Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 159

After Lu Shiqian finished bombarding the people, she didn’t continue fighting and started running away again. She knew her own level. Against a single God Rank, she still had a fighting chance; but against seven, no way! She could only run away before those seven came to their senses!

“Fire Wolf, go!” Cheng Fei stretched out his hand and pointed. A wolf covered in flames then jumped out and rushed towards Lu Shiqian.

This wolf was 16 Stars, and it could be considered a high level magic beast.

“F*cking bastard, you think that calling a burnt wolf out will scare me?! I’m also a wolf!” Yin arbitrarily jumped out, his foot carrying a 17 Star pattern. Arrogantly and majestically, he stepped on the wolf’s head.

Speaking of it, he was one of the weaker ones amongst all of Lu Shiqian’s contracted magic beasts. He felt a little inferior for some time. Seeing one a star below him today, he definitely wouldn’t let this chance to show off slip by! He wanted to prove that even though his star level wasn’t high, he was very hard-working! Yin ruthlessly attacked, his paws like knives, his mouth spitting out lightning. The wolf could only woof in pain.

A magic beast’s star level and its master’s rank worked in similar fashions. A low rank facing a high rank, unless your talent was high from birth or your bloodline special, you can just dream on. Yin was blessed by the other magic beasts, so that wolf was literally just being toyed with.

The fire wolf’s fur was burned here and cut there, and grievously returned to its master.

“Useless thing!” Cheng Fei ruthlessly kicked the wolf to the side, his eyes staring greedily at Yin.

As long as a life contract wasn’t signed, after killing the master, the beasts could be contracted to anyone.

“That man’s eyes staring at you are so disgusting,” Hong Jin teased Yin, “He couldn’t have taken an interest in you, right?”

“Pei, taking an interest in this majestic one is only normal!” Yin disgruntledly replied.

Lan Ruo was deadly anxious as he watched in the magic beast space. He was only a Rank 7 mage right now, so he naturally couldn’t beat those people. He needed to find an opening to help his master!

Cheng Peng seized the chance to use Water Prison again. He accepted his lesson and didn’t compress the ball, directly sending it towards Lu Shiqian! Since he changed his moves, could Lu Shiqian not do the same?

“Hong Jin, cast Fire Rain at me!” Lu Shiqian ordered.

Hong Jin didn’t hesitate and opened his mouth, spewing fire at Lu Shiqian. Contracted beasts couldn’t harm their master, so his fire naturally wouldn’t harm her.

The flames permeated the ball of water. Even though it couldn’t destroy the enemy’s God domain, it could block their line of sight. Cheng Peng’s sword naturally went astray. Lu Shiqian twisted her waist and avoided the attack.

Cheng Peng’s sword only pierced the air but he continued launching attacks. He moved extremely fast, only a millisecond lapsing between every sword strike. However, not a single one felt like it met its target.

He couldn’t hit Lu Shiqian, and Lu Shiqian was also trapped in the water ball. The God domain wasn’t something she could contend against yet.

“I’ll go!” Cheng Fei walked out and winded back, preparing to strike Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian’s brain worked fast as lightning as she figured out countermeasures. What to do? Use the power of the Beastman King?

“I’m sorry, but this person is our Church of Light’s enemy. Pray hand her over to us,” Shuang Ruyue leisurely walked over. Following him were 5 Bishops, 7 Knights, and a group of Rank 5 or 6 Light mages and practitioners.

The man carried a faint smile on his face, his hand holding a scepter. His whole body radiated justice and holiness.

“The Church of Light?” Cheng Fei murmured. How come they met? “You are presumably the Son of Light. This one is wondering how this woman has offended your holy sanctuary.”

Shuang Ruyue smiled, “This is a secret of the church. Hence I am unable to respond.”

The behemoth known as the Church of Light would naturally have quite a few God Rank masters. God Rank powerhouses would naturally be much clearer on just how deep the waters of the Church of Light were compared to ordinary people.

Cheng Fei and the others exchanged glances. The meaning was clear: give the Church of Light some face!

The meat brought to their mouth was taken away. They were unwilling but had no choice.

“Since that is the case, then please make your move, Son of Light.” Cheng Fei gave way. What was more infuriating than this? Being robbed of their prey and having to courteously say please after? How infuriating, infuriating!

“Then I won’t be polite,” Shuang Ruyue spoke with a smile. Seeing Lu Shiqian caught in the water ball, his eyes flashed with a trace of anxiety.

Cheng Peng released Lu Shiqian and retreated to the side with his brothers.

“You audacious woman, you dare to kill the believers of my Church of Light? I represent the Pope as I stand before you. Now, do you admit your sins?” Shuang Ruyue boldly walked forward, pointing at Lu Shiqian with the scepter. He blinked as he continued, “I am the Son of Light, the messenger of God.”

Lu Shiqian suddenly jumped up and quickly placed a dagger against Shuang Ruyue’s neck, threatening: “Make way! The Son of Light is in my hands!”

The 5 Bishops and 7 Knights exchanged a glance and made way while negotiating, “Don’t hurt the Son of Light, we’ll let you go.”

“Y-You’re so bold! Do you know who I am?!” Shuang Ruyue panicked, “Quickly let me go, or I will make you die without a burial place!”

Lu Shiqian rolled her eyes, “The one I’m holding hostage is you, the Son of Light.”

The two of them continued saying the ‘Son of Light’, repeatedly affirming the message. The Son of Light fell into the hands of an unscrupulous and vicious woman! That woman had once slaughtered thousands of angels!

How could the 5 Bishops and 7 Knights dare play with the life of the Son of Light and gamble that Lu Shiqian’s heart would soften? They could only make way.

Lu Shiqian pulled out her Ferrari. After a burst of smoke, a black Ferrari appeared in front of everyone. She shoved Shuang Ruyue into the car and turned on the engine, driving away.

“Your acting is way too fake.” Lu Shiqian commented as she drove, “Speak, why did you help me?” The guy kept blinking and stating that he was the Son of Light. Wasn’t that asking her to take him as her hostage?

Shuang Ruyue revealed his signature smile, “I like to.”

Lu Shiqian saw Shuang Ruyue’s smile from the mirror, “Did anyone ever tell you that your smile is mad fake?”

Shuang Ruyue laughed uncontrollably, his smile like the spring breeze. His smile had always been called ‘God’s smile’ and had always been considered holy and beautiful. But today, a woman actually told him that his smile was very fake. Was it fake? He didn’t know anymore because this smile was like a mask, nailed onto his face for a long time. So long that even he thought this smile was real.

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