Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 154

After the beast kings finished another killing frenzy, they turned into green lights and returned to Lu Shiqian’s side.

At this point, the Song Empire had already lost half of its fighting force— a whole 5 million!

As for Lu Shiqian and the Death God, one received much magic power while the other collected many souls. It was a great harvest!

“Is there any use for these souls other than to eat them?” Lu Shiqian was occasionally curious.

“To enter the cycle,” the Death God answered, “They will enter the cycle of life and death in the world of death.”

The Death God would also occasionally say some inscrutable and mysterious things!

Inside the Song Palace, Song Huairen was so angry his fat and beard shook uncontrollably. Ten some years of preparation were destroyed all at once! Destroyed in the hands of that woman called Lu Shiqian! The progress of the Song Empire was bound to decrease by ten years at the least! He was unable to accept this outcome.

He definitely couldn’t let that freaking woman go!

It was time… It was time to use that power!

Other than him, the Pope of the Church of Light was also unable to bear it. You must know how many painstaking years of resources and preparations to make those soul puppets. Now, not one of them were left alive! To train these puppets up again would take another 80 years of labor! Was it easy for him?! Just collecting those children would drain them of resources and manpower! Originally, he was hoping that by using the soul puppets, he could attract countless believers to the Church of Light. Great! Now he didn’t get his believers, and those that were hesitating over it wouldn’t be pondering it any longer. Damn it! Damn it all!

The two secretly decided to kill Lu Shiqian. They definitely must kill this thorn in their sides!

“Son of Light, I am conferring you a task. Take five elders and seven knights, along with the Ruling Scepter, and go kill that woman named Lu Shiqian.”

Shuang Ruyue humbly rose, “Yes.”

Looking at the picture in his hand, unexpectedly, Lu Shiqian was actually her. That carefree person, that woman called Ren Woxing! Destiny sure played them for fools… to actually meet again! The two were like water and fire. Destiny played with them, but was he one to succumb to fate?

A slight smile appeared on his face. What he thought in his mind did not surface in his expression at all.

In the Qin Empire, Lu Shiqian had become a celebrated hero, a savior! The entire country was talking about her and praising her!

“Your prestige is now much higher than mine, you tramp.” Qin Xingluo said with a smile.

“The wind will surely break through a forest of trees. Too big a reputation is not necessarily a good thing,” Lu Shiqian calmly stated, “I will leave after settling our debts.”

Power… she did not want to be involved. Power… could not stay her feet!

She already had a goal in her heart. It may be out of reach, but she must advance towards it!

Qin Xingluo’s heart panged in pain. Was she going to leave again?

Lu Shiqian didn’t look at Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun kneeling on the ground and merely sat by Lu Xianghui’s side. After the war, there were some things that should be settled.

When Lu Shiqian was 10 years old, the poisoning incident caused great damage to her talent. Her scholarly arts were bad and her martial arts were even worse. That incident completely ruined her. The following six years of bullying and mockery didn’t count for much, since she was at least alive. When Lu Shiqian was 16, she experienced her first awakening and fell in love with the Yu family’s young master Yu Qingchen. However, it was a pity she fell in love with the wrong person. She frequently drew his ire and insults. At some scholarly gathering, he threw a torrent of abuse at Lu Shiqian. Lu Shiqian was humiliated and henceforth refused to leave her room. When Lu Caiyun came to mock her, the already sad and angry Lu Shiqian spoke back at her, causing Lu Caiyun to grab her neck and beat her. It was then that the real Lu Shiqian died and the transmigrated Luan Hualian opened her eyes in her stead.

But Lu Shiqian only spoke of the poisoning incident plotted by Xu Jun.

Lu Ningxiang grew even more remorseful with guilt after hearing the truth of the incident. She held Zhang Jun’s hand, “I’ve let down the two of you for many years.”

Zhang Jun tightly clenched the hand of his love and silently comforted his wife’s heart.

Lu Xianghui sat in the head of family’s seat, his small hands pointing at Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun, “My Lu family has a rule strictly forbidding internal strife. You lot poisoned my eldest sister and wanted to kill me, who would become the future head of the family. Do you have anything to say?”

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly. This brat sure gave himself a tall hat, saying that they tried to kill ‘the future head of family’. Now that offense had sure become big!

Lu Xianghui’s words were severe, each sentence powerful, “Oh Second Father, Second Father, you actually poisoned Mother in an attempt to kill her. You’re so confused.”

Xu Jun’s face was akin to ash. The last few days, he had been subjected to various kinds of torture and his body naturally slimmed down. With a bleak face, he knelt on the floor and furiously kowtowed, “Forgive me! Please spare me!”

“It’s all you! You old coot that just won’t die, it’s all your fault!” Lu Caiyun suddenly spat on Xu Jun’s face. She grabbed Lu Ningxiang’s leg and cried, “Mother, everything was done by him! This daughter doesn’t know anything! Mother, kill him! He has crimes worthy of death, but don’t kick out your daughter!”

Lu Ningxiang coldly asked, “Isn’t he your father?”

Lu Caiyun immediately kicked Xu Jun onto the floor, “I don’t have a father like this! He isn’t worthy of being my father!”

Xu Jun stared at his daughter blankly. Was this really his daughter? “Daughter, everything I did was for you. All for you!”

Lu Caiyun kicked him again in the chest, “For me? You were obviously doing it for yourself!” She cruelly kicked him a few more times. This old coot, speak a little less, would ya?! Hurry up and kick the bucket! Don’t drag me into this mess!

No matter how bad Lu Caiyun was, she was still a Rank 2 practitioner while Xu Jun was just a normal person. Receiving a kick directly to his heart, he immediately spat up a mouthful of blood. However, how could his body’s pain compare to the pain in his heart? He tragically fell; fell at his daughter’s feet. His breath stopped.

Lu Caiyun’s movements were too quick and she kicked him a few times in succession. When Lu Ningxiang pulled her away, Xu Jun’s life had already ended.

“Mother, please forgive me! Don’t chase me away! Look, he’s dead! He’ll never do bad things again!” Lu Caiyun held Lu Ningxiang’s hand and begged, but her face revealed the brutality of a killer.

Lu Ningxiang’s heart chilled. Was this young girl in front of her truly her daughter? “I am no longer the matriarch, so I have no right to meddle in these affairs.” She pulled Zhang Jun and walked inside, but she was obviously staggering.

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