Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 173

Lu Shiqian flew through the air, fireballs in her hand. A fire dragon roamed in the meantime. This was the Fire Dragon spell Qi Zhan taught her, allowing her to experience a wholly new feeling!

Rumble! Hundreds of fire dragons happily charged towards the Man-Eating Flowers!

This Fire Dragon spell was different from others. Other Fire Dragon spells would release a light of fire called Fire Light, but it was far from the majesty, image, temperature, width, and length of Lu Shiqian’s! What she cast was the tried and true Fire Dragon spell! And she even cast 100 of them!

The 100 Fire Dragons shook people’s hearts! Nearly a thousand Man-Eating Flowers were obliterated so cleanly not even ashes remained!

Qi Zhan unconsciously looked towards Lu Shiqian. He was scared silly! H-H-Heavens! The dark night was covered in flames, the traces of where the flames passed by glaring. Did someone cast a forbidden spell or something? Even a forbidden spell wouldn’t be so powerful!

“What was that move called just now?” Qi Zhan held his staff and asked with a smile. He was most interested in new spells.

Lu Shiqian was very honest, “Fire Dragon.”

Qi Zhan stared sternly at Lu Shiqian, “Don’t doubt my research on spells.” The Fire Dragon spell could achieve that effect? He wouldn’t believe it even if you beat him to death!

Facts spoke louder than words. Thus, Lu Shiqian decided to prove it with evidence. Another Fire Dragon shot out, its power even greater than before.

Qi Zhan was petrified. Even he may not be able to cast such an OP Fire Dragon spell!

When this Fire Dragon was shot out, everyone’s eyes changed once again. A mage who could make a Rank 4 spell so OP had limitless potential! It may be a good idea to make friends early…

Lu Shiqian successively casted five Fire Dragons, beating the Man-Eating Flowers upside-down.

“This flower’s obviously 20 Stars, so how come it doesn’t have magic beast cores?” Xi Feng clawed the ground with his sword, but didn’t even see the shadow of a magic beast core.

Every magic beast would have a magic beast core. How could Man-Eating Flowers that were 20 Stars not have a single magic beast core?

At this moment, the ground where the 300 people were standing began to shake. Giant roots that would take three people to circle dug out of the ground. A broken voice seemed to call out when a high decibel roar came from the distance.

Soon, everyone sank into a sea of roots, whipping them furiously. If they were the slightest bit careless, they would be lashed dozens of meters away!

Lu Shiqian armor merged with Yin, soul merged with the white-winged unicorn, and weapon merged with Hong Jin. She could feel that the one who came was powerful!

Her hair was white like snow, white pupils dreamlike. Her body was wrapped in a beautiful silver armor with wings on her back. Even if she was wearing a mask, she was stunningly beautiful!

“Wang Cai, ready for orders!”

At this time, a humongous creature quickly advanced. On the other side, a similar creature was also rapidly approaching. It seemed that they were trying to net in their prey like fish!

Lu Shiqian unfurled her wings and flew into the air, finally able to see the true appearance of the creature. Once she saw, she was startled.

They were two humongous Man-Eating Flowers!

Perhaps it would be more accurate to call it the mother of the Man-Eating Flowers! More than 70 meters high, akin to a skyscraper, six petals covering a span of 200 to 300 meters. It had more than a thousand stolons covered in densely packed Man-Eating Flowers over two meters high!

The stolons of the Man-Eating Flowers were violet-green in color, a huge cavity in the middle of its petals, its teeth clustered together. It was like the enlarged version of the Man-Eating Flower. The only difference was that this Man-Eating Flower had a style that was four or five meters tall. The top of the style was developing an exceedingly ugly head.

There were two giant Man-Eating Flowers on the left and right, forming a pincer attack.

Li Jing was right: this thing didn’t travel in groups but with one or two companions.

Everyone couldn’t help but glance at each other in amazement. The degree of surprise was no less than that of seeing an apple or orange in the other world that had teeth and ate people!

“This thing’s been demonized.” Li Jing flashed and avoided the stolons, his face finally growing slightly serious.

Demonized? What was demonized?

“They may have been contaminated by evil.” Li Jing groaned, “This thing isn’t easy to face. Be careful, everyone.”

Lu Shiqian recalled the words the Fallen Goddess Yi Mengji had said: demons once fought many times against God Rank humans. Could it be…? Through the crown, she could personally experience the cruel battlefield, and the strength of the God Ranks back then were much higher than now. Then, if the average demon was stronger than the Gods of back then, how powerful were they?

Just look at this demonized Man-Eating Flower!

Even though the Devil Dance Continent was sealed, there were still quite a few secrets! Areas that had never been trespassed by humans were also numerous!

Take this Forest of Death for example, without forming a large group, even these Gods wouldn’t dare to break through. They gathered together and came, and the forest showed them why it was such a challenge!

The overwhelming demonized Man-Eating Flower, a 40 Star magic beast, was ready to attack!

Compared to the little Man-Eating Flowers, this one was at a glance much more powerful. It lashed out a stolon, and a Saint Rank didn’t react in time and was quickly blown towards the large cavity in the other Man-Eating Flower’s petals. Everyone was too busy guarding themselves, and by the time they went to help, the Saint was already shredded into pieces by the Man-Eating Flower’s rows of teeth.

“Man’er…” An old woman wearing plain clothes cried out mournfully. The person who just died was her disciple and also her grandson.

Death descends for the first time!

The Man-Eating Flower was elated after swallowing a person. The target it locked onto this time was Lan Ruo!

As an elf, Lan Ruo was naturally close to nature and flora. However, for the mutant Man-Eating Flower, he became a delicious meal!

Thousands of stolons whipped towards Lan Ruo.

Lan Ruo’s transparent wings held great power, flying up and down, extremely nimbly. However, the Man-Eating Flower had many stolons, and its angle of attack made others gasp in awe. Lan Ruo could defend from the front, but not the back. In the end, his foot was caught. Once a stolon caught him, it quickly reacted and wrapped him into a zongzi, excitedly moving him towards its cavity.

“Lan Ruo, come back.” Lu Shiqian called immediately.

Lan Ruo suddenly turned into a white light and crawled into his magic beast space.

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