Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 155

Lu Caiyun knelt in front of Lu Xianghui, begging, “Xiao Hui, Sister usually cares the most for you. Forgive Sister just this once, okay?”

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Lu Xianghui pulled Lu Shiqian’s hand, “No, you are not my sister, she is. Even if you didn’t make any mistakes before, but you killed Second Father before I could hand down his punishment. There are family rules in place for when a family member kills another family member: martial arts will be crippled and you will be expelled from the Lu family. In the future, none of your descendants will be allowed to with the Lu surname, and you are not allowed to have any relations with the Lu family. Offenders will be killed without exceptions,” Lu Xianghui decisively stated. The courage and wisdom displayed by this eight-year-old child was stunning. In the near future, he would probably be able to lead the Lu family back to glory.

“Eldest Sister, I wanted to ask you for some magic stones to give to Fourth Brother. I want him to manage the Lu family with me,” Lu Xianghui pulled Lu Shiqian’s hand and walked outside.

Lu Shiqian rubbed the little guy’s head. This brat actually knew that Lu Yunxiang was also a brilliant person and began to pull him in. Haha, he has potential!

Lu Caiyun was stunned. She stared blankly at her father’s dead body. She didn’t expect the results to be like this.

The already dead Xu Jun had his eyes wide open. They were hollow and empty, as if they were watching his daughter…

The Lu family got rid of the Xu Jun-Lu Caiyun father-daughter pair. Qin Feiran also got rid of Huang Meijiao, Qin An, and the Prime Minister.

Huang Meijiao and Qin An sold out the country to the enemies and were sentenced to death. The remainders were killed if they should be killed and dismissed if they should be dismissed. It was a decisive cleaning.

Now the entire court grew energetic, working together to improve the country.

The hero of the Qin Empire Lu Shiqian would naturally receive her rewards, but her accomplishment was too big and further consideration was needed to determine her reward.

Late in the night, Qin Feiran and his concubine were rolling on the bed. Just when they were about to hit their peak, the concubine squinted her eyes and suddenly saw a woman holding a grass, coldly staring at her.

The concubine was frightened and fiercely pulled her body out of Qin Feiran, screaming in horror.

This scream instantly extinguished the fire of lust in Qin Feiran and he looked in the direction of his concubine’s eyes to see Lu Shiqian carefreely lazing about in a seat made of gold.

Seeing that she was found, Lu Shiqian decided to just walk over, one foot swinging onto the majestic bed. She stared without hesitation at Qin Feiran and his concubine’s naked bodies, “Your figure’s pretty good. Mm, your concubine’s breasts are pretty big.”

The concubine only then calmed down slightly. Seeing that the other party was only a single woman, she hid a magic spell behind her back and acted like she wasn’t plotting an assassination, “Who are you? To dare intrude into the palace! Someone come and take her away!”

This concubine was Qin Feiran’s favorite and due to his indulgence, she grew accustomed to giving out orders.

Qin Feiran shot her an exceedingly cold glance, “Dear Concubine, you’ve overstepped your bounds.”

The concubine trembled and quickly kowtowed for forgiveness.

At this time, the palace guards also rushed in. They saw the bare concubine kneeling on the floor and the General of the Thorn Army stepping on the Emperor’s bed. Some unspeakable pictures appeared in their minds.

Rumors had it that the general was a lascivious individual. Did she want to bed the Emperor?!

Heavens! Oh, heavens! The general was too valiant!

“Stand down, my dear concubine was only playing a joke.” Qin Feiran easily pushed the blame onto his concubine, continuing, “Dear Concubine, stand down first.”

How could the concubine dare disobey? She hatefully glared at Lu Shiqian and didn’t even dare to put on some extra clothes, quickly making her exit.

“Oro, bro, you’ve sure trained your henchmen well.” Lu Shiqian stared at Qin Feiran’s naked body and said. This damn fox! It was time to settle their accounts!

Towards Lu Shiqian’s straightforward gaze, Qin Feiran boldly accepted it. Having his body seen, rather than growing angry, he felt some hidden joy.

“Did you come here to condemn me for pushing you into the underground palace?” Qin Feiran asked with a warm smile.

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow and motioned for him to continue.

“No one in our Qin family is able to control that staff. Seeing that it was soon about to lose control, I could only push you down there.” Qin Feiran innocently stated.

“How were you so sure that I could subdue it? If it wasn’t for… I almost died there.” Lu Shiqian coldly spoke to Qin Feiran. If it weren’t for the Death God, she would’ve died long ago!

The sweet scent coming from Lu Shiqian’s body caused Qin Feiran’s heart to sway. He smiled even deeper, “To be honest, I also thought you would die there.”

She swiftly pulled out a dagger and placed it against the neck of the scoundrel, “You probably never thought that I would subdue the staff, causing you to not only give away your bride, but your troops on top of that, did you?”

Qin Feiran smiled elegantly, “That staff is just like a savage beast to my Qin Empire. Therefore, you taking it merely reaps benefits and no losses.”

She finally knew where Qin Xingluo’s slyness came from, “Without the Thorn Army, who would save the Qin Empire in its times of crisis?” Wasn’t the Thorn Army the trump card of the Qin Empire?

“We have relied on it for too long, it would actually be better to not have it.” Qin Xingluo calmly replied.

“…” Lu Shiqian spoke, “You knew of the Prime Minister, Qin An, and Huang Meijiao’s scheme.”

Qin Feiran looked at Lu Shiqian in admiration and bluntly said, “I’ve always been waiting for a chance to get rid of them. Look, isn’t it nice and clean now? This is all your hard work. Three days later, I will hold a banquet and properly reward you.”

Lu Shiqian expressionlessly placed a foot on Qin Feiran’s bare thigh, “Using me as the trigger, huh?”

Qin Feiran moaned, “Ah, lighter.”

Lu Shiqian’s instantly face turned black. Good, good, very good!

She used her dagger to pat his face, “Brat, let me advise you, don’t you dare give me some high-sounding position.” She was going to take off and search for more chances again. How could the little Qin Empire trap a phoenix’s desire to fly far and free?

“En, mm, can you be a little gentler?” Qin Feiran moaned again.

The guards outside heard the shout and grew even more certain in their guess. The General of the Thorn Army was so wild!

Lu Shiqian’s face grew darker. Looking at the fox in front of her… Heh heh, didn’t he like to scream? That’s great…

Very quickly, the palace resounded with Qin Feiran’s shout again, “What are you doing? You dare… ah!”

When Qin Xingluo came to the rescue, he opened the doors and saw his imperial brother tied up tightly on the bed naked. The clips were clamped onto the two dots on his chest, and candle wax dripped onto his thigh drip by drip…

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