Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 163

But Wei Mo was currently saying that he wished to enter the Forest of Death!

As a transmigrator, Lu Shiqian didn’t know the meaning of the Forest of Death. However, looking at Wei Mo’s face, she understood that it would be a dangerous trip. Since it was dangerous, how could it not include her?! Rather than hiding east and west, it would be better to enter a dangerous area to train and improve, right?

“I’ll go too,” Lu Shiqian said.

“A’Qian…” Wei Mo knew Lu Shiqian’s temperament. Once she made up her mind, nine bulls wouldn’t be able to drag her back. He held her hand and nodded enthusiastically, “En!”

“Ai, I just knew that this kid would be soft-hearted!” Li Jing seemed both helpless and excited, “A Rank 4 mage heading to the Forest of Death will be quite interesting!”

No need to think about Lan Ruo: wherever his master went, he would follow.

As for Shuang Ruyue, he smiled bright like the sun, “The Forest of Death? I’m very curious too.”

A group of people sat in Lu Shiqian’s Ferrari and drove towards the Forest of Death!

The Forest of Death was located in the southernmost part of the Qin Empire. You could even venture so far as to say that the Forest of Death was at the southernmost part of humanity as a whole. Even if the Devil Dance Continent was only 1/10 the size of the original Continent of the Gods, the area was still very vast. Other than the little millions of kilometers occupied by human empires, the Forest of Death in the south, the Deceiving Sea in the east, the Xufeng Ice Fields in the north, the Luoji Mountains in the west, all of them were forbidden areas. Thus, no one knew just how large or wide the world was.

As long as you looked up, the forest stretched to the horizons in all directions. That was enough to know how boundless the forest was. If you flew into the sky, it would stretch to the sides as far as the eye could see.

Compared to the ancient trees where the City of Elves was located, the Forest of Death’s trees weren’t as thick or high but it seemed to grow wildly. The trees were well past a thousand meters, and countless people would be needed to encircle a tree. There were all kinds of flora here. Even from the periphery, a thousand different species could be spotted. Tall trees and low bushes, plants hanging in the air, vine-like species, fungus and the like added vitality to the forest. This was just the periphery, no one knew if more exotic plants lied further in. It was precisely due to the variety of flora that it became the jackpot for greedy people. For example, the magic power increasing Devil Fruit, the vitality boosting Heavenly Fragrance, the Violet-Gold Fruit that could change a magic beast’s physique… The list was endless. These were all first-rate treasures and could be sold for a sky-high profit. However, the prerequisite was to take these things out with their life intact.

Besides plants, there were also many minerals such as red frost stone, black iron, cat’s eye stone, aquamarine, olivine… These precious ores that could be used in forging were also found in this Forest of Death. Same with earlier, the prerequisite was coming out alive.

Magic beasts were still the most plentiful within the Forest of Death. There were many kinds and the star rank was staggering. This was a completely a world for magic beasts! The major reason why people did not dare enter was due to the magic beasts. Any random magic beast would be above 10 Stars. Furthermore, they also traveled in groups. Whoever met them was unlucky. Perhaps it was because the competition in the forest was too high but all of the magic beasts— including herbivores— were wild and fierce!

It stands to reason that such a dangerous place should be sparsely populated, but there was a city 20 miles away from the forest named Twilight City. This was a city specially made for adventurers. There were only two types of people in the city: merchants and adventurers. This city was not under the control of any empire. Conversely, no empire grew hot-headed and made trouble for the city either. The reason being that the adventurers that came here were definitely not nobodies! Humans were indeed tenacious creatures. Even in dangerous areas, they were able to build up forces! Truly amazing!

There were special supplies for adventurers in Twilight City including water, meat, and fruit. Things that were commonly used by adventurers. Preparing food and water was definitely key in adventuring. In dangerous areas, the price of these supplies were ridiculously high, especially water and fruit, which were 100 times more expensive than in other cities. High risk and high return. That was why even though it was expensive, quite a few people were buying. After all, nobody was like that abnormal Lu Shiqian, carrying a 3000 cubic meter interspatial bag holding water, food, clothing, and everything else. After this interspatial bag was created, her interspatial bracelet was no longer cluttered with both treasures and trash. Of course, there were also armor stores, forging shops, magic beast stores, and a must-have in every city: inns. Naturally, the items in these stores were also very expensive. In addition, there was also a black market in the city. People could take their magic beasts, ores, plants and etc. and put it up for sale. They only needed pay a silver coin for the fee.

Lu Shiqian shaded her eyes with her hand and looked at the walls that were over 50 meters tall and 20 meters thick, sighing at the grandeur of the walls that encircled the city. She then saw the passerby and noticed that not one of them was lower than Rank 6. Even the guards and soldiers were Rank 6. Seems like even though dangerous places were terrifying, the strong also rushed in. Powerhouses that could serve as high-ranking officials in other places were willing to be a lowly city guard in this place. It was truly eye-opening.

Perhaps to these people, this kind of dangerous life was countless times more stimulating than the easy life. Here, they could gain a quick increase in strength and hone their skills. If they were lucky, they may even be able to contract a strong magic beast and gain good equipment. This was a dangerous place, but also a paradise of opportunity!

Amongst these people, Lu Shiqian’s little identity of a Rank 4 mage made others shocked. It was like seeing a child fighting against a tiger. A mage or practitioner below Rank 6 coming here was just seeking death! Even if they were a Rank 6 or 7 powerhouse, they only dared to hunt some in the area.

Furthermore, Lu Shiqian was really just too fat and ugly, causing a great dissonance.

As for the others… The ugly were ugly, the thick were thick, none of them were outstanding.

Wei Mo and Li Jing also borrowed human face masks from Lu Shiqian and dressed up inconspicuously. Wei Mo naturally wanted to be more similar to Lu Shiqian; Li Jing just found it fun.

The guard was just about to drive them away when he felt his hand weigh down with an extra jade token. He glanced at the jade token and his expression changed greatly, immediately respectfully bending down, “Please enter.”

Li Jing charmingly retrieved the jade token, “Don’t underestimate people.” This man… Even if he looked ordinary, his gestures were still enchanting.

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