Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 170

Make the godhead into earrings? Even finding it ugly and throwing it away if you don’t like it? Can you not be so shocking?

Wei Mo clenched the godhead tightly, his face very red, “As long as it’s given by A’Qian, no matter what it is, I like it! I… definitely won’t throw it away!” Great! This was A’Qian’s first gift to him!

Song Yan was so jealous she suffered internal injuries. For what reason was that godhead given to such an ugly woman? It should’ve been given to her! Looking at Wei Mo who was wearing a human face mask, she quickly calculated using her heart’s abacus. Perhaps she could start from this ugly-looking man. As long as she showed some charm, how could that man not obediently hand over that godhead? She could definitely enchant him so badly he wouldn’t know north from south!

After moving forward for a while, the sky slowly darkened. Walking through the dark in this forest was an incredibly stupid move. Everyone decided to rest and conserve their energy.

Wei Mo sat next to Lu Shiqian, stroking the godhead with a red face. From then to now, he was still on cloud nine from receiving a gift.

Song Yan moved to Wei Mo’s resting spot and pretended to stumble, “Aiyo!” With a gasp, she fell directly into Wei Mo’s embrace.

The beauty in the arms, the faint fragrance drifting over. How many would daydream about this? Furthermore, this beauty seemed quite pitiful, panting with a slight frown on her face. It would make any man that had tender feelings for the fairer sex go soft in the knees.

However, what Wei Mo saw in his arms was a giant lump of dung and shook in disgust, instinctively leaning towards Lu Shiqian.

He didn’t like others touching him except for Lu Shiqian. Even though he was simple, he was the kind that stubbornly chased their goal once he set his mind. These people would generally be more determined and better able to resist external temptations.

The unprepared Song Yan was shaken to the ground. She couldn’t figure it out no matter how she thought about it. How could there be a man in this world that rejected a woman throwing herself into his embrace? She refused to give up and creeped closer to Wei Mo again. Wei Mo quickly stood up and ran to the other side of Lu Shiqian to sit. He didn’t even look at Song Yan. Hehe, looking at A’Qian was much more pleasing.

Song Yan only now knew that Wei Mo was deliberately avoiding her and gritted her teeth in anger. She was proud of her beauty. After all, when had a man not obediently ran over when she glanced at them flirtatiously? Now, she was lowering herself to win over an ugly man. It was fine if he didn’t ascend to the heavens in happiness, but he actually threw the beautiful flower-like her to the ground to focus on an ugly woman! She cursed, “An ugly man and an ugly woman, a pair of dogs! What a perfect match! No wonder why they don’t know to appreciate beauty!”

Lu Shiqian was just roasting a deer leg when she heard Song Yan’s mockery and frowned slightly. Speak badly of her? That’s fine! Bully her? That’s fine! Annoy her? That’s fine, just pretend they’re air! However, if you bully the ones around her? Then sorry!

“I was wondering why it didn’t smell right. A good piece of meat started giving off a disgusting stench. Oh, it turned out to be a hungry dog!” Lu Shiqian smeared some oil on the deer leg, cumin, fennel, and Sichuan pepper, and an aromatic scent rushed into everyone’s noses. The Fire of Creation was truly magical. Even the condiments of the other world could be created! In time, it would probably allow her to create much more extraordinary things! After adding on this world’s special magic powder, one fragrant roasted deer leg came piping fresh out of the oven!

Song Yan glared angrily at Lu Shiqian. Just an ugly little girl dared to steal her limelight?! She walked over a few steps, raised a hand to show her some when a sharp object piercing her waist made her stop all movements.

“If you still don’t scram, I don’t mind poking a few more holes in your body.” Lu Shiqian’s voice was bland and her expression was very calm. However, everyone had no doubt that if Song Yan didn’t scram, her outcome would be very tragic.

Song Yan was unwilling and stared at Lu Shiqian in vicious resentment. She was enraged when she saw Wei Mo who avoided her like a poisonous viper blushed as he took the deer leg Lu Shiqian handed to him, feasting happily.

Hmph, a pair of dogs!

See how long you can have fun for! This forest was filled with dangers, as long as she could find an opportunity… Song Yan secretly thought. She was most skilled at striking from the shadows!

Lu Shiqian looked speechlessly at Song Yan. Please, even if you want to harm someone, have some skill! Don’t you know to smile in the front and stab in the back? Don’t you know to hide your devious thoughts inside your heart? Don’t you know to borrow someone else’s knife to kill someone? How depressing! How did she gain the ire of such a mentally retarded enemy?

Alright! Even the smallest mosquito still sucked blood! No matter how weak the opponent was, they were still the enemy! If she wanted to play, then she’ll accompany her for a little!

“Woah, so fragrant! I want too!” Li Jing pouted and squeezed into a seat next to Lu Shiqian.

Feng Zhongxin also smiled heartily at Lu Shiqian and sat on the opposite side.

The white-haired Qi Zhan also took out a bottle of wine and sipped some, sitting down.

“Didn’t think the food made by a pig would smell so good,” Xi Feng also hardened his face and sat down.

The meaning was clear: they all wanted to eat free food!

Lu Shiqian’s personality was also bold and open-minded, enjoying eating large chunks of meat and chugging wine with others. She didn’t decline and began roasting another three deer legs, taking out this world’s one and only Maotai wine, handing everyone a bowl.

Qi Zhan loved liquor. After taking a sip of Maotai, he felt that this wine was especially fragrant, smooth, and mellow. He fell in love immediately.

Li Jing held himself elegantly. He could make even drinking peerlessly charming. When the wine entered his mouth, his green eyes widened slightly.

Through Shuang Ruyue’s drinking style, you could see the nobleness and respect cultivated in him. Even the ruffian human face mask couldn’t take these traits away.

Wei Mo was the cutest, drunk with just a single cup. His cheeks were flushed as he stared blankly at Lu Shiqian. It was said that wine could embolden a person, and he decided to lay himself down on Lu Shiqian’s lap! He looked silly and lovable, giving birth to a different mien than usual.

The speed is 70 miles,” Lu Shiqian quietly sang, “The mood is easy and free.”

There was a magical power in her voice, making others listen attentively.

“Hopefully the endpoint is the Ai Qin Sea,

Running full force, the dream is at the shore.

We want to travel the world,

The miracles are right in front of our eyes,

Waiting for the sunset that’ll dye the sky red.

Shoulder to shoulder, this is our wish.

Running with the wind, freedom is the direction,

With the power of lightning,

Put the vast sea into my chest,

Even the smallest ship can sail far away.

Flying with the wind with dreams as our wings,

If you dare to love and dare to be brave, then take the risk,

No matter how big the risk,

No matter how big the waves,

Would have a moment of silence too.” (Yuquan – Run, 羽泉《奔跑》) ♪ ♬

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