Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 167

Those eyes that had been watching from shadows were long waiting for this chance and made a bloodthirsty cry, “Zhi!

Tens of thousands of rats the size of rabbits charged forth, forming a black wave. Behind them, an adult giant and fat Carnivorous Rat King appeared. This giant rat was 15 Stars!

Song Yan cried out and fell to the ground.

Lu Shiqian secretly ordered, “Hong Jin, weapon merge. We need to use some real skill now.”

The army of rats appeared in the blink of an eye. Lu Shiqian waved a bright red sword and casted Fire Rain.

The grindstone-sized fire wheel crashed down, each smash destroying hundreds. Wherever the sword pointed, it would hit; wherever it hit, a blank space would be left behind. The power of fire 20 Star Hong Jin had was increased another level, burning a rat in but a second.

This move of Lu Shiqian’s was shocking, her actions exaggerated! That was because she had a strong thing to rely on… 100 magic seas! Her magic power was inexhaustible, gaining more the more she used it on the contrary!

The amount of magic power in the bodies of the Gods was only the size of a pond! The more they used, the less they had!

What was difference? This was difference!

“Hey, are you stupid?” A 20 or so handsome young man with his hair tied neatly spoke with an expression that could either be concern or disdain. He shouted, “Are you a pig?! Using up your magic power so early!”

They had just entered the forest but already met such a fierce attack. What would happen next was uncertain, and magic power was hard to recover in a short time unless they had countless magic beast cores or potions. Directly absorbing from magic beast cores was slower and there was also a period of time needed to process it. On the other hand, medicine made from magic beast cores could be directly absorbed but it was extremely expensive! Even God Ranks would have no more than 20 bottles!

Back when Lu Shiqian was playing the game and planning on entering the Tomb of the Gods, she bought a lot of high-level gold pills that replenished health and high-level blue pills that replenished mana. After transmigrating over, it was like she was armed fully with cheats! Beating up some magic beasts wasn’t a problem at all! Thus, those high-level blue pills had become a mere decoration in her interspatial bracelet. She believed that whether it was now or in the future, she would never have a chance to use it.

Except, they didn’t know such a perverted thing.

She released another few successive Fire Rains. When she looked around, she realized that the God Ranks really were saving their power. However, in the end, Gods were still strong. Even if they were saving their strength, they were still cutting through the Carnivorous Rats with every strike.

“You pig!” That young man slashed his way over, helping Lu Shiqian fend off the rats: “Don’t you know to save your energy?!”

Lu Shiqian felt greatly aggrieved. She was already saving her energy, okay?!

Lan Ruo heard the young man continuously calling his master a ‘pig’ and felt very dissatisfied, “You’re the pig! You’re a big, fat pig!” How could he not know his master’s strength? “Hmph! Stupid pig, braindead pig!”

The Carnivorous Rat King saw that many of its subjects had been wiped out by this group and squeaked angrily twice, its claws swiping the floor, ready to charge over.

“I’m going to kill it. Are you going or not?” Lu Shiqian smiled and asked the young man.

The young man’s name was Xi Feng, an upright and hot-tempered person. He was a Saint mage that decided to change into Lu Shiqian’s team. Therefore, even if he called Lu Shiqian a pig, she didn’t give him the cold eye.

Xi Feng was stunned for a moment and saw that Lu Shiqian had already pulled away to attack the giant rat.

“You…” Do you not want to live anymore?! When he thought about it, attacking the giant rat was the best course of action. After killing the rat king, the others would naturally scatter. Thus, he raised his staff and charged in!

Lan Ruo, Shuang Ruyue, and Wei Mo naturally did not fall behind and followed after.

The five mages actually didn’t cast spells from a distance and all charged into a melee battle! Seeing this, the other powerhouses were dumbfounded. This world was too strange!

A 15 Star Carnivorous Rat King with more than a hundred 11 Star Carnivorous Rats around it. How to fight it?

Lu Shiqian kicked Xi Feng into the group of rats and the hurrying-over Shuang Ruyue narrowed his eyes as he exterminated the rodents with Wei Mo, Lan Ruo, and Xi Feng.

As for Lu Shiqian… She was facing the Carnivorous Rat King.

To be honest, without other Carnivorous Rats in the way, killing the king was a piece of cake.

The 20 Star Hong Jin’s weapon form made the Carnivorous Rat King afraid. When the sword fell, the rats stopped attacking and scattered every which way.

They had successfully fended off the first attack in the Forest of Death! Except for Song Yan who suffered some light injuries, everyone else was hale and hearty.

“Does anyone else want to kick me out of the team?” Lu Shiqian glared at Song Chengyuan.

She proved herself with strength. If anyone still chased her out, then they were blind.

“Hmph, you used so much magic power. Even if you don’t go, you’re only setting yourself up for death.” Song Chengyuan sneered at her. Just a little Rank 4 Mage that doesn’t know the boundaries!

Wei Mo held Lu Shiqian’s hand and declared, “She won’t die.” He wouldn’t let her be in danger even if he had to put his life on the line.

Mu Rongyi stated in a deep voice, “She is qualified to be a part of us. Let’s not quarrel, everyone. Harmony is key.”

After digging out the dead rats’ magic cores, the crowd continued making their way into the forest. Everyone was very aware of the danger of this forest. They had met such a fierce attack right after entering, so they must put out 120% effort!

This forest was too big, too eerie. There may be horrifying things aside from magic beasts.

“You learned those fourth-rank fire spells?” the white-haired God Rank Qi Zhan kindly asked Lu Shiqian. He had just seen her cast Fire Rain and concluded that she was a fire mage. It was perfect. He too was a fire-attribute mage, perhaps he could teach her something. As to how much she could learn, that was up to her. He didn’t dare to think that Lu Shiqian wasn’t just a fire mage, she was also water, wood, gold, and earth; a five-attribute mage.

Lu Shiqian understood the hidden meaning behind his words. He probably wanted to give her some pointers.

Generally speaking, no one would foolishly pass on their skills and experiences to others. To get an expert’s advice, especially a God, that was something very rare!

The reason why Qi Zhan wanted to teach her was due to her extraordinary performance and also because he saw how much magic power Lu Shiqian had in her body. Lu Shiqian just wasted a ton of magic power, but she still displayed no signs of sluggishness. This meant that the amount of magic power in her body was much more than the average person. As a mage, he knew better than anyone else how much having more magic power than others in the early stages would affect their later stages. It may not show in the early stages, but the effects were drastic later on. With the same Rank 7 mage, the one with more magic power would be able to cast more spells and their endurance would be longer. They may even be able to cast forbidden spells. The one with less magic power would meet all kinds of obstacles. Once they reached God Rank, the difference would be even greater.

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