of Light was a good person or had good intentions. Sadly, the person his angels had met was Lu Shiqian!

Lu Shiqian just then realized a problem. Since the Devil Dance Continent was sealed, how did the Death God break through these restraints and arrive at this world?

“If I want to come, I’ll come.” The Death God very obediently answered.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. The Death God was more OP after all!

The spell of the winged people fell on the beast army. Even though it wouldn’t seriously injure them, attacking from the sky caused the beast kings to feel unhappy.

Lu Shiqian changed her tactics and told the beast kings to gather together and launch continuous attacks at the sky.

This proved effective and under the sky full of fire, many winged people had fallen. Every time a winged person died, what fell was just an ordinary believer.

Believers who offered their souls also drained their lives. Even if they didn’t die now, they would die within 3 to 5 days of the angel’s death. Yet, the poor things thought they gained a boost in strength.

This action caused the winged people to descend, and they also changed tactics. Fifteen people would cooperatively cast the Trial of Light. Since they were merely soul puppets, their unity was perfect. This move of theirs was very powerful. Rays of light gathered together to become a rope that very quickly trapped the beasts, consuming the energy of the beasts one by one. The beasts roared out angrily that this move was too vicious! That rope was sucking away their magic power!

These ropes were known as soul ropes, which were also brought over from another world. It could directly absorb the magic power from human or beast regardless of rank, a powerful tool!

These ropes were also the reason why the Pope of the Church of Light still dared to lend their support after hearing of the 77 beast kings.

So what if they were powerful? A master could also be killed by a child with poison; the fiercest beast could do nothing when locked inside a cell; similarly, if those 77 beast kings were trapped by those soul ropes, they would have nowhere to run.

It could be said that the tactics played by the soul puppets of the Church of Light was quite clever. They had correctly calculated the beginning, but miscalculated the ending. There was still the Death God!

The mysterious, powerful God of Death!

And now, the Death God moved!

He waved his scythe horizontally and instantaneously moved in front of the winged people, waving his scythe again and flashing to the next one, reaping their lives. The total time it took… was a short few seconds.

If you slowed down time and did it again and again, dividing one second into a thousandth of a second, you would be able to see such a scene: wind billowing through his black clothes, high and lofty, he kicked through the air, his finger pointing at the winged people two meters away.

Slow down the scene even more and you’d see a white halo writhing out of the winged people’s bodies. They didn’t even have the time to react as their souls disappeared.

Looking at the thousands of souls in his hand, the Death God was very unsatisfied, “It really doesn’t look good.”

The only four-winged man’s eyes bulged as he stared at the Death God and those white lights. That’s right! Those lights were the souls of the angels!

This black-clothed man actually stole the souls of these soul puppets? That’s too scary! You must know that a large portion of the souls of the angels weren’t in this world, so how did he drag the other portion over here? Was this black-clothed man still human? The angels in the other world were all God Rank! How was he able to fight them? Taking a few steps back, how was he able to get their souls from another dimension? You must know that this world was sealed!

Too terrifying! The four-winged man trembled in fear. He wasn’t afraid of death since he was completely loyal to the God of Light. However, in meeting the Death God, he felt a terror from deep within his heart. Dreadful!

He was sure that anyone seeing this scene would be terrified out of their minds. This was a fear that was rooted deep within their very souls!

He was a faithful believer of the God of Light and even gave his soul to his god. However, he still had his consciousness and feelings, so he was scared, terrified!

Should he report this to the God of Light? He hurriedly flew into the air, heading towards the north. He must report this to the God of Light!

He flew fast, but the Death God was even faster! The Death God ruthlessly struck his hand through his body. When he retracted it, there was a small ball of light in it. It was the four-winged man!

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. The Death God was just too valiant!

The winged people were defeated and the Song Empire’s soldiers no longer had any way to resist. After experiencing such a shock, they probably wouldn’t dare to invade the Qin Empire again in their lifetime!

(TL: The author uses differents term to describe ‘angels’ and quite literally, ‘birdmen’, which I decided to call ‘winged people’)

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