Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 161

Soon, Lu Shiqian changed from a peerlessly beautiful woman into an ordinary-looking woman.

Shuang Ruyue looked at her and his eyes deepened while he joked, “The face is ordinary, but the figure… Hehe, it’s even more tempting once compared to the face.”

Lu Shiqian’s face turned black and her human face mask showed her expression accordingly. However, this guy was right. She couldn’t just change her face. She fumbled around for a while before finally pulling out an H-shaped object that was around half a finger thick. Ducking into the forest, she wrapped the object around her waist before naturally walking out.

There was an increase half-inch of fat on that willow-like waist and her flat stomach suddenly bulged out slightly. This way, her originally large chest was not as obvious anymore either. Her entire appearance seemed like an ordinary, plump woman. Other than her glossy black hair, no one could spot any inconsistencies.

When Lu Shiqian came out, the audience all fell off their seats! This transformation was just too overwhelming!

“Don’t just stand there. Quickly go change,” Lu Shiqian said to the stunned men.

Lan Ruo obediently put on the mask and turned into a ‘youth from next door’ while Shuang Ruyue turned into a slanted-eyed hoodlum.

However, their bodies were too good and didn’t match, so Lu Shiqian had to fumble around for a while before fixing their appearances.

The three looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Did you have a problem with me beforehand? Changing me into something like this,” Shuang Ruyue smiled and said. After changing his appearance, his voice turned more damn charming.

Lu Shiqian spread her hands, “What are you talking about? This is called clever. Who would expect the lofty Son of Light to be a hooligan?” Alright, she just didn’t like Shuang Ruyue.

Turned into a rogue, that gorgeous white priest clothing became too conspicuous. Lu Shiqian threw a set of ordinary male clothing to him, “Change into this.”

Shuang Ruyue smiled like the spring breeze, “Change here?” Unfortunately, this smile paired with his roguish looks made him seem utterly vulgar. Imagine a ruffian smiling ‘like the spring breeze’, who wouldn’t get an armful of goosebumps?

Lu Shiqian was unimpressed, “Whatever.”

Shuang Ruyue didn’t tarry and straightforwardly took off his clothes. His body was exposed under the sunlight— that shining, glittering, radiant body!

Lan Ruo turned away!

Hmm, the skin was white and delicate; body slender and powerful. It was quite enticing! If his waist, legs, and back didn’t have those transparent plastic-like substances stuck on, his figure would undoubtedly be perfect.

Lu Shiqian walked over and patted his shoulder, “Not bad, not bad. Keep working hard.” Those plastic-like substances were naturally stuck on by Lu Shiqian.

To be honest, even thought this body was very good, Lu Shiqian was still set on her family’s Death God.

Thus, she was unmoved.

Shuang Ruyue smiled lightly, slowly and elegantly putting on the coarse clothes. It was as if he were not wearing ordinary clothes but instead luxurious clothing. It must be said that even if his appearance was ugly, these movements added quite a few points. It was hard to hide the inner charm.

Now, a fat woman, a rogue, and a youth from next door came fresh out of the oven!

The three swaggered into the town. Other than a few glances here and there, there was no danger whatsoever. Even if they met a pious Church of Light believer, they would just be scorned by those arrogant believers.

Lu Shiqian thought that even God wouldn’t be able to recognize her current appearance.

Who knew that not long after entering the town, they heard someone shouting with surprise: “A’Qian!”

The current situation was like this: a fat woman, rogue, and youth from next door entered the down inconspicuously and were planning on crossing the road.

The Qin Empire’s General of the Thorn Army, Son of Light of the Church of Light, and the Elf Lan Ruo mixed into the crowd just like that and vanished. Like air bubbles in the sea, three grains of sand on the beach, they turned over and disappeared. When the bishops and knights of the Church of Light reached the town, they only found Shuang Ruyue’s discarded white robe in the grass.

This small town could be considered a safe and peaceful place, but rats would always exist and garbage would always be thrown. The three quietly hurried on their way, but encountered an unable to read the mood pig brother.

Thus concludes the earlier situation. Even though Lu Shiqian made both Shuang Ruyue and her appearance wretched, her hand wasn’t as heavy on Lan Ruo. Though he wasn’t too handsome, he was still eye-catching with an easy to bully appearance. When he stood next to a fat woman and rogue, he was naturally highlighted. So, he caught the eye of certain trash in the town. No matter what world you’re in, there will always be men who like other men. Thus, the man stealing man farce happened.

That pig brother was also a Rank 2 practitioner, the son of the town mayor. He could be considered the tyrant of the town. He led three to four henchmen with him and a one-in-a-hundred magic beast pig. His entire demeanor was arrogant as he lasciviously stared at Lan Ruo, pointing, “Catch him for this young master!”

When Lan Ruo heard this, he burst into flames. He glared, “What kind of dog thing are you?!” His voice was clear like crystal water, several times better than his appearance. Even if he was cursing other people, it still sounded good to the ears.

That pig brother listened comfortably and gave a dissolute smile, “How fiery, right to this young master’s tastes!”

By this point, quite a few people had gathered to spectate. Many were pointing. Some furiously scolded the pig brother for bullying intolerably while others sighed in regret at the youth’s unbearable fate. Someone cheered for the three, but no one came up to help. This town had no mines or veins, no forest, no magic beasts, and no specialties. Adventurers rarely passed by, and how could those ordinary residents be the opponent of that pig brother and his henchmen?

Low-level mages and practitioners were unable to detect the rank of higher-level mages and practitioners. The three also did not appear to be high ranking since they were deliberately trying to avoid the eyes of the God Rank powerhouses and the Church of Light. Instead, they attracted low-level trash that thought they were easy to bully, such as the pig brother.

“Where did this pig come from? If you thrash him, you’ll come out with a handful of oil; if you don’t thrash him, he’ll try to gain for cheap. What to do?” Lu Shiqian said. Pair that with a distressed expression on her large, flat face, it was truly aggravating.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I don’t understand the metaphor/idiom(?) that Lu Shiqian used there at the end. Could you explain it please? Thanks.

    1. Basically, she’s complaining that both beating and not beating him would be bad. If she beat him, her hands would get greasy because he’s a so-called “pig” (fat). Hence, the oil. However, if she doesn’t beat him, he’ll try to get away again with no retribution. Thus, she’s stuck in a “dilemma”.

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