Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 168

“Up to now, I’ve learned Small Fireball, Fireball, and Fire Rain.” Lu Shiqian answered. There was no choice, the threshold for the lowest ranked spell in “Million***” was Rank 8. Rank 8! That was still very far away.

“I can teach you Fire Dragon,” Qi Zhan was also not secretive.

He taught the Fire Dragon chant to Lu Shiqian and the casting method. He soon discovered that Lu Shiqian’s learning ability was very high, inferring three more things from one. Truly a good student! The more he taught, the more excited he grew, wishing he could teach everything he knew to her. Sometimes, meeting a good student was harder than meeting a God Rank powerhouse! How could he miss this opportunity?

The two were happy to learn and teach. It was very harmonious.

Li Jing furtively walked over, his 180 cm body leaning against Lu Shiqian, “Aiyah, so tired.”

This guy was trudging through the forest, but his clothes were still sparkling clean!

When he leaned over, his fragrance also wafted over. This guy was obviously a man, need he smell so fragrant? He even rubbed Lu Shiqian’s crystal-like neck and sighed comfortably, “Much better.”

This scene was undoubtedly very eye-catching. Li Jing was very handsome and charming, his face that looked to be in the twenties caused the female disciples’ hearts to race. However, he just had to lean against the fat and flat-faced Lu Shiqian. The contrast between the two made Li Jing’s striking beauty stand out even more.

It had to be said that Lu Shiqian’s human face mask was too good!

Lu Shiqian frowned slightly and straightforwardly raised a foot and kicked him.

Seeing the rising threat, Li Jing decided to retreat. Anyways, he ate a small piece of tofu and gained a small advantage.

“What is that smell? So bad!” Song Yan covered her nose.

Everyone had long smelt it. An indescribable odor spread in the forest. The closer they got, the worse the smell got.

“This seems to be the smell of dead bodies,” a powerhouse pointed out.

Going a little further, they saw around a hundred human and magic beast corpses piled together, exuding an unbearable stench.

“Ah!” Song Yan couldn’t resist throwing up.

Several Saint disciples that had never seen such a bloody scene also began puking.

Lu Shiqian held Wei Mo’s hand tightly. He was a simple person that couldn’t even bear killing a magic beast. This was the first time he saw so many corpses, so how could he be well? Lu Shiqian knew this and didn’t let go of him.

Strength transferred through their linked hands and inspired Wei Mo. Seeing that Lu Shiqian’s face was unmoved, he also calmed down.

Shuang Ruyue coldly stared at the corpses. Those should be the bodies of the previous adventurers. How did they not rot after so long? It was somewhat strange. They were obviously dead, so how were there still magic power fluctuations coming off of them?

Three hundred people walked past the mound. It was reasonable to say that whoever met this kind of thing wouldn’t be happy.

Those originally unmoving corpses abruptly opened their eyes when the group walked by!

The fluctuations in magic power suddenly grew stronger and when the corpses smelled fresh food near them, they all staggered up.

Some strange substance in the Forest of Death caused these originally dead bodies to change into beasts with only their stomachs— a group of disgusting zombies!

They may have been praised as heroes or powerhouses standing far above everyone else. However, here, they were only abhorrent pieces of meat!

The Forest of Death had begun to slowly open its giant maws at its invaders!

These corpses when they were alive were Saints and now, they were still releasing Saint Rank power, except they didn’t have much intelligence and didn’t know how to use skills. However, even without intelligence, their attacks were fierce and powerful. Think about it, a group of corpses that weren’t afraid of pain controlled solely by their appetite, what was harder to face than this?

A group of disgusting zombies missing either arms or legs and also releasing the stench of dead bodies attacked violently, their ruined throats shouting out hoarsely. They stretched their withered hands or remaining little pieces of skin towards Song Yan.

They used their instinct and decided that this woman was easiest to grab!

Song Yan had never seen such a crazy thing and retreated countless steps in fright. Her strength as a Saint couldn’t be seen at all.

The weapon used by Song Chengyuan was a sting. In a blow, several corpses were blown away.

The sting was originally an assassination weapon, showing three points and concealing seven. Song Chengyuan’s sting was very strange, it could lengthen and compress, able to be used in sneak attacks.

Compared to the zombies attacking Song Yan, Lu Shiqian’s ‘lively’ side was completely deserted. There were almost no zombies attacking her and even seemed to be slightly afraid of her. They had already died, so what were they scared of?

Could it be everlasting death?

True death?

Lu Shiqian touched the butterfly pattern the Death God left behind on her collarbone.

The zombies didn’t dare attack Lu Shiqian. By her side, Wei Mo, Lan Ruo, and Shuang Ruyue were also relaxed. Wei Mo and Lan Ruo only had Lu Shiqian in their hearts, where would they have time to care about others? As for Shuang Ruyue, what did the life and death of others have to do with him?

Song Chengyuan saw the lax Lu Shiqian and her lackeys and angrily shouted, “You pieces of trash, can’t you help out a little?!”

They were asking for help by calling the other party trash? He truly didn’t know the word polite.

Add on the fact that Lu Shiqian originally didn’t plan on helping him, being called ‘trash’ only further cemented that mindset.

Lu Shiqian took him for the air, paying attention to the movements of those Saint Ranked zombies and thinking up countermeasures.

“You pieces of trash, did you not hear this one’s question?!” Song Chengyuan roared again.

The God Rank powerhouses couldn’t help but be stunned speechless. When the other was being surrounded by rats, you tossed rocks at the other when they were down. It was reasonable that she wasn’t helping you now, yet you’re still pointing fingers and cursing her.

The powerhouses didn’t want to see Song Yan die and assisted them.

There were around 700 zombies. Every person dealt with around 2 on average, but there were around 50 attacking Song Yan. The powerhouses attacked, light and shadow flickered, and the zombies were kicked to the side while they finally fished Song Yan to safety.

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