Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 158

It should be noted that it was this woman that took 77 scary beasts to fend of the million-strong army of the Song Empire!

If this woman wasn’t removed, it would spell disaster in the future!

“Where are you 77 monsters? Why don’t you call them out?” The flamboyant Cheng Peng declared, “I’ll let you go if you hand over the method to controlling them.”

Lu Shiqian’s staff held the souls of 77 beast kings. This was only known by Qin Feiran and Qin Xingluo, herself, and her beasts. Others shouldn’t know about it. Hence, towards the Thorn Army that descended from the sky, most powerhouses thought that she mastered some art to summon them from a different dimension, just like what the Great Qin Emperor did in the past. This kind of summoning method was undoubtedly attractive even if it could only be used every 50 or 100 years. Everyone hoped to make haste with it. These seven men were ordered to assassinate Lu Shiqian and also obtain the summoning method.

Lu Shiqian naturally understood their thought processes and accepted it as is, “I don’t have such a method. Even if I did, I wouldn’t give it to you.”

The seven people looked at each other, ecstasy in their eyes. So the method really did exist!

These seven were the trump card of the Song Empire: seven God Rank powerhouses!

Even though the Devil Dance Continent was sealed and magic power had grown scarce, over the long 100,000 years, quite a few God Rank powerhouses rose up. They were usually hidden from the world and only those that reached the rank of Saint could know of their existence.

However, there were already two extraordinarily powerful beings amongst Lu Shiqian’s contracted magic beasts and three God Rank powerhouses. Naturally, her starting point was a bit higher than others.

It was just, the Song Empire actually sent 7 God Rank powerhouses to assassinate her. He was giving her quite a bit of face!

These seven were all over a thousand years old. Accustomed to being men amongst men, even the Emperor would have to give face to them ordinarily. So naturally, they wouldn’t think that Lu Shiqian would dare to trick them. Cheng Fei, who had an appearance like that of a 37 or 38 year old man, was the leader of the seven. He walked out and asked, “Where’s the summoning method?”

Lu Shiqian’s face was solemn, “I hid it in a secret place in my house. Who knew that you guys would smash my house without a word? Of course the method recorded on the silver sheet melted!”

The seven were disappointed seeing Lu Shiqian’s expression, seeming like she was speaking the truth. Cheng Peng angrily questioned, “Why didn’t you carry something so important on your body?!”

Lu Shiqian clapped her house, “How was I supposed to know you guys were going to burn down my house? Of course putting something so important on your body isn’t safe!”

Cheng Fei angrily retorted, “Since that thing was already destroyed, you can go die now!”

Lu Shiqian bowed slightly, readying her plans for escape.

“Big Bro, this woman isn’t worth you moving your hand. Allow me,” Cheng Peng took two steps forward and released a God Rank domain: Water Prison!

A God Rank domain was much stronger than a Saint Rank domain. There were three main types: attack, support, and healing. There were also various special types, all depending on the constitution of the person. Any rules you had comprehended would be reflected in your domain. God Rank was a further understanding of the rules, an enhanced use of the five elements.

Even though Cheng Peng’s Water Prison was a support type domain, its attack power shouldn’t be underestimated!

Lu Shiqian felt like she was being trapped in a highly viscous liquid. Her steps grew heavy, and soon, even breathing became difficult. There was no air within the water and all force was absorbed. There was no way to attack.

“Big Bro, you’ve overthought it. She’s not much, just a puny Rank 4 mage.” Cheng Peng looked at Lu Shiqian who seemed to have fallen unconscious and squeezed his hands. The Water Prison quickly compressed and squeezed!


Lu Shiqian suddenly opened her eyes and burst out. Her hair was now white from soul merging with the white-winged unicorn, and white wings unfurled from her back. She shot a Silver Cannon at them as she continuously moved her feet to run. Her sequence of actions flowed smooth like water with no delays in between. Yin gave a Speed Blessing, the unicorn gave an Agile Blessing, and Lu Shiqian’s body shone with the light of blessings.

Lu Shiqian’s Silver Cannon didn’t harm the seven at all, but her goal was just to delay them. By the time they reacted, she had already escaped from their sights.

What a cunning woman!

Cheng Fei’s face darkened, “Give chase!”

“Big Bro,” one of the two girls Song Hong was a more careful person, “she has two magic beasts above 10 Stars.”

There were only a handful of people who could control two magic beasts. They were definitely geniuses among geniuses.

“Catch up to her and kill her!” Cheng Fei grew even more determined to kill Lu Shiqian. If they couldn’t kill her now while she was still growing, they could just dream on in the future!

Seven God Rank powerhouses and one Rank 4 mage. They were naturally fast, but it wasn’t as easy as the seven had thought. The more the seven chased, the more surprised they grew. This woman’s speed of escape was actually comparable to that of a Rank 8 mage. The blow just now had also long surpassed that of a Rank 8 mage. What was the reason? Why was this Rank 4 mage so powerful?

The seven had also made their way up from the lower levels. They knew that the strength of a same rank mage and practitioner were similar, but the difference between ranks couldn’t be compared. However, this woman had utterly shattered this truth. Only a Rank 4 mage, yet she has a Rank 7 or 8 level of strength. In fact, she may have even surpassed the ranks and directly entered Saint Rank! If she had such strength at this time, then what about when she reached Rank 5, 6, 7, and more? The more they thought about it, the more shocked they felt, the more incredulous they felt. The more they thought about it, the more they realized that this woman cannot stay alive!

Song Hong whipped her snake-like whip. The whip behaved like a living creature: it could elongate and shrink, and its length also carried thorns covered in poison.

Shui Se grew excited when he saw poison, immediately giving a Poison Cure Blessing.

Lu Shiqian reacted even faster. She raised a hand and launched a fireball.

Since when did anyone see such a big fireball before? It was as big as a millstone!

What joke? Generally, it was already pretty good if the fireball was as big as a fist, for it to be as big as a millstone, was she using it to whack people? Using thousands of fireballs to hit people?

Song Hong hurriedly stepped back, she was so angry she continuously grinded her teeth. A God was actually pushed back by a little Rank 4 mage’s fireball! Who wouldn’t be angry with shame?

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