Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 162

Shuang Ruyue was just about to speak when he heard an excited and unbelieving voice shout, “A’Qian!” Soon after, a seventeen or eighteen years old young man wearing cyan clothes with dark embroidering and a full set of gold equipment flew over and tightly hugged Lu Shiqian. He then closed his eyes and shyly yet determinately kissed her lips.

Lu Shiqian was stunned. This brat actually so assuredly kissed her just like that! Was he not afraid he recognized the wrong person? It was a borderline miracle he could still recognize her!

The spectators were dumbfounded. Who had ever seen a beautiful peach blossom, a peerless young man, kissing a fat, ugly girl? He was even incessantly embarrassed! The crowd all felt that their eyes had problems.

“I missed you so much!” Wei Mo’s face was completely red. He had just done the boldest thing ever in his life. He kissed the woman he kept dreaming of! T-This really made one… shy.

The people around them thought that they were not only seeing illusions, but also having auditory hallucinations.

Shuang Ruyue twisted his hands. He had a deep sense of crisis. This young man with peach blossom eyes will become a strong rival!

“A’Qian, what are you doing?” Wei Mo curiously looked at Lu Shiqian, his peach blossom eyes revealing an unable to be concealed interest.

Lu Shiqian covered the youth’s mouth, “I’ll tell you later. Don’t ask anything now.”

Her hand touched his lips and made Wei Mo’s face more red. He obediently nodded, “En.”

“I was wondering why he didn’t respond to me. He actually took fancy to… a fat cow.” A charming, soft voice spoke. The voice was like the person. His lips slightly curled up in a flirtatious manner, his body in a lily patterned robe. Peach blossom petals scattered every step he took, truly eye-opening! His gaze swept over Wei Mo and focused on Lu Shiqian, immediately knowing her identity. How could he not understand his own student? Besides her, who would he be willing to approach?

Everyone saw this peerless man and— men and women alike— were shocked to their hearts!

When had this little town ever seen such an outstanding person? It was even two people!

“Teacher,” Wei Mo softly called.

This charming man was Li Jing. He casually strolled over, “Student has a good eye. Seeing such high-quality goods, teacher will try a taste too.” Saying that, he looked down and was about to kiss Lu Shiqian. This guy really can’t change his nature!

But how could Lu Shiqian let him? She darted away, not allowing him to even brush her.

Li Jing smiled lightly, “Your progress is quite fast.” His gaze then landed on Shuang Ruyue.

Lu Shiqian coldly replied, “It’s okay.”

Lu Shiqian’s side was joy at a harmonious meeting; the pig brother’s saliva had already flowed into a pool, “Top-grade, top-grade goods…” He immediately abandoned Lan Ruo and turned his gaze onto Wei Mo and Li Jing.

“Someone come, get those two for me!” the pig brother unconstrainedly ordered. A few pig legs immediately rushed over.

Li Jing didn’t even glance at that pig brother and instead asked Lu Shiqian, “I seem to hear a pig squealing, can you hear it too?”

Lu Shiqian was also an unscrupulous fellow that left no face for the other, “Indeed, this pig’s been squealing for a while now.”

Li Jing smiled charmingly, “Noise pollution is a crime. I’ll clean them up.”

Without any particular movements, that pig brother and his fellow henchmen all turned into ice sculptures. This ice was different from other ice. It wouldn’t melt for a hundred years, and if it was forcefully broken, the people sealed inside would also be smashed into pieces… Don’t feel sorry for this pig brother. There’s plenty of trash in the world, and he can only blame himself for choosing to constantly throw himself in front of a gun!

The five continued walking out of the town.

“A’Qian, why are you dressed like that?” Wei Mo carefully studied Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian didn’t hide it and told them that she was being chased by 7 God Rank powerhouses and the Church of Light. Towards Wei Mo, she had an inexplicable sense of trust. She believed that he would never betray her! Her story surprised, shocked, and worried Wei Mo. He only calmed down once again when he reaffirmed that she was fine. He made up his mind once again to protect her well, to grow until he was strong enough to!

Speaking of this, Lu Shiqian curiously asked, “How did you recognize me?” With her appearance like this, it should be very difficult to recognize her. How could this guy be so sure it was her?

The blush on Wei Mo’s face remained unfaded, “I use my heart to look at you. Your appearance in my heart has never changed.” The simpler the person, the stronger their intuition. Lu Shiqian had firmly branded herself into his heart, so he recognized her at first glance. This kind of cognition had become an instinct. Even if he didn’t look, a kiss or a touch would suffice to know it was her!

Lu Shiqian was rendered speechless: that was a little too OP, wasn’t it? “Why are you here?” This was a question Lu Shiqian was more concerned about. Didn’t Wei Mo follow Li Jing to learn through experience? How did they end up at this little town in Jiugong County?

“I came with Teacher to pick up something. I… I’m going to enter the Forest of Death!” Wei Mo’s words were shocking!

If others heard the three words ‘Forest of Death’, they would jump in terror. These three words weren’t scary spoken individually, but together, it was absolutely terrifying! In this world, not one adventurer would dare say he wasn’t afraid of the Forest of Death. If they said they weren’t, it was just that they had never experienced the fear of the Forest of Death!

Just as the name suggests, this was a forbidden place for humans, a playground for death!

These last thousand years, countless attempts have been made to conquer the Forest of Death. The results? Even the periphery of the forest wasn’t passed through. The Forest of Death was like a behemoth magic beast. Anyone who dared to break into these forbidden lands would be swallowed so cleanly even dust won’t remain.

There were once Saints, dragon slayers, parties formed from Rank 9 practitioners and mages, teams of thousands, ten thousands, even hundreds of thousands of adventurers challenged the outskirts of the Forest of Death. Without exception, not a single one returned alive. Even if they returned, they had all gone insane from fear and soon died from mental breakdown!

What was in the Forest of Death? No one knew!

The Forest of Death was the forbidden area of death!

These thousand years, it had already become humanity’s nightmare. Even the bravest person would need to gather their courage to mention it.

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