Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 166

No wonder why she dared to enter the Forest of Death! So she had her means!

The powerhouses thought as such.

Song Yan’s jealous eyes unhesitantly glared over. How could an ugly girl like her have such a beautiful and strong magic beast? That beast should be hers!

Lu Shiqian reached out and pulled Wei Mo onto the back of the unicorn. The white-winged unicorn unfurled its white wings and rose into the sky!

“L-L-Look! What’s that?!” A Rank 6 adventurer pointed at the flying people in the sky.

“Heavens, who are they? Could they be Saints?” a Rank 7 powerhouse worshipped.

“Saints can’t fly.” A Rank 8 powerhouse spoke, “Only Gods… can fly.”

The crowd fervently looked at the sky. God Rank! How far away it was…

The closer they got to the Forest of Death, the more they felt the intense pressure. A mist filled the forest, adding a few touches of eeriness to the place.

People were still terrified of this forest from the depths of their heart.

Who was entering first?

Li Jing smiled alluringly, taking his team to enter first. If they were going to be scared from the start, they may as well not bother!

Once they entered, the amount of light decreased drastically.

At the same time, thousands of small eyes caught sight of them.

When they all came in, everyone entered the surveillance range of these eyes.

Fire Fox Hong Jin jumped onto Lu Shiqian’s shoulder, “Master, it’s the Carnivorous Rat.”

Carnivorous Rats liked the dark and hated the light; they were about the size of a fist. Generally, they preyed on small birds and insects. When hunting, the entire family would set out together. The quality of these rats was generally poor and some average.

The five teams maintained a certain distance as they made their way forward.

The forest was quiet, with the occasional rustling of leaves.

The God with the broadsword was named Feng Zhongxin. He pointed his finger forward, and a chilling sword shadow cut into the body of some creature that was about to move in. A burst of fresh blood splashed over.

The forest suddenly sank into silence. Soon after, countless leaves began to rustle.

Sha sha sha!

A series of creatures began moving towards the group extremely quickly.

“Gather together, quickly!” Mu Rongyi decisively ordered.

They were worthy of being Gods, their reactions were extremely fast. Soon, a large circle of 300 people formed.

“Zhi…” A Carnivorous Rat the size of a rabbit jumped out and got shot full of holes.

“10 Stars…” The powerhouses saw the Carnivorous Rat’s star rank and were speechless for a moment. They had just entered the forest, yet the first thing that attacked them was a 10 Star magic beast! Furthermore, who knew what kind of mutation this thing went through, but it was much larger than normal!

“Zhi zhi zhi…” Following after, hundreds of Carnivorous Rats rose from the ground, baring their sharp teeth as they lunged forward!

No matter what it was, the more there were, the scarier it was. As the saying goes, even ants can kill an elephant! Even more so when so many Carnivorous Rats attacked together! This kind of scene was truly terrifying!

How many Carnivorous Rats were there? Hundreds? No, there were at least a thousand, perhaps more because there was a continuous stream of beasts attacking! So many beasts were attacking them the moment they entered. No wonder why no one had ever left the Forest of Death alive. The power of these rats when they grouped together was truly strong! What was even more surprising was that these rats that didn’t have much magic power could shoot ice arrows!

Carnivorous Rats were frightening, but God Ranks weren’t herbivores either, each response first-rate! Under the circumstances of 3 to 1, they could still kill their way through! The broadsword-carrying Feng Zhongxin and white-haired Qi Zhan killed with great vigor. As for Li Jing, he was the most relaxed because not a single rat dared to bother him!

In contrast, Lu Shiqian’s side was the most strenuous. Rats continuously jumped up to attack her. They seemed well-versed in bullying the weak, tightly grasping onto the weakest-looking one!

“If she can’t guard herself, then kick her out of the team. We don’t want weaklings.” After that Old Man Di Zhonghai successively bombarded 15 rats, he coldly stated. How much you say you hate that arrogant face was how hated he was.

He was also from the Song Empire, named Song Chengyuan. He had always hated Qin people and normally, no one was put in his eyes. It was right, he was a God and few could contest against him. His prestige was so high that even Song Huairen needed to treat him like an ancestor.

Song Yan’s weapon was called Flash, a type of clutch hook. Its trajectory couldn’t be calculated when sent out, extremely guile, so it was called Flash. She was deliberately showing off, consecutively killing five or six rats: “Teacher is right. Some people seem to think that they can survive in this forest by going through the back door. That’s a big mistake! If you don’t have the strength, then scram!”

The white-haired old man made his way over to Lu Shiqian, ready to lend a hand when he stopped and stroked his beard. This little brat sure concealed themselves deeply!

Lu Shiqian fought with a dagger in hand. It seemed startling each time, barely scraping by the danger, but she was able to guard every time. She didn’t waste any energy and wasted even less movements. Every time she swung the dagger, she found the greatest flaw and gained the greatest effect! For example, originally, getting one rat with one swing was pretty good. However, she was able to calculate the angle and could get one, two, and even three in one attack! Every time she struck, she would aim for key places. The coordination between evasion and attack was also very smooth. It looked like she was laboring on the surface, but she was able to deal with eight rats at once without falling. How could an ordinary Rank 4 mage do this?

Lu Shiqian was also testing herself by increasing the difficulty. She didn’t use Hong Jin or spells in order to explore the limits of her body. The Heavenly Swinging Sword slowly grew accustomed in her hands and she was close to breaking through the third step Gale Winds and Pounding Rain to the fourth.

She was using this as a testing ground!

Soon, many other Gods also noticed. This woman that looked bloated wasn’t quite ordinary!

“Che, is killing a few rats worth being proud of?” Song Yan disdainfully criticized.

A 16 Star Carnivorous Rat ran up and bit her thigh. Thus, with ‘great’ glory, she became the first person to get injured.

Unable to bear the pain, she cried out in horror and the formation grew slightly chaotic.

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