Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 172

“Just some flowers, what is there to be afraid of? I don’t believe it can confuse me!” Song Yan took out her clutch hook and shot it towards a Man-Eating Flower in disbelief.

The Man-Eating Flower had thick skin and hard flesh, and didn’t care in the slightest about being hooked. Instead, this hook instigated it into spitting a blue powder towards the God Rank powerhouses.

“This stupid thing!” the powerhouses cursed in rage. Attacking without knowing anything about the enemy, was she trying to kill everyone?

The Man-Eating Flower could be seen in some other forests, but it would definitely not be so big and so plentiful. Usually, only one or two would appear at a time, and the powder they spit out would be green rather than blue.

This forest once again revealed its eerily strange side.

The blue powder could not only cause hallucinations through smell, but also through vision and hearing!

Song Yan instantly sank into confusion. She saw a godhead ahead and a voice in her mind was telling her that as long as she got the godhead, everything would be hers! Power, status, men, everything would be hers! She could also kill that ugly woman!

She walked a few steps forward, and the Man-Eating Flower opened its maws wide.

Ever since Lu Shiqian experienced that multi-colored string incident, her mental strength was very high. The Man-Eating Flower’s blue powder was completely ineffective against her. Looking at the 200 or so powerhouses that had sunk into hallucinations, she understood its power.

What to do? Were these 200 powerhouses going to become these flowers’ supper?

“Shui Se, your turn!” Lu Shiqian calmly ordered.

Shui Se coolly jumped out of the magic beast space, its body reflecting a multitude of light. He waved his claws carelessly, shua shua shua, and detoxification blessings fell on the crowd. Everyone was startled and quickly retreated, ridding themselves of their terrible ending in the hands of the Man-Eating Flowers. They all nodded at Lu Shiqian, thanking her for her saving grace. Thank goodness for this Rank 4 mage, or they would’ve fallen here today!

“Master, should I help her?” Shui Se coldly asked, “Let’s just pretend she was accidently not seen and let her get eaten by that flower.”

This little… The higher his star rank, the more devious his personality. He may become a great black belly scorpion!

Lu Shiqian smiled coldly, “Isn’t letting her die in that flower’s stomach too comfortable? Look, she hasn’t even woken up yet. How would she know what pain is like that?”

Shui Se was ashamed. He truly couldn’t beat Master when comparing who was blacker, and tossed a detoxification blessing over.

At this time, the Man-Eating Flower opened its maws wide, waiting for Song Yan to enter. Its disgusting saliva dripped onto her head.

Song Yan jolted awake, so scared she fell on the ground. There was the faint smell of urine in the air. She very shamefully lost control of herself!

Song Chengyuan and seven other Song God Rank powerhouses grabbed Song Yan and escaped the clutches of the Man-Eating Flower. However, Song Yan really threw the Song Empire’s face! She actually lost control! How were the rest going to look at the Song Empire now?

“You ugly thing! This is all your fault!” The embarrassed Song Yan needed to find something to vent and transfer attention to. She chose Lu Shiqian.

Everyone couldn’t help but despise Song Yan. This woman was really good! The other just saved her but she turned around and bit her! The powerhouses that were saved by Lu Shiqian stood on Lu Shiqian’s side and glared at Song Yan angrily!

The poor Song Yan didn’t even realize she had made a big mistake! Seeing that Lu Shiqian didn’t speak and thinking back on her shameful actions, she sank into a state of madness and scolded again, “Ugly thing! Don’t want any face! Ugly and weak, do you deserve to stay with us? Go die!”

Lu Shiqian coldly stated, “Your pants are still wet, go wipe it.”

One phrase rendered Song Yan speechless.

The other Song powerhouses also couldn’t watch on. This Song Yan was too embarrassing! Who allowed her to throw the Song Empire’s face so?

Song Chengyuan tore his student away to save them from losing even more face.

The Man-Eating Flowers shook their huge petals and pressed in.

It was time to show some real strength!

The God Rank powerhouses that had sunk into the illusions earlier all released their domains, one against one Man-Eating Flower!

“Master, I’m going too!” Fire Fox Hong Jin jumped out and leaped towards a Man-Eating Flower. It was good to exercise his claws once in a while!

“Che, who’s scared of who?” Yin didn’t fall behind and also rushed forward!

The two beasts cooperated well together: the one in charge of fire spit fire, the one in charge of lightning shot lightning. The two happily pranced around the Man-Eating Flower.

When Lan Ruo and the other two beasts worked together, the efficiency increased even more!

Wei Mo waved through the battleground, the Saint Rank array lighting up beneath his feet. In just a few short months, he reached the rank of Saint! He truly was a peerless genius! He merged with his red dragon, and his red hair and eyes made him look even more flirtatious, beautiful, and innocent!

The red dragon had advanced to 13 Stars and could use the dragon race’s skill Dragon’s Wrath!

A fiery red breath spewed out.

High star level magic beasts could suppress lower star level magic beasts. Magic beasts of pure bloodline could also suppress magic beasts of lesser bloodlines. The purest bloodlines were the Red Dragon, Black Qilin, White Phoenix and the like. They were able to release huge pressure even at a lower star level. The purer the bloodline and higher the quality, the higher the growth potential! Take for example Lu Shiqian’s 77 beast kings.

The Man-Eating Flowers were suppressed by the red dragon and shrank back. The dragon fire followed after and the 30 flowers screeched as they burned, melting into a green puddle!

A splendid move!

Lu Shiqian was happy for Wei Mo’s progress, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Even Wei Mo’s ear roots turned red.

Shuang Ruyue snorted coldly, merging with his white phoenix. White hair and white eyes, a phoenix spread its wings. The white light was like a sword, slicing 30 flowers into two halves. Turning around, he quickly stole a kiss from Lu Shiqian’s lips.

He had endured for long enough! That innocent bastard wanted to fight for Lu Shiqian with him? He’s still too tender!

Wei Mo’s eyes dimmed for a moment, but quickly began burning in glorious light. Yeah, A’Qian was so great, many boys probably like her! Looks like he had to work harder!

The two competed by killing enemies, not giving an inch to the other!

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. How come these two began fighting? Thinking back, Shuang Ruyue’s actions were too strange. He was interested in her? This guy had too schemes and hides too much, it was better to stay farther away!

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