Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 165

“Where did this ugly thing come from? Is this someplace you can come to?” a woman that was like a weapon yelled. This woman looked around 27-28 years old and was born in the Song Empire and very proud. The disciples of these Gods were at most 70 years old and the younger ones were around 30. Naturally, they were all geniuses that were unwilling to budge, arrogance was inevitable.

“A’Qian isn’t an ugly thing!”

“You’re the ugly thing!”

Wei Mo and Lan Ruo spoke at the same time. Their tone and intonation were different, but they both expressed the same meaning. Lu Shiqian was the goddess in their hearts. They would not allow anyone to slander her!

“How could her beauty be seen by you vulgar people?” When comparing nobleness and arrogance, who could beat the Son of Light Shuang Ruyue? He was 18 years old this year and was close to breaking through Rank 8 to reach Saint Rank. His successful breakthrough would make him the youngest Saint on the Devil Dance Continent for the past tens of thousands of years!

Now, the youngest Saint was the 19-year-old Wei Mo. Who was more genius than them?

Of course, other than Lu Shiqian this abnormality!

Shuang Ruyue’s words had high killing power, making that Song Empire’s princess Song Yan go askew with anger. She was already narrow-minded, and now that she was being called vulgar by a vulgar-looking man, she blew her top: “What kind of thing are you, daring to speak to this princess?!”

Shuang Ruyue calmly glanced over and Song Yan suddenly went silent. This one glance had given her great pressure. Even her father had never given her such pressure like a mountain, heavy without compare.

“Li Jing, what is the meaning of this? Other than one of these four that had reached Saint Rank, the others are all unqualified. Are you breaching the contract?” Old Man Di Zhonghai stood up. As a teacher, was he supposed to just stand by and watch as his student was bullied?

Li Jing smiled alluringly, “The Saint mentioned is my student. As for the other three… they aren’t.”

“Then they are not qualified to enter!” A wicked middle-aged man next to the old man said.

“No, they are qualified. The Hundred Year Covenant only states that Gods should teach disciples and help them reach Saint Rank. It does not say that its participants must be that rank, however.” Li Jing unhurriedly spoke.

“You…” Old Man Di Zhonghai angrily flipped his sleeves and snorted, “Hmph!”

The rules were set by Li Jing so of course whatever he said goes! Mostly importantly, in this entire crowd of people, not one was stronger than Li Jing!

“Aiyah, be more generous. What’s wrong with bringing three rising stars?” Li Jing stroked his sleeves.

“Alright, if they want to go die, I won’t stop them!” Di Zhonghai coldly stated.

Even Gods had to be careful in the dangerous Forest of Death! When they met a magic beast horde, who would save them? Let those little brats that don’t know the heavens and earth die!

Lu Shiqian coldly narrowed her eyes, “We decided to take the risk and naturally don’t fear death. We will also not drag down a single person here!”

These words were spoken assuredly, resoundingly, and unyieldingly. Even in the face of 200 God Rank powerhouses, she was not arrogant, hot-headed, or afraid. This kind of courage was unordinary and attracted the gaze of several that didn’t yet have disciples.

Although this woman looked ugly and was only a Rank 4 Mage at 16, but with these guts, she may really become something.

The 300 people divided into five teams of sixty. Lu Shiqian and the others were all put into Li Jing’s team. The beautiful woman and her beautiful student, Old Man Di Zhonghai and Song Yan were also in their group.

“Teacher, I don’t want to be in the same group as them!” When Song Yan saw that she was put in the same group as Lu Shiqian and the others, she grew unhappy. How could being with a team of trash compare to being in a team of powerhouses?

Li Jing smiled devilishly, “Who else is not willing to stay in this team?”

With this question, a large majority abruptly stood up. It was clear that they were not willing to go with Lu Shiqian and the others into the Forest of Death. Entering the Forest of Death was a great risk. Any slight negligence could lead to death! Moreover, Lu Shiqian was the weakest of the bunch!

“Is anyone from other teams willing to trade?” Li Jing asked again.

Everyone remained silent. Trade positions, what a joke! The overall strength of the team would definitely be much lower with such weaklings! By that time, where would they have the strength to hunt magic beasts or snatch treasures? Just defending was hard enough!

“I’ll come over.” An old man with a head full of white hair and a kindly mien walked over.

A handsome young swordsman and his teacher also stood.

Then, a God Rank powerhouse carrying a broadsword came over; a gray-haired powerhouse came over…

Around 30 people came over and replaced the 40 some people that didn’t want to stay.

The people who traded over all smiled brightly and looked at this team with compassion. This team was destined to fail before they even entered! How funny!

“Relax, little guy, I will protect you.” The white-haired old man patted Lu Shiqian’s head.

The God Rank powerhouse with the broadsword gave a thumbs-up at Lu Shiqian.

Now that the teams were decided, the powerhouses didn’t linger and went on their way.

Gods could fly through the air and Saints were usually taken along by their teachers. A few chose to ride a magic beast capable of flight.

Shuang Ruyue rode his 10 Star white unicorn. It was extremely eye-catching and quite a few powerhouses were surprised. Divine Unicorn, the symbol of the Church of Light!

Lan Ruo would also not go down without startling others. Transparent beautiful wings spread out and grabbed everyone’s eyes. The wings as thin as a cicada’s wings emitted the colors of the rainbow under the sunlight. It was very beautiful!

Did elves have wings?

But when Lu Shiqian let out her white-winged unicorn, the eyes of the Saints became round.

A 29 Star white-winged unicorn! Which mount could be more eye-catching than that?

A magic beast with this star rank wasn’t something that even Gods could attain. The stronger the magic beast, the harder it was to tame. It was truly unfathomable by what means a Rank 4 mage used to get it. Furthermore, how did she successfully contract with it? In any case, it was an indisputable fact that she had such a magic beast, and the power this magic beast gave her wasn’t just a little!

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