Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 160

The woman in front of him concentrated on driving this strange object. Shadows of trees flashed by outside the window, it was an indication of how fast the vehicle was traveling. He looked at her beautiful profile and long flowing hair, and grew a little mesmerized. She was now even more dazzling than back then in the East Wind County. Even though her outer appearance didn’t change much, her inner temperament seemed to have an earth-shattering change. She… had become even more mysterious.

Thinking of the look of distress she gave him while trapped in the water ball, seeing her playful and firm eyes, his first reaction was to help her out!

He, Shuang Ruyue, was not unfamiliar with women. In fact, he had his first woman at 16. He also had more than 10 women in the last two years. Those women loved him, pampered him, and were willing to die for him. They were drawn to his ever-present smile and even more so to his status and power. However, he knew clearly that if he wasn’t the Son of Light and not a Rank 8 mage, these women wouldn’t have given him a second glance.

They even more so wouldn’t have looked into his eyes and say whether his smile was real or fake.

Only this woman named Lu Shiqian or Ren Woxing was different— only she was different!

Shuang Ruyue was the type who acted. Years of high status also cemented his personality. Once he found something he liked, he would do their best to get it. This fox of a man who smiled so warmly had a wolf’s heart hidden beneath.

Lu Shiqian drove for about an hour. Seeing that no one caught up to them, she stopped the car and turned around, “You can get off here.” Even though this peerlessly handsome man saved her, she didn’t want to be too close to him on an instinctive level.

Shuang Ruyue suddenly grabbed Lu Shiqian’s head and pulled it towards himself, leaning over and sealing her lips. Sure enough, it was as delicious as he imagined. This delicate fragrance made one unable to let go. His body grew hotter as he deepened the kiss.

Lu Shiqian was taken aback. Feeling the tongue that had slipped into her mouth, she bit. The taste of blood soon filled her mouth.

“Ugh…” Shuang Ruyue definitely wouldn’t give up.

Lu Shiqian’s dagger pressed against his abdomen. If he continued, she would unhesitatedly plunge it in.

Shuang Ruyue backed away, bright red blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, adding to his demonic charm.

“You bit so ruthlessly,” he licked the blood clean with his tongue.

“Get out,” Lu Shiqian’s eyes turned colder. If it wasn’t because he saved her earlier, her foot would’ve already greeted him.

Shuang Ruyue smiled warmly, “You have to keep driving. They can track this scepter.” He innocently waved the Ruling Scepter.

“Shit!” Lu Shiqian grabbed the scepter and chucked it out the window. She pressed on the gas and the car shot forward.

“You just swore,” Shuang Ruyue mercilessly pointed out.

“Shut up!” Lu Shiqian felt that she was already very patient with him. Why did she used to think that he was a dragon amongst men? Her eyes had malfunctioned!

Shuang Ruyue had never been cursed at, much less been ruthlessly told to shut up in his life. Which person wouldn’t be respectful in front of him? Even the Pope had to give way to him. The reason being: he was a peerless genius throughout the thousands of years the Church of Light had existed! His future was unlimited! Which person was willing to offend such a person? Besides, was he the type of person to shut up when told to do so?

He said, “Careful, there’s a tree ahead.”

Lu Shiqian: “…”

The poor treasure of the Church of Light, the Ruling Scepter, a magic weapon of immeasurable value, flew into a pile of sh*t after being thrown out the window. When the 5 Elders and 7 Knights rushed over and saw this scene, their expressions couldn’t be described using mortal words.

Over the night, the car had long driven out of the capital and was rushing towards a small town in Jiugong County. Since Lu Shiqian was taking Shuang Ruyue that burden along, she couldn’t stay at even a slightly larger town. The eyes of the Church of Light were numerous, and both Shuang Ruyue and her appearance were too good, they would create a stir wherever they went. After storing her Ferrari, Lu Shiqian thought for a little and decided it was time for this black belly to go.

“It would be best you take me along. The Church of Light has many eyes. It would be bad if you got in trouble. You can still threaten them if you have me and secure an escape route,” Shuang Ruyue elegantly spoke. If his nature wasn’t taken into account, he would be the perfect charming gentleman.

It made sense, but this guy was still mostly trouble.

“You can go to the Song Empire to hide. Once you leave the Qin Empire, I’ll leave.” Shuang Ruyue smiled warmly. He seemed to know what Lu Shiqian was thinking. Before she could open her mouth, he had already spoken.

Fine then, it shall be carried out as such. Lu Shiqian gave Lan Ruo some gold coins and had him go buy some male clothing. She also tinkered for a while in her interspatial bracelet and pulled out three human face masks. It had to be said that the Fire of Creation was incredible! As long as you could think of it, you could do it! She could even guide her imagination during the creation process and change the attributes and effects of the item. That God of Creation from the Grand Era of Magic was also special. His legacy could be described as all-encompassing, much less mention this little human face mask. It looked incredibly authentic and also didn’t hinder the pores on the face when it was put on. It could even help people concentrate and absorb magic power, and even help with various skin conditions!

Lan Ruo soon came back with an ordinary family’s male clothes. Lan Ruo didn’t like Shuang Ruyue and was even more so angry at himself. If he was more powerful, then he would be able to protect his master and she wouldn’t be taken advantage of by this abominable man!

The love and admiration this beautiful elf youth had for Lu Shiqian was seen by the sun and the moon. He didn’t care how many men his master loved, and didn’t care how many men fell in love with her. As long as she looked at him occasionally, he would be satisfied. He did his utmost to be a good housekeeper and attendant. He was willing to do anything for her as long as he could follow by her side, see her, and take care of her.

Elves were originally a race that could give anything for love!

Lu Shiqian took out a set of women clothing from her interspatial bag. The first interspatial bag she made was taken by Sikong Yun and he refused to give it back, so she could only make another one. The 3,000 cubic meter bag was filled with miscellaneous things. One of the things in there was 100 sets of women clothing.

She handed the other two human face masks to Lan Ruo and Shuang Ruyue. Lu Shiqian wore the mask first.

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