Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 157

Such a move was undoubtedly teasing him, touching his sensitive spots, igniting a fire through his body.

At this time, Lu Shiqian still hadn’t recognized that she was on someone’s bare body.

The Death God felt sparks igniting his whole body, bringing about a hard to bear excitement. He really wanted to ask why, why he was like this. Why did he want to push his master down and hold her tightly in his arms? Of course, it’d be best if his master was the same as him… naked.

He felt very hot, like he was about to explode, while his master’s hand was ice. Only she could soothe his burning body. So, he took his master’s hand and put it on his chest. It really felt a lot better, but the covered part of his body grew even hotter. Why was this?

The Death God twisted his lower body uncomfortably.

The place where their bodies touched generated a large electrical shock as if heavenly thunder and fire struck down upon him, leaving him parched and barely holding on.

“M-Master…” A hint of gold crossed his eyes as he pressed her beneath him.

“What’s wrong?” Forgive her, as her knowledge of XXOO matters was limited to certain films.

The Death God kissed her fiercely, a little crazily, a little impatiently.

His lips continued downwards, downwards…

“Master, are you ready?” The Death God looked at her with dark, golden eyes.

Lu Shiqian felt like the Death God was very different at this moment, but where the difference lied she didn’t know.

“Ready for… what?” She had a faint inkling of what the Death God was going to do, but as for the details, she wasn’t sure.

Master wanted to see his body, so she was probably willing.

The Death God lowered his body and kissed her under her collarbone.

A slow pain spread to her four limbs, but fortunately, it was only momentary. The pain went as quickly as it came.

Under Lu Shiqian’s collarbone appeared a small, black, butterfly-like pattern.

“Master, from today on, our two bodies will be one life. If you die, I will die; if you go, I will follow.” The Death God kissed her chest. This guy… when did he take off her clothes?

That’s not the point! The point was what he just said, two bodies one life? Wasn’t that too unfair for him? Why did he do this?

The feeling of being bitten on her chest disabled her from thinking more. She wasn’t going to be eaten just like that, right?

The Death God continued nipping: biting there after biting here while the fervor in his heart grew stronger and stronger. However, he didn’t know what he was supposed to do next. He didn’t know, Lu Shiqian also didn’t know. Hence, the two just meekly stared at each other.

“Mas… Master,” the Death God anxiously called Lu Shiqian.

“Uh, this kind of thing… needs experience, I think.” Lu Shiqian felt helpless and more so embarrassed. Someone of such high quality like the Death God should be eaten cleanly, but… how shameful! She didn’t know how!

The Death God turned onto his side and hugged Lu Shiqian, barely managing to resist the strong electric currents, “Master, can you go get some experience and then come back?”

Lu Shiqian: “…” Okay. Her face turned red.

Where was she supposed to learn this kind of thing? With Bai?

The Death God really thinks differently!

He didn’t say anything and just kissed her.

The Death God closed his eyes. His master had said before that you have to close your eyes when kissing. He was very obedient.

The atmosphere was very harmonious. Hundreds of Death Butterflies danced around them.

“Master, I have to go back.”

“En,” Lu Shiqian said, “Leave early and come back early.”

His eyes had turned golden as the Death God looked deeply at Lu Shiqian. He nodded, “En.”

The black clothing automatically wrapped around his body, his scythe also flew into his hands.

Space cracked and the Door of Death slowly ground open. Lu Shiqian saw countless black-robed Death Gods standing on both sides of the door. They seemed to be welcoming the return of their king.

The Death God stepped on the Death Butterflies and walked in step by step. He didn’t dare turn around, lest he couldn’t bear to leave and decided to stay.

He stepped into the World of Death, and the crack in space repaired itself.

The Death God returned, but Lu Shiqian believed that he would be back. He was connected to her with a contract; he shared one life yet two bodies with her.

Just like the life contract Bai signed with her. They were inseparable!

! Lu Shiqian hurriedly ordered Yin to turn into silver boots and quickly ran out of the mansion.

At the same time, an explosion sounded behind her and red flames rose up. What a close call!

Earlier, she felt someone looking at her. The other party could stay hidden so well, yet strike so fiercely when the time came, who had such ability?

“Big Bro, this damn girly’s pretty sharp!” A flamboyantly dressed man in his thirties walked out from the shadows, “But no matter how you look at it, she’s still just a Rank 4 mage.”

“Don’t get careless,” another man levelly spoke.

The mansion burned with red flames, dimly lighting the night, illuminating five men and two men. All of them were calm with stoic faces and dressed in black. They couldn’t be underestimated.

Lu Shiqian coldly asked, “Who are you people?” She held the staff behind her, thought about it a little, and threw the staff into her interspatial bracelet instead. She secretly ordered Hong Jin to morph into a weapon and the white-winged unicorn to soul merge.

The staff was now her secret weapon, only to be used as a last resort. Only by honing herself in times of danger can she grow stronger. Relying too much on strong weapons would hinder her growth.

With the entrance of these seven people, she could also make a guess at who sent them. The people who wanted to kill her most right now were the Emperor of the Song Empire and the Pope of the Church of Light. The Pope liked to be gaudy, so the people he sends would definitely be wearing white with a noble facade. So these people must’ve been sent by the Song Emperor!

“Oh?” A man applauded Lu Shiqian for her ability to remain calm in such a situation. In the face of an opponent far stronger than her, this woman was still able to carefully analyze and strategize. She sure wasn’t ordinary. If he was not standing in front of the enemy, he would want to clap and accept her as a disciple. However, the more she was like this now, the more determined they were to kill her.

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