Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 174

The magic beast space was indeed the greatest shelter for magic beasts!

Thwarted in its attempt to eat Lan Ruo, the Man-Eating Flower whipped its stolons in rage. Several people couldn’t avoid in time and were slammed into the ground, caught and delivered into its mouth. The stolons of the Man-Eating Flowers were extremely strong and thick. Even Gods caught in its vices would be unable to escape.

Song Yan was scared into a ball long ago. The Man-Eating Flower actually didn’t reach for her, probably complaining that she was too distasteful. Song Chengyuan and the other Song members dragged Song Yan to the periphery, ready to run if things turned downhill.

Wei Mo’s dragon and Shuang Ruyue’s phoenix were wary of the Man-Eating Flower, not rushing forth to attack blindly.

“Save me…” A God had half a leg stuck in between the Man-Eating Flower’s teeth, but he refused to give up and struggled desperately. He still had to climb to the peak of powerhouses; he still had dreams to fulfill; he didn’t want to die!

Lu Shiqian flapped her white wings and flew over.

Yes, she wasn’t a kind person. In fact, she was more like a devil. However, she respected people who struggled to live!

The closer she got, the more she felt the enormity of the Man-Eating Flower. In front of it, people were like mosquitos. As she drew near, she could smell the disgusting scent it exuded. How many preys did it swallow in order to let off this kind of stench? The closer she got, the more she felt that the head on top of the style was eerie.

The Man-Eating Flower’s rows of teeth were covered in fresh blood, and the calf of the God was completely shredded!

If this disgusting scene was scene by the average woman, they would be so nauseated that they wouldn’t even have the strength to scream.

Lu Shiqian’s face was placid, calculating the method to save the God in the shortest time.

Cutting off a normal vine, Lu Shiqian kicked on the style before using the vine to fish him out.

It seemed simple, but it was extremely difficult to pull off. Utilizing the brief moment of pause before the Man-Eating Flower closed its mouth, the one and only fleeting chance!

Lu Shiqian succeeded!

Throwing the person to another, Lu Shiqian threw a Fire Dragon over.

Hundreds of Fire Dragons charged towards the Man-Eating Flower’s style. The Man-Eating Flower immediately folded its petals to protect its style. Sure enough, that was its weak spot.

Lu Shiqian jumped, but was caught by the other Man-Eating Flower.

Sh*t, she got careless!

Lu Shiqian squirmed a little, but the more she moved, the tighter the stolon bound her. The Man-Eating Flower’s stolon was like rubber, really sticking to it once it caught something!

Wei Mo saw that Lu Shiqian was caught and felt pained in his heart. He would rather let the one that was caught be him! No longer caring about anything else, he just wanted to run to her side. Even if they died, they had to die together!

Shuang Ruyue was also shocked and jumped over to save her. He hadn’t even properly bullied her yet! How could she die?

Qi Zhan and Feng Zhongxin were also anxious. The God that was saved by Lu Shiqian also started rushing over.

One person in danger actually moved thousands to action.

Li Jing lithely moved to Lu Shiqian’s side. Floating in the air, he enchantingly said, “These kinds of fighting and killing matters, you should let men do.”

A peach petal floated down. Following after, ten petals, a hundred petals, a thousand petals fell in volumes. In this dark and dangerous moment, these seemingly weak peach petals were as bizarre as you would have it.

Lu Shiqian knew that Li Jing was going to finally make a move!

“Falling Flowers Season!” Lips slightly lifted, the sky was dyed in red and began to spin. Carrying great power, it directly cut thousands of stolons. Peach petals condensed into swords began slicing towards the Man-Eating Flower’s petals.

Boom! A huge Man-Eating Flower’s petal crashed onto the ground.

The Man-Eating Flower squirmed frantically from being injured.

Li Jing smiled like usual, his voice mellow, “Falling Flowers Season!”

The petals fluttered past, bringing a burst of fragrance.

Boom! Boom, boom! Another three petals fell down, smashing three large pits in the ground.

Beautiful bearing and poise facing a powerful and disgusting creature, this battle truly astounded everyone’s eyes.

People guessed that Li Jing was strong, but not this much!

The stolons that bounded Lu Shiqian were broken, but before she could take a single step, she was hugged tightly by Wei Mo.

The fear of loss was so strong, and the recovery was so exhilarating. He kissed Lu Shiqian.

When one regarded another as their entire life, they would understand Wei Mo’s mood.

“A’Qian…” Wei Mo almost cried.

Lu Shiqian smiled mischievously and comforted, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. I’m tough, the heavens won’t take me.” She had made this simple child worry.

Who knew that these words of comfort would pain Wei Mo even more? His peach blossoms eyes reddened and was about to cry again.

Helpless, she really did owe him one. Lu Shiqian propped up Wei Mo’s waist, leaned over and kissed those red lips that were bitten in anxiety. She licked him lightly, signaling for him to relax.

The powerhouses were all speechless. Too OP! The enemies were still waving their roots and teeth, but they were still able to share a passionate kiss!

Ah, this was youth!

Li Jing looked at the pair kissing and just had to butt in, “Seeing you two kiss so sweetly, I also want a kiss!”

Everyone fell down!

Shuang Ruyue was standing to the side dissatisfiedly. He also arrived at the same time, so how come Lu Shiqian wasn’t paying attention to him? Was he not as good as that naïve Wei Mo kid?

The Man-Eating Flower previously attacked by Lu Shiqian opened its petals and saw that its partner had suffered grievous injuries. It fanned its petals and sprayed dozens of kilograms of venom to attack everyone. The small Man-Eating Flowers went out and surrounded the crowd.

It was enraged that a group of food would dare to harm it again and again!

Lu Shiqian faced the wind and snatched a peach blossom, “Wang Cai, your turn now!”

Wang Cai excitedly widened his large eyes and jumped out of the magic beast space. The body reconstructed by Master was even more beautiful and glossy. The first thing its palm-sized body did was rub against his master, then he jumped to the ground and glared angrily at the creature that almost hurt his master.

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