Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 171

This was a fine artistic song with a broad conception. When Lu Shiqian sang the song, there was an extraordinary effect. The reason why these Gods came here was to successfully conquer the never-before conquered Forest of Death, walking the fine line between life and death in order to pursue the highest point. This song perfectly embodied the mood and resonated with their hearts.

Shuang Ruyue stared closely at Lu Shiqian. The charming light she exuded when she sang; her calm and open temperament attracted him deeply. He was the Son of Light, worshipped by many, high in the sky, but who knew just how much he hated his own and others’ hypocritical faces? He hated, but he had to endure, endure as he turned himself into someone just like them. However, Lu Shiqian was different. She was different from everyone else!

Li Jing smiled charmingly. After the song ended, he smacked a kiss onto Lu Shiqian’s face, “Little darling, what if I’m charmed by you?”

Lu Shiqian’s face turned black. This fellow sure knew how to play! However, it was better to believe that there were ghosts than to trust his words!

Xifeng didn’t expect her singing to be so good. If she weren’t so ugly, he may be enchanted by her…

Lu Shiqian’s group was happy and harmonious, but the other teams were tense and nervous as they ate dry rations. They even needed to guard against sudden attacks from this insidious forest. Those who changed to a different team deeply regretted it! If only they hadn’t changed!

Setting up a tent, Lu Shiqian ducked in, came out, and set up a tent for Wei Mo. Thinking she owed Shuang Ruyue some, she set one up for him too.

Safe and peaceful travels naturally came with a tent. Thus, another round of envious stares piled around.

After training the Heavenly Swinging Sword with Xing Chen, it was late at night. Lu Shiqian narrowed her eyes. Even if she didn’t sleep, it would be fine.

Suddenly, she smelled some fragrance and a dark figure crawled in.

How could Lu Shiqian be polite? A kick was sent flying over, but it was easily blocked by the other.

“How cruel, what if you hurt someone?” that person devilishly spoke.

Lu Shiqian: “…”

“The night is long, causing one to be unable to fall asleep. Why don’t we lie down together and talk some?” That person lifted his clothes, fragrance spreading everywhere.

Lu Shiqian: “Scram!”

She swung her dagger, ready to pierce a hole in the approaching person, but her wrist was caught by the other.

“Too violent! Daring to shout and kill! This temper has to be corrected.” The person stuck out his tongue and licked Lu Shiqian’s fingers.

Lu Shiqian felt cold sweat breaking out. She really didn’t understand how such a person could raise such an innocent Wei Mo.

“If you don’t let go, I’m going to call for the others.” Lu Shiqian coldly stated.

“Go call, go call. Even if you scream yourself hoarse, no one will come.” The visitor flashed his white teeth and leaned on Lu Shiqian’s body.

“Ai!” Boom, bam, slam! Two short and one long sounds, and the visitor was thrown out of the tent. Lu Shiqian patted her hands. Hmph, this guy wouldn’t know that Lord Ma has three eyes if he wasn’t taught a lesson!

The magic beast space belonging to Bai heated up, and Bai’s overbearing voice sounded, “Dumbo, you didn’t steal someone behind my back, did you?”

For some reason, she jumped and obediently replied, “N-No.” This was the first time Bai spoke to her without appearing. However, this tone, this attitude… He may actually become a strict husband. “Bai, is something wrong?”

“This forest is a little weird,” Bai muttered to himself, “Wait for a while, Dumbo. After two days, I can make a clone to stay by your side.”

“Ah?” Clone? Bai’s clone?

“En, I slightly detected my sealed power, and I need to focus on recovering now… Even though my clone is weak, it can at least guarantee your safety.” As always, Bai spoke overbearingly with a strong desire to protect.

Lu Shiqian understood the hidden emotions in Bai’s words. Finding the powers that had been sealed away, but still willing to separate his powers to make a clone for her lest she encounters danger.

“Bai, thank you.”

“…Dumbo, you’re not allowed to say something like this next time.”

The magic beast space returned to its usual calm, but Lu Shiqian’s heart was filled with warmth.

In this quiet forest, everything seemed to sink into slumber.

With one exception!

This thing moved without sound and extremely quickly.

It darted to the side of a God Rank powerhouse, a large drop of smelly saliva dripping onto him.

When they reached God Rank, they no longer needed much sleep. However, expended magic power needed to be replenished through meditation. He had used up quite a bit of his magic power, and only when that drop of saliva hit him did he abruptly open his eyes. A lightning fast attack followed.

His body flashed and he hurriedly crossed his arms to defend, a tearing pain came next.

Some unknown thing bit off his entire arm!

Heavens, that was a God Rank powerhouse’s arm!

Gods were different from normal people. Their bodies were sturdier, saying that they were no less than that of steel would not be an exaggeration. What kind of monster could bite an arm like that off in a bite? The forest was a patch of dark, but it did not hinder the vision of those powerhouses.

A huge, ugly flower with six petals and three rows of teeth held an arm and swallowed it whole.

This flower was more than two meters high, the color of its petals like dried blood. It was extremely disgusting.

Watching a disgusting flower swallow his arm… That must be quite an experience!

The crowd quickly moved and gathered together.

“Don’t know what it is, but its teeth are extremely sharp. Everyone, be careful.” The powerhouse that had his arm bitten off took care of the wound. The arm could be regrown, but it would probably take a year or two. Before that, they had to protect their lives in this terrifying forest.

Rustle, rustle. In a short while, there were over a thousand of these disgusting flowers!

Their roots were underground, and it was unknown how they could travel so fast.

These flowers were all around 20 Stars, 10 entire stars higher than the Carnivorous Rats. It was hard to imagine what they would meet as they went further in.

“This is the Man-Eating Flower.” Li Jing solemnly said, “This flower can release a hallucinatory pollen that lures its prey to it. Everyone should seal their sense of smell first.”

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