Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 169

Song Yan didn’t suffer much injuries, but she sure suffered a shock. Her eyes stared blankly, her body trembling without stop.

“Without the heart of the strong and allowing the obstacles in front of you to intimidate you, even if you are a Saint, you’re weak.” Lu Shiqian pointed out the reason the zombies attacked Song Yan.

Song Yan was terrified and only just returned to her senses when she heard Lu Shiqian’s words. Thus, she directed all her anger towards her, “You trash! You ugly monster! Why don’t you go die?!”

Shuang Ruyue smiled like usual, but his eyes were chilling. He raised his hand and a flash of light landed on Song Yan’s face, “If you curse her again, you’ll die.”

Song Yan was stupefied by this slap in the face. The power of the Song Emperor was God’s right, and the royal family were all believers of the Church of Light. That light just now was something only a Bishop of the Church of Light could release.

Song Chengyuan was about to rage when he saw Shuang Ruyue’s slight smile and straight posture. That demeanor… he seemed to have seen it somewhere before.

The zombies were knocked down but wriggled back up again. Some had their legs broken and merely dragged another magic beast’s leg over and attached it. These things weren’t afraid at all. No matter how they were scattered, they could integrate anything into their bodies.

It wasn’t scary meeting zombies. What was scary was that they could attach anything to themselves. How long would it take to kill them like this?

Lu Shiqian stood, strength filling her body, one strike lopping off a zombie’s head. She then immediately cast Small Fireball at the detached head and the zombie finally stopped moving. So that was their weakness!

The powerhouses followed her example. Those using swords used swords; those using blades used blades. Fire-attribute mages were responsible for igniting the detached heads. They were seamless in their cooperation.

Saints weren’t the opponents of Gods. Killing these zombies was only a matter of time, but quite a bit of magic power was consumed.

Soon, of the 600 zombies, only one remained. This zombie was different from the other Saint Rank zombies. It was the corpse of a God! This zombie was more intelligent than the other zombies and hadn’t made a move until now.

When everyone saw it, they couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath. Forget Saint Rank, even Gods would fall in this forest! Just how terrifying was this Forest of Death?

The zombie screeched, its body swelling up. Bones protruded from its rotten flesh and its body expanded to three meters. Its hands and legs became strong and slender. Overall, it looked like an ugly beetle.

This guy actually mutated!

The mouth that had three rows of teeth spout venom and it began running up!

Mu Rongyi snorted coldly and went up to meet it!

The forest truly was truly terrifying. Who knew what lay ahead? For people with weak hearts, this was incredibly scary; but for those with strong hearts, wasn’t this the best place to increase their strength? The more they didn’t know what lay ahead, the more excited they grew.

Mu Rongyi used a longsword, gold equipment with three enchantments. He slashed and a crescent-shaped sword energy knocked down the zombie.

The zombie quickly stood up again, spitting a ball of venom at its opponent.

Mu Rongyi waved his longsword, blocking the ball of venom. He flashed to the back of the zombie and made a semicircular cut on its body, slicing off several bones.

New bones quickly replaced the old ones. The zombie pounded the ground, quickly slamming against Mu Rongyi.

“Get rid of it quickly. That thing looks quite disgusting.” Li Jing frowned slightly and wanted to hold Lu Shiqian’s small hand again to comfort his wounded soul. He liked clean and beautiful things. The zombie was truly contrary to his sense of aesthetics.

“Yes, Mister Li.” The Master of Twilight City, a God Rank powerhouse actually obeyed so obediently like a child.

The people sank into deep thought. They seemed to recall that a long time ago, Li Jing was a God Rank powerhouse. Anyways, it was earlier than everyone else.

Mu Rongyi pointed his longsword at the sky, white lights twirling around his longsword. He slashed down and the sword lights penetrated the zombie’s body, piercing the ground behind it for three or four meters. This move was unbelievably powerful!

The God Rank powerhouses present all knew that even without using his domain, he was already this strong. If he used domain, he would be even stronger! The Master of Twilight City really deserves to be called a hero.

The zombie was split into half, but it still wriggled in a vain attempt to glue itself back together again. Lu Shiqian saw this and quickly detached its head, firing a fireball at it, burning its rotten head.

The ashes dispersed and a black crystal lay quietly on the ground.

“This is… a godhead?” Song Chengyuan greedily stared at the black crystal.

A 1 Star magic beast would form a magic beast core in their brain; a human can also form something similar which is the godhead. Only when the laws of heaven and earth descend during advancement would there be a chance of forming a godhead.

Saints refine their godhead to become Gods, so it could be seen how attractive godheads were to people! A godhead was definitely a priceless treasure!

Mu Rongyi picked up the godhead and placed it in Lu Shiqian’s hand, “You found the weakness of the zombies first, so this godhead should belong to you.”

Lu Shiqian nodded and turned around, passing it to Wei Mo.

The God Rank powerhouses were rendered speechless at this scene for a while. This was a godhead! Not a stone or something! She sure was generous, handing it to someone else without even blinking! However, her actions made many secretly give a thumbs up. Not greedy when seeing treasure and able to remain calm, how many could do so?

“A’Qian, I-I want to become a God by myself.” Wei Mo’s face turned red. A’Qian gave him such a valuable gift in front of everyone else, it was slightly embarrassing. However, he still decided to not rely on external influences and become a God himself. If you absorbed a godhead to become a God, the rules of heaven and earth wouldn’t descend. It was the way of the weak! He wanted to stay by A’Qian’s side, so he needed to work hard to become strong! Truly strong!

The God Rank powerhouses were rendered speechless again. The female that gave away the godhead was OP, the soft-looking male was also OP! Did he not know how hard it was for a Saint to become a God? How many people were stuck at Saint Rank for their entire lives? He was good! Not wanting the chance that landed right in front of him!

“I’ve never given you anything. You can use this as an earring, even though it’s a little ugly. I’ll exchange it for a better one next time.” Lu Shiqian grabbed Wei Mo’s hand and said, “If you don’t like it, you can throw it out too.”

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