Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 164

The guard’s body shook and respectfully replied, “Yes, Esteemed One.”

When the five left, the guard continuously wiped his sweat. Heavens, who was that esteemed one? He actually had the master token!

It was said the Master of Twilight City was a big figure from 600 years ago. He and three other equally powerful people created Twilight City around 100 years ago. After the city was built, the master of the city made four master tokens, one for each. Anyone who saw this token was to respect them like the master of the city.

The five headed straight towards the city master’s mansion. Along the way, every time Li Jing flashed the jade token, no one dared to block. This made Lu Shiqian once again curious of his identity.

Wei Mo’s teacher… Seeing the way he dressed and threw around money, he was definitely very rich. Wei Mo said that he used to live at Snow Mountain, so this place naturally wasn’t that evildoer’s headquarters. Where did he get that important-looking jade token? Also, how powerful was this devil?

Upon arriving at the city lord’s mansion, they met a middle-aged man that was about 40 years old. His face was stiff and demeanor firm. This tall and strong middle-aged man hurriedly ran over, surprise dying his face when he saw Li Jing. He then quickly bowed and cupped his hands, “Old… Mister Li.” He happily grabbed Wei Mo and asked, “Is this Mister’s student?” The four people in front of him contained one Saint, a light attribute Rank 8 mage, a Rank 7 elf mage, and a Rank 4 mage. The combination was truly strange.

Wei Mo was unaccustomed to being pulled. He broke free from the middle-aged man’s hand and stood next to Lu Shiqian.

“Mu Rongyi, you’re still so reckless.” Li Jing lightly said, “Have you been well these past few years?”

This soft voice almost moved Mu Rongyi to tears.

“Old… Mister Li,” Mu Rongyi sorted out his emotions and stood respectfully. Even if he was now famous, the city lord of a stronghold, in front of Li Jing, he was still a child.

“Alright, enough. Bring me to see the others, they’re probably anxious from waiting.” Li Jing calmly ordered.

“Yes,” Mu Rongyi steadily answered and led the way.

Lu Shiqian opened her eyes that could see through to the heart and looked at the two’s interaction. Their relationship was clear to see.

Unexpectedly, this devil’s origins weren’t small!

In the reception hall of the city lord’s mansion, quite a few people were waiting. Most of them had a faint imposing aura while a few of them were Saints. There were about three hundred people. The group’s high level was astounding! There were so many powerhouses on the Devil Dance Continent?

Before you reach this level, you may understand this, just like how a beggar wouldn’t know how the rich live. If she wasn’t with Li Jing, she also wouldn’t know that there were so many Gods on this continent!

Even without counting the Gods that survived the catastrophe 100,000 years ago, countless had become Gods over the vast course of time. However, it was a miniscule number that may not even reach 1,000 over the last 100,000 years!

Li Jing had seen great waves over his many years and had grown indifferent, had grown bored.

Maybe he needed to find something interesting!

The crowd saw Li Jing walk in and except for a few who had obvious fluctuations in mood, the others remained in deep contemplation.

“Very good, looks like everyone is very honest, coming to my Hundred Year Covenant.” Li Jing spoke.

“Hmph, you were the one that made this meeting, yet you’re the last to arrive!” A rather eerie old man with a middle part and gray streaks on the side of his hair coldly harrumphed.

Li Jing smiled devilishly, his ordinary face revealing unparalleled allure, “Didn’t I arrive on time? Aren’t you guys just too polite to have arrived early?”

“You…” That old man shook and couldn’t speak.

A beautiful woman with a large chest raised an eyebrow as she swept her gaze over Li Jing, “How did you end up looking like that?”

Li Jing was devilishly enchanting and his appearance was top-class. Now that he was wearing human face mask, his looks had been greatly diminished.

He threw a wink at the beautiful woman, “If I was disfigured, will you support me?”

The beautiful woman snorted, “Pei! You speak like you’re farting! Not a single line is true.”

Li Jing seductively walked over to the master’s seat and sat, “Since everyone’s here, let’s start.”

The so-called Hundred Year Covenant was for the 200 or so God Rank powerhouses to train one or two Saint Rank disciples. They would then form groups and break through the Forest of Death. Those who could pass through the periphery of the Forest of Death without dying would reap heavy benefits and also receive gold equipment. They must stay for at least 3 months in the Forest of Death, and those that withdrew halfway would be considered forfeit and wouldn’t be rewarded anything.

It was a gamble. The Forest of Death was rich in resources, so much so that even the God Rank powerhouses would go greedy for it. Entering alone was just delivering themselves up to death, but going with 200 Gods would greatly increase the probability of success. This would be a thrilling adventure! Think about it, a new chapter may open on the unconquered Forest of Death today!

Of the 200 Gods, 100 of them trained a Saint Rank disciple. Alas, good seedlings were hard to find!

But it didn’t matter. Even if there were no disciples, they must still participate! This was also the reason why these people arrived early.

“I didn’t know that there were so many God Rank powerhouses in this world,” Lu Shiqian rubbed her nose.

When she spoke, all the powerhouses looked towards her.

“A little Rank 4 mage?” The beautiful woman froze before covering her mouth and giggled.

Most of the God Rank powerhouses looked down on Lu Shiqian when they saw her. Before, their attention was focused on Li Jing and they had never thought that a Rank 4 Mage would be inserted into the group of Saints and Gods. Heavens, what could a Rank 4 mage do other than drag them down? What more, this Rank 4 mage was too ugly! It was truly unbearable!

Wasn’t it? The people here were all powerful and peerless in appearance. There were very few ugly-looking people. Other than a few old men, everyone was outstanding. Especially those disciples, which one of them wasn’t beautiful? After Lu Shiqian disguised herself, aside from her dark like night hair and star-like eyes that were extremely attractive, which place could make her be deemed a beauty?

The disciples of the God Rank powerhouses usually all grew their eyes on top of their heads. Seeing that Lu Shiqian was so weak and ugly, they naturally did not give any face.

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