Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 156

The moon hung high in the sky. Silver moonlight scattered across the land as a Death Butterfly flew through the night.

Soon, many Death Butterflies gathered, dancing around the Death God.

The Death Butterflies flew around the Death God, and the door to the world of death slowly opened up behind him. Perhaps it was time for him to temporarily leave Master, but why did he feel so reluctant? His heart clenched. Every time he thought of not seeing her, his heart would hurt. Why was this? He really wanted to kiss her and touch her, stare at her face, listen to her speak, and then hug her.

The Death God teleported into Lu Shiqian’s room and frowned slightly. This room’s security was too low, who was going to protect her after he leaves?

Lu Shiqian had sunken into her subconscious to learn the Heavenly Swinging Sword from Xing Chen. She sat motionlessly on the bed. At this moment in time, she was completely defenseless to the antics of the Death God.

The Death God stood in front of her and slowly looked her up and down. With his careful examination, he found that her hair was dark like the night; her face carried the sheen of a pearl; her eyebrows were straight and cute; and her eyelashes dense, fanning out along her eyelids. Her nose was small and perky, her mouth also small and straight. Her neck contoured beautifully down and her body was very proportional. Her waist was thin yet strong; legs long and slim; her chest… very soft.

He reached out her hand and placed it against her face. Her face was so small; one hand was enough to cover it. Her ears were soft, touching it made his hands itch. Her lips were also soft and slightly red. Her neck was also soft, her chest too, her waist too…

He lowered his head and kissed Lu Shiqian’s lips. Her lips were soft and tasted good.

Lu Shiqian felt someone persistently playing with her body, even kissing her lips! They sucked and licked, rendering her unable to focus on lessons. She could only ask to go and opened her eyes.

She sure wanted to see who dared play with her!

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was the enlarged vision of the Death God’s perfectly sculpted face. Lu Shiqian couldn’t help her face was flushing. Why did this guy take off his cloak again? Doesn’t he know that his beauty had high killing power?

However, since when was he pressed onto her body? His eyelashes trembled slightly. W-Was he kissing her?

Lu Shiqian really wanted to push him away, but she felt the unwillingness in the kiss. Why the feelings of unwillingness?

Did he… need to leave?

Lu Shiqian flipped over and pressed the Death God under her, “If you want to kiss, it should be this master that teaches, correct?”

The Death God opened his eyes and saw himself reflected in her starry pupils. For some reason, his face turned red.

“Didn’t I tell you to close your eyes when kissing?” Lu Shiqian grinned evilly.

The Death God immediately obeyed the order and shut his eyes.

Feeling that his response was cute, Lu Shiqian knelt and gently kissed his eyes, causing him to tremble slightly.

She nipped his lower lip, licked twice, and let go. She saw that his mouth was slightly open, a devilishly inviting look.

The Death God’s reaction was completely natural. What he didn’t know was when his appearance matched his expression, it became the world’s most deadly yet enticing poison. Even Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but be poisoned.

Lu Shiqian kissed him deeply, her hands feeling his body.

His body was sturdy and proportionate. It felt really good to the touch.

What did the body under these black clothes look like?

“Can I take off your clothes?” Lu Shiqian felt that it would be best to ask the other party’s opinion first.

Explosions reverberated through the Death God’s mind. Does that mean Master wanted to see his body? The Death God’s body had never been seen by a second person. If Master really wanted to see, then that meant she wanted to establish a close, intimate relationship with him. Was that his master’s meaning? If so, he… he was willing.

Turbulent waves stirred up in his heart. Every place that touched her body had unending currents of electricity.

The Death God tilted his head to the side. He honestly replied, “Master, you can’t take it off.”

There were clothes that couldn’t be taken off in this world? Lu Shiqian grabbed a fistful of the clothes. Sure enough, there wasn’t a single seam, a single piece of cloth, rendering people dumb. Lu Shiqian didn’t believe it and put her two hands on the Death God, at war with the clothes.

“Mas…ter, let me do it.” Being touched by Lu Shiqian so unscrupulously, a strange fire rose up in his body, bringing a hunger that was even more unbearable that starvation.

Lu Shiqian’s face blushed. Anyone who met this kind of situation would also flush red. Being unable to take off someone’s clothes to the point that they had to offer to do it themselves, what the heck was this kind of situation called? Who let his clothes be so weird anyways?

The Death God was very simple: take off so take off. The clothes were very strange, once they were taken off, they automatically began removing itself. And then, the Death God’s body was revealed.

His body was like an unblemished snowy peak.

Like rivers flowing down mountains, forming a stunning lake.

Or the sun after the clouds have parted.

Any beautiful imagery could be used on his body; any gorgeous poem could be used to describe him, yet it still wouldn’t be enough. The more you look, the more captured you will be; the more you look, the more enrapturing it will be.

To say that he’s a poem, he was much more encompassing; to say he was the water, he was much more resolute. He was the dark night that contrasted against the bright day; he was the strong and mysterious soul collector; but his body, his appearance, was so beautiful, so incredibly moving.

It really made one wonder why he would have such a peerless face and stunning body even though he was obviously the God of Death. Perhaps it was compensation for being accompanied by eternal death?

Lu Shiqian was dumbfounded from looking.

The Death God turned his face slightly away from Lu Shiqian. He himself didn’t understand why he had this reaction. His hair was also black and really long. He usually didn’t think about it, but now he realized his hair had grown all the way to his ankles. With his hair fanned out beneath his body, it was enough to capture anyone’s soul. His body was slender and sturdy, his lines at all the right places: one more would be too much; one less would be too little.

The most striking thing was the naturally-birthed strange tattoo-like pattern on his body. Starting from his chest and stretching down to that secret place, this pattern was one with him, causing others to sigh in amazement.

How could a man be so beautiful?

Any words that could describe a woman’s charm weren’t sufficient to describe his beauty!

Lu Shiqian was just an ordinary mortal so she also fell underneath such overwhelming beauty. She stretched out a hand and explored along the lines of the tattoo.

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