Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 175

When the powerhouses heard Lu Shiqian’s tone and expression, they thought she was going to call out some powerful magic beast. They were already astounded by the fact that Lu Shiqian had a 29 Star white-winged unicorn. Later, they also saw a red fox, a mighty silver wolf, and an extremely rare Crystal Scorpion. When they heard her call again, they thought it would be a powerful beyond compare magic beast. Who knew it would be a little puppy?

A puppy the size of a palm!

The powerhouses received hit damage! What was the use of this little puppy other than wagging its tail and acting coquettish?

But that sounded about right. This Rank 4 Mage had already contracted the highest amount of powerful magic beasts ever in history. If she contracted another strong magic beast, how were others going to live? Even amongst the Gods, quite a few still hadn’t found a suitable magic beast.

Wang Cai didn’t care what the others thought. He… began transforming!

The night sky was faintly discernable and seemed distant. The stars hung on the curtain of the night like glittering diamonds. Whose neck would this resplendent diamond hang from? The Forest of Death under the night was quiet, silent like a beauty, but how penetrating would the beauty’s fangs be when she turned around?

How long had the Forest of Death existed for?

The oldest writing mentioned: Black waved his hand, creating the Forest of Death.

What did ‘Black’ mean? What did wave his hand mean? According to the writing, the Forest of Death may have appeared in a miraculously short time.

The strange thing was that there were so many high-level magic beasts in the forest, but none of them left to kill humans. Otherwise, the files on high-level magic beasts would need to be substantially changed and rewritten.

Many unexplored areas existed on the Devil Dance Continent. Out of them, two were deemed forbidden areas of death: the Forest of Death and the Deceiving Sea.

Even in the dead of night, the fighting continued in the Forest of Death. Compared to the human world, this place was much more treacherous and focused on strength.

But today, there was a different sound amongst the clashes: a metallic clanging.

Ka ka ka. It was slight but very clear.

The sound was clear, but it was far from the shock of seeing it.

They saw a puppy the size of a palm quickly enlarging, surpassing the height of 30 meters and 60 meters long. Its body shone with a fascinating light, its lines beautiful, fur cutting as daggers. A bizarre creature with two metal wings and two cannons on its shoulders appeared.

Indeed, after being re-forged with the Fire of Creation, Wang Cai’s ability was greatly improved!

The powerhouses were all astounded, looking at Lu Shiqian as if she were a monster. Did this woman need to be so shocking?! Did her magic beasts need to be so abnormal?!

Li Jing smiled charmingly, devilishly, and seductively. His long dead heart began to ripple. This woman was more interesting than he thought! He couldn’t let her go, otherwise, his long life would be too boring.

Peach blossoms drifted around him. Let’s watch first, making a move later won’t be too late.

Wang Cai nimbly leapt up, his sharp claws drawing down. The stolons of the Man-Eating Flower were cut off like tofu. Adhering to the principle of bullying the weak, Wang Cai first bit onto the Man-Eating Flower injured by Li Jing, his large claws gripping onto its style. The poor Man-Eating Flower had four of its petals sliced off and couldn’t protect its vital point at all. Use its teeth to bite? Sorry, our family’s Wang Cai was made from the best growth metal. It was too hard to bite. When the style was ripped off, the Man-Eating Flower also had its string cut and quickly died.

After finishing off one Man-Eating Flower, Wang Cai focused on the other. First, he bombed it crazily, the bombardment frying the Man-Eating Flower’s petals. He then jumped up and bit off the stolons in one bite.

He prepared to attack again. The Man-Eating Flower shrieked for a while and surprisingly quickly moved its remaining stolons, running away with a wake of dust.

The crowd froze. T-This Man-Eating Flower truly was extraordinary!

Wang Cai was about to chase when he was called by Lu Shiqian, “Wang Cai, come back.”

Wang Cai shook his body and turned back into a palm-sized puppy. He rummaged through the Man-Eating Flower’s body for a while before finding a green magic beast core, leapt up and landed in his master’s hand. His small tail wagged and his wet eyes blinked innocently. So freaking cute!

“What the f*ck?! Pretending to be cute, absolutely shameless!” Yin disdainfully snorted. Alright, he also wanted to act cute but his size was big so he could only act obedient. He was just about to walk to his master’s side and rub against her leg when Hong Jin unexpectedly got there before him. He nimbly leapt onto Master’s shoulder and rubbed against her face. “Pretending to be cute, don’t want face!” Yin angrily yelled.

Everyone was speechless once again watching the magic beasts’ antics. After turning into a puppy, Wang Cai’s eyes were opened wide like saucers. Don’t blame them for making a fuss, it was indeed too stimulating for the heart.

Lu Shiqian complimented Wang Cai, Hong Jin, and Yin by rubbing their heads, praising: “You were all awesome.”

Thus, Wang Cai cutely rubbed against Lu Shiqian’s hand; Hong Jin’s two tails were going to wag off; and Yin’s anger completely dissipated. The beasts all wanted to gain their master’s recognition. To them, getting Master’s approval was the greatest blessing!

“Master, this is for you.” Wang Cai placed the magic beast core into Lu Shiqian’s hand.

The 40 Star magic beast core was translucent and extremely beautiful.

Lu Shiqian had many magic beast cores in her interspatial bracelet. They were all hundreds of stars high, which was a shame since she had no way to absorb them. The God of Creation left behind ways to use magic beast cores: to just absorb the magic power contained inside it was buying a wooden box and returning the pearls inside. This thing could help magic beasts evolve and increase the quality of magic beasts. For example, within the same fire-attribute magic beasts, the dragon’s fire breath was much more overpowered than Hong Jin’s Fire Rain technique. If she got a dragon’s magic beast core and gave it to Hong Jin to evolve with, then the power of Fire Rain would be much stronger!

It was just that even though those 100+ Star magic beast cores could be refined with the Fire of Creation, it was not easy to grasp. This 40 Star magic beast core could be used to experiment with.

There were countless plant-type magic beasts above 5 Stars in the Forest of Death. Yin soon dragged a Basket Vine into Lu Shiqian’s tent.

After prevailing over the Man-Eating Flowers, the ones that needed to rest rested, the ones that needed treatment got treated, readying themselves for the next surprise. The confidence of the powerhouses soared with Lu Shiqian on their team. They all looked at the blue tent, but no one went to disturb her.

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